Do you look at your upper arms in despair? Is there excess fat and skin hanging down and spoiling your contoured shape? Bat wings are a common problem among women. While they are often seen in older women, younger women, too, can be sufferers. There are several issues that can cause excess arm fat. Aging is one cause of bat wings. Being overweight is another.

Sometimes, if a woman is overweight and, then, sheds pounds, her arms still remain flabby. A combination of stubborn fat and excess stretched skin can be impossible to remove naturally. Diet and exercise can only do so much to reduce fat in any area of the body. When it comes to the upper arms, this is especially the case. Fat here can be especially stubborn and hard to eradicate. This is where cosmetic surgery can help. Liposuction of the arms or an arm lift could be the answer to your problems.

What Options Are There?

When it comes to improving the upper body, there are a couple of options open to you. Brachioplasty, or an arm lift, is a good option for some women. For others, however, lipo will suffice to remove the excess fat and restore a contoured shape. Both procedures are quite different and produce different results. There are also major differences in the aftercare process. Therefore, it is important to make an informed decision about which is the best treatment. Here, we take a look at both options in detail.

The Arm Lift

Sometimes called a brachioplasty, an arm lift involves excising excess skin from the arm area. It is the ideal procedure for any patient with excess arm skin (or bat wings). These may have occurred because of aging and a lack of elasticity in the skin. They may also be the result of weight loss. Bat wings are somewhat like a balloon that has deflated. If you blow up a balloon and, then, release the air, the balloon doesn’t return to its previous shape. Instead, it looks stretched and wrinkled. Imagine the skin on your arm is the balloon. When you lose fat from the area, the skin becomes wrinkled and stretched. It starts to look like the deflated balloon. This is not something that you can correct through diet and exercise. It is excess skin, and, therefore, you can only remove it surgically.

Patients who fit this description can benefit from arm lift surgery. This procedure produces very good results for women with excess upper arm skin. The operation allows for contouring of the arms for an attractive shape. There are some issues to bear in mind if you opt for this surgery, however.

Scarring is a common problem from this procedure. A good surgeon will try his or her hardest to hide the scars as much as possible. But some may be visible. This may end up causing more self-confidence issues than the procedure solves.

Brachioplasty is also an invasive operation that a surgeon carries out under a general anesthetic. This means that the recovery period can be challenging. After the procedure, the arms have very limited mobility. The surgeon wraps them tightly in bandages and you must wear compression garments for four to six weeks. Minimal activity is recommended only after a couple of weeks, and you must not carry out any strenuous activities for weeks.

Upper Arm Liposuction

For many patients, upper arm lipo is a better solution than a full arm lift. It is a much less invasive procedure that a surgeon performs under a local anesthetic. This means that the patient can return home the same day. The recovery period is also much shorter. Patients can return to their normal activities just days after the procedure rather than weeks. There will also be less long-term pain. While there may be some discomfort initially, painkillers can relieve this. As an added benefit, there is also no scarring involved in having lipo. The surgeon makes very small incisions in the upper arms and inserts cannulas through them. These remove the excess fat that is, then, eradicated permanently. Patients undergoing liposuction are unlikely to acquire fat in the same area again if they follow healthy lifestyles.

While many people benefit from liposuction of the arms, not every woman is a good candidate. Patients who have fuller arms are better candidates than those who merely have excess hang. Without good elasticity of the skin, an arm lift is often a better option. A skilled cosmetic surgeon can advise you about the best procedure to suit your needs.

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