Which Lipedema Treatments Do Specialists Recommend?

Finding the right lipedema treatments for you is crucial if you’ve just received your diagnosis. However, it isn’t always easy to know which options are available and which are most effective. Unfortunately, lipedema remains poorly understood, even by those in the healthcare profession. Many doctors still misdiagnose their patients. Even those who spot the signs of lipedema rarely know how to treat it effectively. That’s why it’s so vital to seek out a specialist in the field. They can give you the most up-to-date information about your condition and offer you the most effective treatments.

Getting a Lipedema Diagnosis

The first hurdle that lipedema sufferers face is simply getting an accurate diagnosis. Although around 11% of women worldwide suffer from this condition, medical professionals still lack knowledge of it. They frequently struggle to spot the signs and symptoms of lipedema, especially in its early stages. As a result, most sufferers receive a misdiagnosis of obesity from their family doctor. Their treatment is, therefore, delayed as they fruitlessly try to lose weight through dieting and exercising. As lipedema fat doesn’t respond to either of these things, sufferers lose self-confidence and self-esteem while their condition worsens. For this reason, it’s vital to see an expert specialist who can spot the signs at an early stage. It’s then possible to get treatment quickly – something that leads to better outcomes for patients.

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Which Treatment Options Are Available?

There is currently no cure available for lipedema. Nevertheless, it’s possible to manage the condition with today’s treatments. There are both conservative and surgical options for sufferers to choose from when it comes to treating lipedema. Many doctors suggest that patients try conservative treatments first. However, that may not be the right course of action for everyone. Conservative treatments only address the symptoms of lipedema and not the cause. They produce relief from the pain and discomfort the condition causes, but that relief is only temporary. Surgery, meanwhile, produces long-term relief, and while it isn’t a cure, it addresses the cause, not only the symptoms.

Which Treatment Options Are Available?

Conservative treatments for lipedema involve a multi-pronged approach to dealing with the condition. First, patients must make lifestyle changes, adopting a healthy diet and taking more exercise. They must also follow a careful skincare plan and wear compression garments. Finally, they must undergo regular complete decongestive therapy and manual lymphatic drainage. For patients who would rather avoid surgery, these treatments can help. They produce temporary relief from pain and swelling. Unfortunately, though, they don’t offer a long-term solution. Patients must continue to have these treatments on an ongoing basis to get lasting relief. As these treatments only address the symptoms and not lipedema’s cause, the condition continues to worsen.

Is Surgery the Best Solution?

Although surgery cannot cure lipedema, it offers the best possible solution available at the present time. Surgery addresses the cause of the disease – the abnormal fat – thus helping the patient to achieve lasting relief from pain.

The surgical solution to treat lipedema is liposuction. Although many people think of liposuction as a cosmetic procedure, it has medical benefits in the case of lipedema sufferers. The surgeon carries out the procedure with the patient under a local anesthetic. They make tiny incisions in the affected areas and pass a cannula through the incisions. They then use the cannula to break up the fat and suction it out. The procedure gets rid of the abnormal fat permanently. As a result, it reduces the patient’s pain and discomfort significantly. Even better, it restores a more proportionate body shape to the patient. That helps their emotional and mental well-being while also boosting their mobility and improving their quality of life. The benefits of liposuction for lipedema sufferers last for a long time. Many patients achieve relief for many years.

The Importance of Consulting with a Specialist

If you believe you suffer from lipedema or you already have a diagnosis, it’s essential to consult with a specialist. A specialist in the field can ensure you get the treatment that you need quickly. Treatment at as early a stage of lipedema as possible produces the best outcomes for patients. Therefore, it makes sense to go straight to an expert in this condition.

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