Lipedema makes life very difficult for sufferers. Lipedema liposuction is the best treatment for this poorly understood and difficult-to-live-with medical condition. Not only does it cause pain and discomfort in the long term, but it also causes mental health issues. Women with lipedema usually struggle with low self-confidence, which harms social relationships and reduces life quality.

Lipedema also causes mobility problems as it gets worse over time. The fat buildup in the lower body causes difficulty exercising and, in the worst cases, even with walking. This only serves to increase social isolation and exacerbate other health problems associated with lipedema. The arthritic symptoms caused by lipedema are similar to those experienced in patients with degenerative joint disease. As a result, sufferers often become disabled, with severe mobility problems that impact their lives in many ways. Lipo for lipedema can help with this. It can improve mobility and boost the quality of life.

What Are the Mobility Problems Associated with Lipedema?

Lipedema sufferers experience increased pressure on their knees, which causes mobility problems. The fat tissue building up around the inner thighs puts extra pressure on the patient’s medial knee compartment. As a result, the knee joint degenerates rapidly, and, eventually, a knee replacement operation may be necessary. The extra pressure also applies to the lower part of the leg. With additional pressure on the leg’s inner half, the foot, arch, and plantar become flattened. Also, the calf and thigh’s distal back interferes further with mobility as there is a restriction of the knee’s flexion.

The degenerative joint disease associated with lipedema causes the patient to have a limited range of motion. Flexion is a term that describes the range of motion in the legs. Terms of degrees measure it. An individual who does not suffer from lipedema enjoys a complete range of motion – as much as 140 degrees. Lipedema sufferers, meanwhile, have reduced flexion. Some patients only have around 90 degrees of flexion. Fat tissue builds up around the knee and makes the full range of motion almost impossible. Even if the patient has a knee replacement operation, the mobility issues associated with this persist. Therefore, the patient must deal with the fat tissues first.

What Is Lipedema Liposuction?

Liposuction is traditionally associated with cosmetic goals. Patients typically have fat removed permanently from areas of their bodies that are prone to fat accumulation. This allows them to achieve a smoother, more toned contour. In the case of lipedema patients, though, liposuction has a different goal. Lipo for lipedema sufferers centers around reducing their pain and improving their quality of life. Part of this goal involves improving their mobility. 

Although liposuction for lipedema does not have a cosmetic goal, it also improves the patient’s lower body’s appearance. It restores a more proportional silhouette and helps patients to feel more confident about their bodies. The outcome may not be as flawless and smooth as that achieved during cosmetic lipo. Nevertheless, patients can enjoy a better lifestyle overall. 

Which Mobility Issues Does Lipo for Lipedema Resolve?

When a patient with lipedema has liposuction, her legs are made slimmer. This means there is a reduction of weight in each leg. The lower and upper bodies become well-matched for a more in-proportion look. Some patients find it also reduces their cellulite, making the skin’s surface look firmer and smoother. 

Liposuction also removes the excess fatty tissues from around the calves and thighs. This means that the patient’s legs do not rub together anymore. Patients can, therefore, move more easily without experiencing pain and discomfort. As the legs are less heavy, it becomes easier to walk and exercise, too. The ability to work out helps patients to experience more self-confidence and higher self-esteem. They also gain energy, and the pleasure they take in exercising means that they can get fitter and healthier. For patients who require a knee replacement operation, liposuction is also beneficial. It removes the fatty tissues around the knees. This makes the surgical procedure more likely to be successful in the long-run. All of this improves the patient’s mobility exponentially. 

Getting Treatment for Lipedema

If you have lipedema, seeking treatment from a specialist in the condition is essential to improve your mobility. Here at Artlipo, Dr. Su is an expert in treating patients who suffer from this debilitating medical problem. By carrying out liposuction, he can restore patients’ quality of life. Not only can he reduce their pain and discomfort, but he can also help them become more mobile. With slimmer, lighter legs, patients can exercise more easily. He gives their self-esteem a much-needed boost so that they can get out of their homes and socialize without difficulty. 

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