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By Dr. Thomas Su | August 19, 2023

Will Liposuction for Lipedema Give Me Slim Legs?

Many patients who receive a diagnosis seek out liposuction for lipedema. Although there are conservative treatments available for lipedema, these address only the symptoms, not the cause of the disease. The benefits they offer are only short-term and temporary. Surgery, on the other hand, offers long-lasting relief from pain and mobility issues. Most importantly, surgery can restore a more proportionate body shape for many patients. That helps patients to overcome the self-confidence and self-esteem issues that they experience surrounding their body shapes. Many lipedema sufferers believe liposuction will give them the slim legs they desire. But is this actually the case?

Lipedema Legs – A Physical and Emotional Problem

Patients with lipedema suffer from large legs, due to the abnormal accumulation of diseased fat on their lower limbs. One of the characteristic symptoms of lipedema is column-like legs. Some patients have very disproportionate legs when compared with their upper bodies. The extra bulk on the lower body makes movement difficult and painful. That can reduce a sufferer’s ability to exercise, causing further health issues like obesity. Not only that but patients often feel embarrassed and self-conscious about their shape. As their bulk increases and their self-esteem reduces, sufferers often find it difficult to leave the house. This isolation only causes their physical and mental health to deteriorate further.

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How Does Liposuction Help Lipedema Sufferers?

Liposuction is the best treatment for lipedema sufferers. Although many patients worry about undergoing surgery, it’s the optimal solution as it addresses the cause, not only the symptoms. Liposuction removes the bulk from the patient’s lower body to improve their mobility. It also removes painful diseased fat, thus reducing their pain and discomfort. Finally, liposuction restores a more proportionate body shape, improving the sufferer’s mental and emotional well-being. It’s easy to see why liposuction surgery improves sufferers’ quality of life overall.

Does Lipedema Liposuction Have Cosmetic Benefits?

Lipedema sufferers need to understand that lipedema liposuction doesn’t have the same aims as cosmetic liposuction. Primarily, the objective of the surgery is to reduce pain and improve mobility. The aim isn’t to achieve cosmetic perfection and flawless contours in the same way as cosmetic lipo. Nevertheless, it does offer some cosmetic benefits to patients.

Surgery reduces the bulk from the patient’s lower body and restores a more “normal” appearance. The patient’s legs will be slimmer certainly but may not be as small as they would wish after the surgery. It’s, therefore, essential for patients to understand that they may not have the perfect shape that they’ve dreamed of post-surgery. Nevertheless, their appearance will improve over how they looked before surgery. Most patients are thrilled with the outcome of their procedures and their improved qualities of life.

It is crucial to find a surgeon who is a specialist and who does both medical and cosmetic liposuction. They will have the necessary skills and experience to achieve the best possible results. If you need liposuction for lipedema, get in touch with Dr. Su at ArtLipo in Tampa to arrange your consultation.

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