Will Lipedema Surgery Improve My Body Image?

If you have lipedema, you may wonder if having lipedema surgery is right for you. Often, the idea of undergoing any kind of surgery worries sufferers. However, knowing the procedure’s benefits can help you make a well-informed decision.

One question prospective patients frequently ask is whether surgery can improve their body image. Lipedema sufferers often have low self-esteem and poor self-confidence. With a larger lower body than the upper body, they often feel self-conscious about how they look. Some sufferers also feel depressed and anxious because of their condition. That stops them from living a fulfilled life. Could surgery hold the answer to relieving those negative feelings?

Lipedema And Poor Body Image

Many people with lipedema have a poor body image because of the disproportionate look the condition causes. They worry that their lower body is too big and are afraid that they look unattractive. They are often worried that other people are looking at them, judging them negatively. Many people with lipedema feel they can’t wear attractive clothing and must always cover up. All these things add up to sufferers’ emotional and mental health issues.

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Improving Body Image, the Natural Way

Lipedema sufferers can take some actions to improve their body image without having surgery. They can try the following:

  • Making lists of positive things about themselves and reading them regularly.
  • Gratitude journaling.
  • Vocalizing positive affirmations several times a day.
  • Preventing negative feelings and thoughts from becoming overpowering by using distractions such as hobbies.
  • Working with their body shape and choosing body-affirming, comfortable clothes and make them feel good while ignoring sizing labels.
  • Limit social media use or only follow positive people on these platforms.
  • Taking self-care actions like taking time to pamper themselves regularly.

While these measures may help a little, they may not be enough for everyone. It’s often challenging to embrace your body and feel optimistic about it when you suffer from this progressive condition. As lipedema worsens with time, it may eventually reach a point where your body image suffers, however optimistic you are.

Furthermore, as lipedema worsens, it can affect other things like mobility. That makes it even harder to stay positive about body image long term. That’s why surgery can prove to be so helpful. It addresses lipedema at its cause and slows the progression of the condition. It also improves sufferers’ physical appearance, creating a more proportionate look. That, too, improves patients’ self-esteem and self-confidence.

What Does Surgery for Lipedema Involve?

Liposuction is the gold standard treatment for lipedema. Most people think lipo is just for cosmetic purposes, but that isn’t always the case. It can serve medical purposes, too, for lipedema sufferers.

Lipo for lipedema is very similar to lipo for cosmetic purposes. Surgeons carry out the procedure under local anesthetic so patients are awake throughout. They make incisions in the affected limbs and pass a cannula through them. They use the cannula to break the fat up and suction it out. The final outcome isn’t as flawless as patients experience after cosmetic liposuction. Nevertheless, patients’ limbs are more in proportion and are smaller after the surgery. As the procedure removes the diseased fat, patients also experience less pain and become more mobile.

How Does Surgery Improve Body Image?

Surgery removes the diseased fat, helping to restore mobility and reduce pain. It also creates a more proportionate lower body so patients feel more comfortable in their skin. They, therefore, feel less embarrassed about their appearance. They also feel more able to exercise, giving them a more positive attitude toward their bodies. After surgery, patients’ affected limbs are smaller, so they can often wear smaller clothing sizes or more fashionable items. That, in turn, also makes them feel better about themselves.

Patients often experience mental and emotional benefits after surgery. They feel more able to cope with life and feel proud of themselves for addressing their problem. That, too, helps boost their body image.

Is Surgery the Answer to Body Positivity for Lipedema Sufferers?

Sufferers need to be aware that while surgery is the gold standard lipedema treatment, it isn’t a cure. It also can’t eliminate all body confidence issues for every patient. Some patients are disappointed that they don’t look perfect after liposuction. The outcome of liposuction for lipedema won’t be flawless. Patients will still have areas of lumps and bumps. It’s, therefore, essential to have realistic expectations.

Some patients may need several surgeries spread out over many months. Being prepared for this possibility is also crucial. Also, lipedema continues to progress even after liposuction. The surgery cannot change the progressive nature of the condition.

Patients need to choose a skilled and experienced specialist to ensure they know what to expect from their surgery. Dr. Su at ArtLipo is an expert in performing lipedema surgery and produces excellent outcomes for his patients. Get in touch now to learn more.