Could Calf Liposuction Eradicate My Cankles Problem?

When we see celebrities on television and at the movies, the first thing we often notice is their beautiful legs. When movie stars walk down the red carpet, their legs are slim and flawless. They can wear short skirts and swimsuits without worrying about cankles. Unfortunately, many ordinary women are unable to say the same. For those women, calf liposuction could represent the ideal solution.

Many women are so desperate to slim their calves, their try fad diets. They also spend hours working out on step machines or treadmills. Nevertheless, they almost always find that their calf and ankle fat stubbornly refuses to move. This is because this part of the body is notoriously difficult to slim down.

Why Are Cankles a Problem?

Any woman who suffers from the thick fat layer around their calves and ankles understands the misery of cankles. This cosmetic issue can be very distressing and can prevent women from feeling confident in their appearance. Women with this problem often refuse to wear short dresses or skirts. Wearing a swimsuit would certainly be out of the question and fashionable footwear often just exacerbates the problem. Even worse, there isn’t much that a person can do to resolve the problem using natural methods alone. Diet and exercise have had little positive effect.

For women who are naturally slim around their buttocks and thighs, cankles are an embarrassment. Women who work hard to reduce body fat and maintain a healthy physique fail to understand why this problem persists. Cankles mean that the lower leg fails to taper naturally to a slim ankle. While beauty magazines have acknowledged this issue exists, there is limited understanding of the only available solution.

Calf Liposuction Is the Only True Answer

Calf liposuction represents the only true answer to cankles. Here at Art Lipo, we often see patients who have suffered from cankles for years. Their confidence has been severely damaged, and they have put themselves through grueling exercise and limited diets. Despite this ongoing misery, they saw little-to-no improvement in the shape of their lower legs. Once we introduced them to the concept of calf liposuction, they were amazed and delighted in equal measure. Finally, they could obtain the leg shape they always wanted. Many of them just wish they’d been aware of calf liposuction earlier. Having had the procedure, they enjoy transformed lives with greater body confidence and the freedom to wear what they like.

How Do We Perform Calf Liposuction?

Here at Art Lipo, we only use the awake tumescent liposuction technique. We carry out the procedure under a local anesthetic. This means that patients remain awake throughout the procedure. Not only is this much safer, but it also produces improved results.

When doctors treat patients under a general anesthetic, there are safety implications. The heart, nervous system, and blood pressure are all at risk. This means that the surgeon is time-limited to ensure the patient is not unconscious for an extended period. For this reason, the surgeon uses larger instruments for the calf liposuction procedure. The result can be extra soreness, trauma, and bleeding afterward.

Here at Art Lipo, we have an added advantage to carrying out our calf liposuction procedure under a local anesthetic. We use an interactive lipo method that is revolutionary and produces amazing results.

A Surgeon’s Skill

The result of any calf liposuction procedure comes down to the surgeon’s artistic skill and technique. The sculpting of the ankle area takes special skill. Dr. Su has a technique that surpasses that of most other surgeons. As a specialist and expert in liposuction, Dr. Su has developed the interactive lipo technique. He is the creator and master of this fine art.

Over eight years, Dr. Su has developed this cutting-edge technique in which the patient remains awake and fully interactive. He or she interacts with the surgeon to achieve the best possible sculpting conditions. Sculpting fibrous, soft fat is difficult. The sculpting tool cannot move smoothly, and this can result in surface bumps. Dr. Su asks the patient to tense his or her calf muscles. This produces a stable surface for smoother movements of the sculpting instrument. As the patient moves into different positions, it becomes possible to sculpt through the full 360 degrees. This produces a very complete and beautiful result.

Art Lipo’s Impressive Results

The results of calf liposuction are not always the same. With a less skilled surgeon, the result can be less than impressive. However, Dr. Su’s interactive lipo technique ensures accuracy, completion, and smoothness. Such excellent results are rarely found. In fact, we have often had to correct poorly executed calf liposuction procedures. Thanks to Dr. Su’s revolutionary techniques, you can depend on outstanding results the first time. Soon, you’ll be wearing short skirts and swimsuits without any worries.

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