Dieting Isn’t Working – Do I Need a Lipedema Specialist?

A lipedema specialist should be your first port of call if you believe you suffer from this condition. Unfortunately, many doctors today still have a poor understanding of lipedema. As a result, many sufferers receive an incorrect diagnosis. Doctors tell them they are obese and need to lose weight. However, dieting and exercise have little to no impact on lipedema.

Therefore, women who try to solve their problems in this way end up distressed and discouraged. A specialist in the field of lipedema can accurately diagnose the condition. They can also offer the most effective treatments.

Why Do Doctors Misdiagnose Lipedema As Obesity?

All too often, doctors still misdiagnose lipedema as obesity. The reason for the misdiagnosis is that there is still a poor understanding of the disease. Even the medical profession has limited knowledge of the symptoms of lipedema. Therefore, they fail to spot them in their patients.

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Why Does Dieting Not Help With Lipedema?

Dieting is a solution for obesity, but not for lipedema. Lipedema is a progressive condition involving diseased fat. Lipedema fat isn’t normal fat and doesn’t respond to dieting and exercise in the same way. Even if you lose weight as a lipedema sufferer, the existing diseased fat isn’t affected. Dieting can even result in sufferers looking even more disproportionate.

What Can A Specialist Do?

A specialist in the field of lipedema can help sufferers in several ways. First, they can give an accurate diagnosis. For many patients, receiving a diagnosis of lipedema is extremely helpful. They realize that they are not obese after all but have a medical problem.

A specialist has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of lipedema and how it affects sufferers. They can give excellent advice and offer appropriate treatments that address the cause of the problem, not only the symptoms.

Can A Specialist Cure Lipedema?

Unfortunately, even a specialist cannot cure lipedema. At the present time, experts have found no cure for this condition. Nevertheless, a specialist can offer treatments that are very effective.

The best treatment for lipedema is liposuction. A specialist can offer this treatment. Liposuction for lipedema is different from liposuction for cosmetic purposes. The primary purpose of the procedure is not to achieve the perfect physique but to relieve pain and mobility problems. The surgery is very similar, though, and surgeons carry it out in a similar way.

Surgeons perform lipedema liposuction under local anesthetic. The surgery involves a surgeon making small incisions in the affected areas and suctioning out the diseased fat. Once the surgeon removes the fat, the patient experiences less pain and becomes more mobile. It also helps patients to feel better about themselves and improves their mental health.

Where Can I Find A Specialist?

Dr. Su at ArtLipo is a specialist in treating lipedema with liposuction. Thanks to his extensive expertise and experience, he is an excellent choice to treat your condition. He has helped many patients improve their qualities of life. Contact the ArtLipo team today to arrange a consultation with our lipedema specialist.