Is a Lipedema Doctor Different from a Cosmetic Surgeon?

If you have a lipedema diagnosis, you may be looking for a lipedema doctor you can trust. After all, getting treatment as quickly as possible is vital to achieving the best possible outcomes. However, knowing where to look for the right medical professional can be challenging. What exactly is a doctor specializing in lipedema? When looking for a doctor, you may notice that some professionals are also cosmetic surgeons. So, is there a difference between the two? And why do some cosmetic surgeons treat lipedema patients? Here, we’ll answer those questions and give you the information that you need. 

The Link Between Cosmetic Surgery and Lipedema

It may sound strange that cosmetic surgeons treat lipedema. However, when you consider the surgical option for treating lipedema, it starts to make sense. That is because the surgical treatment for lipedema is liposuction, and, of course, liposuction is traditionally a cosmetic procedure. Therefore, cosmetic surgeons are skilled in carrying it out and have the necessary expertise in the field. It makes sense for cosmetic surgeons to treat people with lipedema using their existing skills and techniques.

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Do All Cosmetic Surgeons Treat Lipedema Patients?

Not all cosmetic surgeons will treat people with lipedema. In fact, not all cosmetic surgeons offer liposuction treatment to any patients. Even those who do will not always treat lipedema sufferers as it involves using a specialized technique. The purpose of liposuction for lipedema isn’t to achieve cosmetic flawlessness. The aim is to improve patient outcomes and to reduce their pain and discomfort. Therefore, you need to find a cosmetic surgeon who is also a specialist with an in-depth understanding of the condition. They must know not only how to diagnose lipedema but also how to treat it effectively. That means you need to take your time and carry out effective research to ensure you’re choosing the right doctor.

Where Do I Find a doctor to Treat Lipedema?

If you need a diagnosis of lipedema or are seeking surgical treatment, you need to find the right doctor. A cosmetic surgeon with the correct level of expertise is your best choice. However, you shouldn’t just opt for the first cosmetic surgeon you find. There are many cosmetic surgeons who claim to treat lipedema with liposuction but not all are equally good. It’s crucial to choose a surgeon who is a specialist in the field of liposuction. They must also have extensive experience in treating lipedema patients. You should always take the time to check out patient testimonials and reviews before making your final decision. Furthermore, you should take a look to see if your chosen surgeon has before and after images in a gallery. That’s the best way to see the kind of result you can expect to see from your procedure.

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