For many people, saggy or bulky upper arms are a major problem. No matter how much they exercise or how healthily they eat, the stubborn fat refuses to go away. Even when the muscle itself is toned, the arm still looks flabby with no definition. With a layer of fat over the muscle, all that hard work in the gym is pointless. That’s where ArtLipo’s revolutionary approach to liposuction can help.

There are countless cosmetic surgeons offering arm liposuction. However, Dr. Su is the pioneer of the Celebrity Arms technique. Most cosmetic surgeons only remove a small amount of fat from the upper arm. They rely on arm lifts to produce results. Our expert team uses an innovative procedure to guarantee optimal results with faster recovery times. Sculpting the inner and outer arm together with the shoulders ensures up to 90 percent fat removal. The result is a sexy, defined shape that catches eyes for all the right reasons.

Who Could Benefit From Upper Arm Liposuction?

There are several reasons why you may benefit from our procedure: 

  • Do you want thinner arms that tone more easily?
  • Do you hate the look of your flabby and sagging arms?
  • Do you want to look better and feel more confident?
  • Do you want to fit better into tight clothing?

If you’re lacking self-confidence because of the hanging skin on your arms, our Celebrity Arms technique is the solution. It’s quick and effective, so you’ll see instant results.

What Can I Expect From an Upper Arm Liposuction Procedure?

The upper arm liposuction procedure at ArtLipo is somewhat different from those offered by other cosmetic surgeons. When you come to our skilled team, we will carry out the procedure under a local anesthetic. Not only does this help to make your recovery faster, but it also reduces the risks associated with surgery. Your cosmetic surgeon can use smaller instruments and greater care for a better result. Most importantly, being awake allows you to tense your muscles for a more complete result. You will experience some temporary bruising and swelling following the procedure. However, this will rapidly subside.

Why Is ArtLipo’s Celebrity Arms Procedure So Effective?

When patients come to ArtLipo, they want something more effective than traditional Brachioplasty and liposuction can provide. Many people want toned and slimmer upper arms but are unable to achieve their desired result naturally. Exercise and diet are not always sufficient, and traditional techniques cannot provide the well-defined muscles that patients seek.

The Celebrity Arms approach is interactive. It allows the cosmetic surgeon to check the patient’s arm appearance in several dynamic positions. During the procedure, the cosmetic surgeon asks the patient to raise and turn his or her arm. He or she may also ask the patient to flex it in several positions. This ensures the cosmetic surgeon can address all the areas that require sculpting during the surgery.

If the patient is asleep when the cosmetic surgeon performs the procedure, this interactive approach is impossible. When the patient’s muscles are relaxed, it is difficult to identify fatty tissues. This means the result is far from complete and the cosmetic surgeon removed considerably less fat. Conversely, with the Celebrity Arms approach, the cosmetic surgeon uses as many as 10 positions with every patient. This ensures he or she can identify the unique muscular placement and size for each patient.

Patients notice a significant improvement in the size and shape of their arms in as little as two weeks. The procedure removes around 300 to 500 ccs of fat on average from each of the arms. And, there is minimal scarring. While hyperpigmentation does sometimes occur, it will fade with time for a beautiful, long-lasting result.

The Celebrity Arms Liposuction procedure has a significant skin tightening effect. This is usually better than the tightening seen in traditional Brachioplasty (arm lift) procedures. The majority of patients with moderate looseness and hang of their arm fat see a complete tightening of their skin. Many cosmetic surgeons tell patients their only option is to have an arm lift. However, this isn’t always the case. With Celebrity Arms liposuction, many patients can achieve the result they desire in a minimally invasive way.

Dr. Su – Pioneer Of Celebrity Arms Upper Arm Liposuction

Anyone seeking upper arm liposuction is sure to be searching for the most skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeon. Dr. Thomas Su, the owner of Artistic Lipo, is a talented cosmetic surgeon with an impressive academic and artistic background. He has specialized in noninvasive, awake-only liposuction for more than a decade. Dr. Su is proud to be unique among other cosmetic surgeons. His study of fine art and the beauty of the human form has led to incredible expertise in his field. Having created and pioneered the Interactive Lipo method, his Celebrity Arms Sculpting is leading the way with advanced techniques. These methods are not currently taught to other cosmetic surgeons. Therefore, this makes Artistic Lipo your best choice for upper arm liposuction in Tampa.