There Are No Lipedema Specialists Near Me – What Can I Do?

On receiving a diagnosis, many sufferers’ first thought is, “There are no lipedema specialists near me! What can I do?” Finding a specialist in this poorly understood condition is crucial to get appropriate treatment. The earlier a patient can get treatment, the better their outcome. But what do you do if there is no specialist anywhere nearby?

For those living in rural areas or small towns, the chances of finding a lipedema specialist are low. Fortunately, though, there is a solution. The best specialists can offer virtual consultation services thanks to the power of telemedicine. That means you can consult with a skilled surgeon without having to leave your hometown. 

What is a Lipedema Specialist?

A lipedema specialist is a medical professional with in-depth knowledge and understanding of this poorly understood disease. Regular family doctors have very limited knowledge of lipedema. Some are even unaware of its existence. Those who know it exists often cannot spot the symptoms of the disease, especially in its early stages. For this reason, they rarely give their patients an accurate diagnosis.

Many people with lipedema leave their doctor’s office believing they are obese and need to diet and exercise more. Of course, that approach has no effect on lipedema fat. Therefore, patients become more depressed and frustrated as their condition only worsens with time. It can take as long as 18 years for sufferers to receive a correct diagnosis. By that time, their condition is much worse. They experience more severe pain, more restricted movement, and lower self-esteem.

Lipedema specialists, on the other hand, have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the condition. They can, therefore, spot the signs at a far earlier stage and give patients the help they need quickly.

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Why Do I Need to Find a Specialist?

Lipedema specialists have the necessary knowledge and skills to spot the symptoms of lipedema at an early stage. They also have the necessary skills to offer effective treatment. If you don’t yet have a diagnosis, a specialist can accurately diagnose you, even at stage 1 or 2. If you have already got a diagnosis, a specialist can offer you surgery. Many physicians only suggest conservative treatments such as manual lymphatic drainage, compression garments, and diet and exercise. Specialists, on the other hand, can offer surgery to address the cause of lipedema and not only the symptoms. The best specialists can produce excellent, life-changing results for their patients.

How Does a Virtual Consultation Work?

It’s surprisingly easy to arrange a virtual consultation with a specialist. The first step is simply to contact the clinic. They will then explain the process for you to follow.

At ArtLipo, the process runs very smoothly. First, you send your basic information together with photographs of the affected areas. The surgeon examines the images, assesses them, and draws new outlines on them to show the results they can achieve. This process is unique to ArtLipo. It helps patients to see what they may look like after their procedure and ensures their expectations are realistic. You receive these drawings within five to seven working days, and any potential problems the surgeon envisages. The consultant will then talk about those issues with you during a phone consult when you can ask any questions.

Taking photos of your legs is part of the process. You need to stand with your feet around 12” apart. The images need to capture both front and back views, including the feet and up to the hips. You must email the images to your consultant, including your personal details, such as your name, email, address, telephone number, age, weight, and height. There is a virtual consultation form for you to complete.

Do All Specialists Offer Virtual Consultations?

Not all specialists offer virtual consultations. Therefore, if you want to use a specialist in a different state, you’ll need to find one. Not only must they be set up for this service, but they must also deal with patients virtually. Dr. Su at ArtLipo in Tampa, Florida, is an excellent choice. He performs many virtual consultations and does fly-in procedures for patients regularly. He is also a specialist in the field of liposuction and lipedema. Therefore, he is a leading specialist in this area.

How Do I Arrange a Virtual Consultation?

In order to arrange your virtual consultation, your first step is to make contact with the ArtLipo team. You can give them a call or drop them an email at any time. Alternatively, there is an online contact form on our website for you to complete if you prefer. If you’re looking for lipedema specialists you can trust, you need to look no further than the ArtLipo team. So, get in touch today and arrange your consult, no matter where in the country you live.