Virtual Consultation – Lipedema

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The process of the ArtLipo virtual consultation for lipedema is to first send us your basic information along with your photos, and what you are looking for. The video explains how our doctors evaluate you using these photos. The video then shows how our doctors will draw what your legs and arms will look like after your surgery, something we don’t think you will find anywhere else. This is a process that was developed by Dr. Su years ago that we are proud of. It shows you that our doctors really can visualize what we are going to create, and that you the patient can also see and have realistic expectations. Although we cannot guarantee an exact result, the drawings are a very close approximation. After you send us your photos, you should receive our drawings on them within 5-7 business days along with a quote for different areas, and any concerns that the doctors may have. Our consultant will then be able to discuss these things with you. If you have further questions, we can schedule a phone consult with the doctor who will do your case.



  1. Take photos of your legs with your feet about 12 inches apart, from front view and back view. Photos should include your feet up to your hips. Take the photos with the camera from the mid thigh level to avoid distortion.
  2. Email to the consultant you are working with, or to in case you haven’t started working with a specific consultant.
  3. Include your full name, address, email, phone number, and any directions on when or how to contact you.
  4. Include your age, height, and weight.
  5. Expect to receive your photos and quote along with communication from one of our consultants within 7-10 days.

Virtual Consultation Forms