If you have larger than average upper arms, you’re probably wondering if there’s a better solution than diet and exercise. There is a limited amount you can do to reduce stubborn fat pockets. The upper arms are particularly prone to this problem. Luckily, there is an answer — arm liposuction. Not every surgeon can offer arm liposuction, however, since it is a complex technique.

Most people associate liposuction with the stomach or the thighs. However, it’s effective on the arms, too. Unfortunately, some cosmetic surgeons produce poor results with their arm liposuction procedures. But, if you choose the right plastic surgeon, you’ll find the results can be impressive. The most experienced surgeons have the necessary skills to ensure a smooth and sculpted outcome.

When seeking out a cosmetic surgeon to perform lipo, you should be looking for 360-degree sculpting of the arm. This will guarantee you’ll be amazed and delighted by the results. The best and most skilled cosmetic surgeons can remove three times more fat. They can also cover a three times larger area of the body than conventional arm liposuction. This means their results are very complete.

The most skilled cosmetic surgeons use an interactive liposuction technique. It involves the patient moving her arm and flexing her muscles during the procedure. As a result, the surface is much firmer and allows the surgeon to perform more complete sculpting. Once you’ve had this procedure, your arms will look beautifully toned. It will restore your self-confidence and self-esteem.