Getting a Diagnosis – the Difference Between Family Doctors and Medical Specialists for Lipedema

It may surprise you to learn the experience of seeing family doctors and medical specialists for lipedema is very different. Unfortunately, family doctors have little understanding of this disease. Many are barely aware that it exists at all. While others have heard of it, they often don’t know the key signs and symptoms to look for. For this reason, many lipedema sufferers receive an incorrect diagnosis from their family doctor. Their doctor often tells them that they are just obese and must diet and exercise more. Sadly, that course of action will not help someone with lipedema.


Lipedema fat doesn’t respond in the same way to dieting and exercise as regular fat. Therefore, lipedema sufferers often become anxious, depressed, and frustrated by their efforts to slim down. If lipedema sufferers visit a specialist, though, they can get the diagnosis they need. A medical specialist knows the signs of lipedema and can determine if a patient has the condition quickly and efficiently. They can also offer effective treatment.

What Can a Lipedema Specialist Do?

A lipedema specialist can do much more for a patient than a regular family doctor. For a start, they have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of this poorly understood medical condition–something that family doctors lack. They can evaluate the condition of the patient effectively and give them an accurate diagnosis. They also have the necessary expertise to identify the stage of disease progression in the patient. Armed with this knowledge, they can then inform the patient about the best treatment option for them. Most importantly, they can give patients the treatment they need. They can also perform liposuction to address the problem if patients wish to pursue this option instead of conservative treatment.


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Does A Lipedema Specialist Perform Surgery? 


A lipedema specialist can perform liposuction surgery to treat lipedema. Liposuction is the best way of treating this condition. Although it cannot cure lipedema, it can improve quality of life, reduce pain, and improve mobility. A specialist carries out lipedema liposuction in a similar way to regular liposuction. However, the goal is to improve quality of life rather than for cosmetic reasons. The surgeon removes excess fat from the affected areas of the body by suctioning them through a cannula. Through lipedema surgery, a patient experiences less pain and can move around more easily. Their body also looks more proportionate after this surgery.


Where Do I Find A Specialist In Lipedema? 


Finding a specialist in lipedema isn’t always easy, but Dr. Su at ArtLipo in Tampa, Florida, is an excellent choice. As an expert in liposuction, he can also perform lipedema surgery to improve quality of life for patients. He achieves excellent outcomes for his patients, reducing their pain and helping them to become more mobile. As there is a big difference between family doctors and medical specialists for lipedema, seeking expert help is vital. Get in touch with ArtLipo’s friendly team today to find out more about how Dr. Su can help you.