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By Dr. Thomas Su | August 19, 2023

Will I Need to Wear Lipedema Compression Garments After Surgery?

Patients with lipedema usually wear lipedema compression garments as part of their everyday wardrobe. Indeed, compression is a critical component of conservative lipedema treatment methods. As conservative treatments are time-consuming and only produce temporary relief, more patients are undergoing surgery. Liposuction represents a longer-lasting and life-improving treatment for this poorly understood disease. But can you get rid of your compression garments after your procedure?


Why is Compression So Important for Lipedema?


Compression garments form a crucial component of conservative lipedema treatment plans. There are four critical reasons for this. Compression helps to relieve pain and reduce swelling in the affected limbs. It also supports the tissues and improves the limbs’ appearance. Sufferers experience short-term relief from wearing compression garments regularly.


How Does Surgery Help Lipedema Sufferers?


Liposuction is the surgical treatment for lipedema. Similar to liposuction for cosmetic reasons, it uses the same techniques and instruments. The primary difference comes in the aim of the procedure, which is to improve quality of life, not achieve flawlessness.


Surgeons perform liposuction on lipedema sufferers when they’re under a local anesthetic. That means they’re awake and alert throughout the surgery. They make tiny incisions in the affected limbs. They then pass a cannula into the incisions so they can break up the fat. Once this is complete, they suction out the diseased lipedema fat.


After surgery, patients benefit from improved mobility and reduced pain. The surgery also restores a more proportionate body shape. Overall, patients experience better physical and mental well-being after surgery. As surgery addresses the cause of lipedema, not only the symptoms, it therefore produces long-lasting relief. Patients often experience many years of reduced pain and improved mobility after liposuction.

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Is Compression Necessary After Surgery?


You must wear your compression garments after liposuction surgery to treat lipedema. Your surgeon will explain how to wear your garment and how long you must wear it for.


Nevertheless, you can assume you’ll wear it for several weeks or even months to ensure effective healing. At first, you will need to wear your compression garment 24 hours a day. That includes during the night. You can remove your garment to shower, but then you must put it straight back on afterward.


Compression is crucial after surgery to smooth the skin and ensure adequate skin retraction. It also reduces swelling and bruising and promotes good healing. The good news is that the end of wearing compression garments is in sight. You won’t need to wear compression garments forever. Eventually, your surgeon will advise that you can reduce the length of time that you wear them. Eventually, you can stop wearing them altogether. Your surgeon will advise when that time arrives. You can expect it to take about six months for all the swelling to go down after your surgery. Then, you will be able to see the full effect of the surgery. You will then enjoy an improved quality of life for many years to come.

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