If you are struggling to get rid of your arm fat, you may be considering having arm liposuction. Yet, you may be worried about what kind of result you can expect to see afterward. Will it be worth the expense and the pain? Will you be pleased with how your arms look once the surgeon carries it out? 

Liposuction is an excellent choice for getting rid of bulging fat that exercise and diet have failed to remove. It targets the precise area where fat has accumulated. However, having realistic expectations is key when having any kind of lipo procedure. Some patients expect to see their desired result immediately. If that does not happen, they become upset and feel as if their surgery was unsuccessful. Therefore, it is essential to know what you should expect once you’ve had your procedure. This will ensure that you are properly prepared. Here, we give you some answers about what you can expect if you come to Artlipo for your procedure.

What Will the Procedure Be Like?

At Artlipo, Dr. Su only uses the most advanced techniques, so you can be confident you’re in safe hands. He will carry out your procedure in our Tampa, Florida, facility. You will be awake the whole time under a local anesthetic. Since you won’t be under a general anesthetic you will be aware of what is going on. This is nothing to worry about and, in fact, it is the safest option when having liposuction. When you only have a local anesthetic, you’ll have a much shorter recovery period. You’ll be able to go home the same day as your treatment. You’ll also experience a much more complete result. This is because the surgeon can take more time on the procedure without the pressure of a general anesthetic. It also allows Dr. Su to use his Interactive Lipo technique. 

The Interactive Lipo technique is how we can achieve such a complete result in our Tampa clinic. Dr. Su will ask you to tense your muscles and adopt different positions during your procedure. This will allow for easier sculpting of the arm and maximum fat removal. As a result, you will achieve the beautiful, toned arms you’ve always dreamed of.

What Will Happen After I’ve Had Liposuction at Art Lipo?

Immediately after your arm liposuction, you will experience some mild discomfort. There’ll be some swelling, redness, and bruising. However, doctor-prescribed medication will ease your discomfort. You’ll need to wear compression garments. These reduce the swelling and promote healing. The swelling will start to reduce after around a week. However, you’ll need to wear your compression garment for a few more weeks. Although swelling will probably continue for a while longer, you’ll soon be well enough to return to normal activities.

Will I Be Scarred?

While you’re going through liposuction, there will be incisions made through which the surgeon will remove the excess fat. The incisions are very small. They are also made in areas that are as inconspicuous as possible. Dr. Su is an expert in carrying out arm lipo and will always make sure that any scars are well-hidden. You will receive plenty of advice from our team about how you should care for your incisions after your procedure. Follow these, and your incisions should heal with only minimal scars.

Can I Do Anything to Promote Better Healing and Improve My Results?

When you come to Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery for your procedure, you’ll be in the best possible hands. Dr. Su is a pioneer of the Celebrity Arms arm liposuction technique. This means that you’ll experience the most complete result, with as much fat removed as possible. Nevertheless, there are a few things you can do to make sure your results stay looking their best. Make sure you eat healthily, drink lots of water, and participate in regular exercise once you’ve been given the go-ahead. This will promote better healing and help you to maintain an appropriate body weight. By taking this advice, you’ll keep your arms looking good in the long term. 

Will I Immediately See Results?

Dr. Su can produce impressive results from his Celebrity Arms technique. However, you won’t see the complete result immediately after your procedure. There will be swelling that will make your arms appear larger. You will need to be patient and wait for the swelling to reduce. Once this happens, you’ll notice that your arms are much slimmer and more contoured. One to three months after your lipo procedure, you will see the final result.

Contact Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery today to find out more about our arm liposuction procedures. Dr. Su is an expert in the field and can guarantee you the most complete result. With his help, you’re sure to be delighted with your new, slim arms.