Arm Liposuction


Achieving shapely, toned, and beautiful arms can be extremely frustrating for many women. Attempts at arm sculpting, toning, and slimming through exercise are often unproductive or can have the opposite result. Arm liposuction done in a traditional approach can slim the underhang of the arm and get rid of the “bat wing arm”. This approach to shaping arms can help those women who have a disproportionate amount of fat on the underside of the arm.Dr. Su has performed this type of traditional arm liposuction surgery for hundreds of his female patients with great results. However, this type of arm liposuction does not help a woman get rid of fat on the sides of the arms or shoulders where many women tend to accumulate fat.

Celebrity Arms / STARS liposuction

For women looking to achieve not only a slim arm, but shapely toned arms with nice muscle definition, there is finally an answer! Up until recently, no arm surgery could produce these results, because no surgeons were doing 360-degree arm liposuction. Dr. Su is the innovator of the STARS liposuction technique (Sculpting Toned ARms and Shoulders). This technique involves liposuction of the arms and shoulders in their entirety, which virtually no other surgeons have perfected or even described. Dr. Su achieves a look he describes as “Celebrity Arms” because of the slim and toned appearance made popular by today’s celebrities. What you will see in Dr. Su’s before and after arm liposuction pictures are true transformations from flabby looking arms to very toned and defined arms.

Dr. Su’s book Celebrity Arms in a Day is the only book describing and showing surgical results of this kind. His technique — described as circumferential or high definition sculpting of the arms and shoulder — has been long dissuaded by liposuction surgeons in general because of its difficulties. However, Dr. Su has overcome these difficulties in his new technique and is now teaching other doctors how to achieve the same consistently beautiful results. You won’t see arm liposuction results like these anywhere outside of Tampa, simply because no other doctors are performing them.