If you avoid tank tops and sleeveless dresses because of your armpit fat, you’re not alone. There are countless women everywhere with the same problem. That additional skin fold between the breast and arm is the bane of many women’s lives. Ruining the appearance of even the most glamorous dress, armpit fat may be common, but it’s still a problem. Sometimes known as a bra bulge or underarm fat, armpit fat is something that cosmetic surgeons are usually consulted about. The good news is there is a solution – armpit liposuction. You can find out more about this effective treatment here.

What Causes Armpit Fat?

There are several causes of armpit fat. Some you can do something about. Other, however, require professional help to rectify.

Many women are genetically predisposed to armpit fat. If other female family members have armpit fat, you probably will, too.

If you are very inactive in your upper body, you may also accumulate armpit fat. Underarm fat becomes more obvious in those who rarely work out the muscles in their arms.

Women with larger-than-average breasts often suffer from armpit fat. Large breasts usually increase the fat surrounding them. When the breast tissue pushes fat around the armpit against the arms, underarms appear fatter.

If you wear the wrong size bra, you’ll also experience armpit fat. You need to wear the right cup size for your breasts. If you wear a bra that is too small, the breast tissue will migrate to your underarm region. Around eight out of 10 women have a wrongly fitting bra.

Sometimes, hormonal changes and imbalances can contribute to armpit fat. Obesity is another factor.

How Can I Get Rid Of My Armpit Fat?

There are several ways in which you can reduce your armpit fat. If you would rather avoid surgery, here are some things to try.

  • Wear the correct size bra – If you wear a bra with cups the right size, your breast tissue won’t spread into your armpit area.
  • Healthy eating – Reducing the number of calories you eat every day will help you to maintain the right weight. Tracking your daily calories will reduce your fat accumulation. Eat lots of vegetables, fruit, lean meat, and whole grains. Reduce your portion sizes and avoid fatty and sugary foods. Drink more water to stay well hydrated.
  • Exercise more – You can remove unwanted body fat by exercising regularly. Include both weight training and cardio workouts in your regime. Weight training will help to tone your arm muscles. This will reduce armpit fat.
  • Stand upright — Standing with the correct posture will minimize the appearance of armpit fat. Keep your shoulders and neck upright. Avoiding hunching over while walking, standing, and sitting.
  • Avoid tight clothing – If you wear very tight clothes, your armpit fat will be obvious. Even if your armpit fat is minimal, it will look worse in a tight dress.

While nonsurgical methods may help in some cases, they won’t be effective for everyone. The results will not be dramatic and will not be permanent.

What Are The Surgical Options?

If you want a significant and effective removal of your armpit fat, armpit liposuction is the best choice. This procedure breaks up resistant fat pockets, removing them via suction. It shapes and sculpts the body, and provides the results that workouts and diets cannot supply. Our cosmetic surgeons carry out armpit liposuction under a local anesthetic. The anesthetic numbs the area as the cosmetic surgeon makes small incisions in the skin. Then, he or she inserts a cannula and removes the fat. The result is dramatic and permanent, thus restoring your self-esteem and attractive appearance.

ArtLipo’s UCHD Armpit Liposuction

Dr. Su is a pioneer of UCHD liposuction techniques. Completely different from standard liposuction techniques, it produces a more beautiful and complete result. The difference is the patient actively participates in the procedure. The patient holds the muscles tensed into different positions as required. This allows for better control and more effective fat sculpting. The result is more complete and accurate. It ensures tighter and smoother skin.

Here at ArtLipo, we can offer this innovative technique while other cosmetic surgeons in Tampa cannot. This is because other cosmetic surgeons have a more conservative approach to liposuction. Thanks to our advanced skills, we can remove up to 90 percent of fat. This ensures amazing results and a beautifully sculpted and toned physique.

Contact us today to find out more about our armpit liposuction techniques. Our expert team is on hand to answer your questions and offer you advice. When you choose ArtLipo for your armpit liposuction, you can rest assured you’ll love the results. We will restore your self-confidence and you’ll enjoy a return to your old self-esteem. Thanks to the outstanding experience and artistic talent of our surgical team, you’ll look and feel your best.