Is Laser Lipedema Treatment Better Than Liposuction?

If you have lipedema, you may wonder which lipedema treatment is best for you. Many doctors recommend conservative options like wearing compression garments and having manual lymphatic drainage treatments. However, while these can help relieve the symptoms temporarily, they don’t address the cause of the disease. Liposuction addresses the condition’s cause at its source – the diseased fat. That’s why specialists consider it to be the best treatment option for sufferers.

Recently, though, lipedema sufferers may notice another treatment option to choose from. This laser treatment promises effective relief from lipedema symptoms. So, does it work, and is it a better choice than liposuction?

The Importance of Treating Lipedema

Lipedema is a progressive condition and only gets worse over time. Patients who leave their condition untreated will only see more fat accumulation over time. They will also eventually suffer from more pain and mobility issues as the disease progresses. It’s important to seek effective treatment to slow the progression of lipedema down.

Unfortunately, many doctors remain unaware of the signs and symptoms of lipedema. They frequently misdiagnose patients, telling them they’re obese. That delays patients from getting the treatment they need, often by many years. By that time, their condition is significantly worse.

Because the effects of lipedema can be so severe, getting as early a diagnosis as possible is crucial so patients can get treatment swiftly.

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What Does Liposuction for Lipedema Involve?

Liposuction for lipedema is the same procedure as lipo for cosmetic purposes. The instruments and techniques are the same. Surgeons carry out the procedure with the patient under a local anesthetic so they’re alert and awake. They make tiny incisions in the affected areas and pass a cannula through them. They use the cannula to break the fat up and suction it away. Liposuction gets rid of the diseased lipedema fat permanently.

The main difference between cosmetic and medical liposuction is the outcome for the patient. For lipedema sufferers, the aim of the surgery is to reduce pain, improve mobility, and restore proportion to the limbs. Cosmetic liposuction, on the other hand, aims to create flawless contours for the patient. After lipo for lipedema, patients will have smaller limbs, but they won’t look perfect.

What Is the Laser Treatment for Lipedema?

Some clinics are now advertising a new laser treatment for lipedema patients. The treatment is called Icoone LaserMed, and it involves using a device on the affected areas of the body. It microstimulates the connective tissues at a rate of 21,600 microstimulations a minute. It’s supposed to drain the connective tissues, boost blood supply and circulation, remove waste products, and effectively reduce fat accumulation. Apparently, the treatment is painless and claims to cause no bruising to the legs.

Does Laser Treatment Work?

The new laser treatment for lipedema is unique. That means, as yet, there’s little evidence that this treatment offers long-term relief from lipedema symptoms. Perhaps in time, patients will report that it is effective. For now, though, liposuction remains the best option for sufferers. It is a tried and tested gold-standard treatment for lipedema.

Why Choose Liposuction to Treat Lipedema?

There is currently no cure for lipedema. Patients can only choose between conservative and surgical options to address the condition and slow its progression. There are several reasons why liposuction is currently the best available lipedema treatment.

Perhaps the most important reason is that liposuction is a durable and reliable option for sufferers. Conservative options like compression garments and manual lymphatic drainage only produce temporary relief. They also require ongoing upkeep. Patients need to wear compression garments every day and have MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) treatments regularly. Meanwhile, liposuction has a lasting impact. Patients experience relief for many years. While the fat will continue accumulating, patients can enjoy many years of improved mobility and reduced pain.

Unlike conservative options, surgery also restores a more proportionate appearance to the lower body. Patients will enjoy greater self-confidence and enjoy a far better quality of life. Their self-esteem improves, resulting in significantly less anxiety regarding their appearance. They can also enjoy a more active lifestyle without worrying that other people will judge them.

As the surgery removes the diseased fat, patients have less pain afterward. It also reduces bulk, so they become more mobile. After surgery, patients can walk more easily without discomfort. That allows them to exercise more freely, helping to prevent further weight gain.

Most doctors recommend that lipedema sufferers try conservative treatments before opting for surgery. It is so important to seek out a skilled specialist in the condition. A lipedema specialist can ensure you receive the best treatment as soon as possible.

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