With Lipedema Life Expectancy May Not Be Reduced, but Quality of Life Is

It may be encouraging if you’ve just had a lipedema diagnosis to know that lipedema life expectancy is as long as for other people the same age. However, it’s essential to recognize that there can be a serious impact on your quality of life. Lipedema, in itself, doesn’t shorten your lifespan. Yet, the pain and mobility issues it causes can cause more problems than just medical consequences.

Lipedema Isn’t A Fatal Condition

Your doctor will tell you that lipedema isn’t a fatal or life-limiting condition. That is good news. However, that isn’t the end of the story. It’s vital to understand that lipedema is a progressive disease. It gets worse over time, and the symptoms become more extreme. At first, lipedema is primarily a cosmetic condition. Sufferers are more concerned about their appearance than any discomfort they may experience. As the disease progresses, medical issues arise that can lead to more severe and potentially life-threatening problems.

Lipedema and Obesity Go Hand-in-Hand

Lipedema and obesity are not the same things. Not all patients with lipedema are overweight or obese. However, as the disease progresses, obesity tends to come along with it. The main reason for this is that it becomes harder to stay active with late-stage lipedema. The excess fat on the legs makes them heavy and difficult to move. The skin folds can rub together, causing pain and irritation.

Lipedemic fat in itself is naturally painful too. Maintaining an active lifestyle is, therefore, extremely difficult. Even if sufferers eat healthily, they are likely to gain weight due to a sedentary lifestyle. As we all know, obesity causes a raft of medical problems, many of them severe. Lipedema patients who are obese are likely to develop issues like hypertension and diabetes. They may develop a heart condition or arthritis due to the excess weight on their joints. These conditions reduce the quality of life exponentially. They may, of course, also reduce life expectancy.

Mental Health Problems and Lipedema

Lipedema causes cosmetic issues that can be distressing for sufferers. The disproportionate appearance of the lower body can cause poor self-esteem. Sufferers often struggle to go out in public, especially at later stages of the disease. They become increasingly housebound, and this can cause depression and anxiety. Poor mental health does not directly impact lifespan. However, it does significantly reduce the quality of life for sufferers.

Seeking Professional Medical Help

Doctors cannot cure lipedema, unfortunately. However, there are effective treatments that can help. Surgery is the best way to treat lipedema. Liposuction permanently removes the diseased fat and restores a more proportionate body shape. Patients can become more mobile, and experience reduced pain. They can remain more active, which can help support their weight maintenance goals. Improved mobility alongside improved self-esteem adds up to a better quality of life for sufferers.

If you’re ready to get professional help for lipedema or want more advice about lipedema life expectancy, contact ArtLipo now. Dr. Su is an expert in this area and can give you the advice and treatment you need.