What Can I Do if There’s No Lipedema Specialist Near Me?

Finding a lipedema specialist is crucial if you suspect that you suffer from this condition or have just received a diagnosis. Only a specialist has the necessary knowledge of this condition to offer you the help and treatment you need. However, specialists in lipedema are not always easy to find.

Unfortunately, lipedema remains poorly understood, even among medical professionals. Family doctors are rarely aware of its signs and symptoms and frequently misdiagnose patients. Yet, getting treatment as quickly as possible couldn’t be more critical. The more quickly you get treatment for lipedema, the better your outcome will be. Lipedema is a progressive condition. It only worsens over time. If you can get treatment early, you’ll experience fewer severe symptoms. You’ll also enjoy a far better quality of life in the long term. With this in mind, finding a specialist is vital.

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The Problem of Finding a Specialist

Although more medical professionals are starting to recognize lipedema as a condition, there are still very few specialists. In some areas, you’ll have minimal access to lipedema specialists. That is especially likely to be the situation if you live in a rural location or far from major cities. General doctors lack knowledge of lipedema, so finding a specialist is vital.

Can I Use a Specialist in Another State?

If there is no specialist in lipedema in your home state, it’s possible to use one in a different state. In fact, you can even use one in another country! Thanks to the latest telemedicine technology, patients can have consultations remotely. They can discuss their issues with a consultant via video call and arrange their surgery. Remote consultations offer a host of benefits since patients don’t need to pay for multiple trips to a distant clinic. They can do all of the preparation consultations online and only fly in for the surgery itself.

How Does a Virtual Consultation for Lipedema Work?

If you plan to have a virtual consultation for lipedema, you need to know what to expect. Here at ArtLipo, we frequently host remote consultations for lipedema sufferers. We have a straightforward process that our patients can follow to ensure our surgeon, Dr. Su, is prepared.

First, our patients should send us their basic details, like their name, telephone number, address, and email. They should also let us know their height, weight, and age. With this information, they must supply photographs of their legs and other affected areas.

Dr. Su will examine the images and draw on them to show what the final result after surgery could be. The patient will then receive their images back and can discuss them with their consultant over the phone. If they’re happy, the patient can then arrange their surgery date and fly in ready for their procedure.

Dr. Su at ArtLipo regularly offers remote consultations for lipedema sufferers all over the USA and even from overseas. To learn more about getting help for your lipedema, get in touch today. As a lipedema specialist, he can help improve your quality of life significantly.