The arm lift is one of the cosmetic surgery procedures carried out to improve the upper arm area. It is sometimes called a brachioplasty. During the procedure, a cosmetic surgeon removes excess fat and skin from the elbow to the armpit. Once there is no more excess fat and skin, the skin that remains is put back over the new contours. The result is a more toned appearance.

Why Have An Arm Lift?

As we age, our skin goes through changes. This is especially true of the upper arm skin that begins to loosen and sag. If you lose a lot of weight, the underside of your arms may also droop.

It’s possible to improve the muscle tone in your upper arms and strengthen those muscles. However, if the skin is no longer elastic, you cannot solve the problem in this way. For women who have sagging upper arm skin, an arm lift could be the answer. It can restore tight arms and improve self-confidence.

Are There Any Risks Of Having An Arm Lift?

There are several risks associated with this procedure. These include:

  • Scarring – The scars from the incisions are permanent. However, usually, they will only be minimally visible. In some cases, however, the scarring may be red and raised.
  • Asymmetry – In some cases, the arms may look asymmetrical. This may happen during the process of healing.
  • Numbness – When the cosmetic surgeon repositions the arm tissue during the procedure, it may affect the superficial sensory nerves.
  • Stitching problems – Sometimes, it may be necessary to remove the stitching used to keep the arm in its new shape. Inflammation may be the result.
  • You are also at risk of bleeding and getting an infection.

Some people are not ideal candidates. These include people who have weight fluctuations, who are overweight, who smoke or have conditions that could interfere with healing.

How Do I Prepare For An Arm Lift?

The first step in preparing for an arm lift is to arrange a consultation with your cosmetic surgeon. He or she will review your medical history and give you a physical examination. Your surgeon will also talk to you about your reasons for wanting an arm lift. You will discuss your expectations, as well as any benefits or risks.

You will have your arm lift at our accredited surgery facility. Sometimes, a cosmetic surgeon will perform it under a general anesthetic. But, sometimes, he or she will perform the procedure under intravenous sedation and a local anesthetic. Before the procedure, you should avoid some medications. These include NSAIDs, herbal supplements, and aspirin. They could cause increased bleeding. You’ll also need to find someone to help you during your recovery. Somebody will need to take you home and stay for a while so you can recover.

What Happens During And After The Procedure?

During an arm lift, the cosmetic surgeon makes incisions under the arms. The pattern and length of these will depend on the amount of skin being removed. Then, he or she tightens the underlying tissues and secures them with stitches. Sometimes, the cosmetic surgeon may also perform a liposuction. Then, he or she will drape the skin over the body’s new contours with the excess skin being removed. Surgical tape or stitching will then close the incision.

Following the procedure, bandages will cover the incisions. You will have elastic bandages wrapped around your arms to reduce swelling. There may be drains in your arms to remove excess fluid or blood. You will have a follow-up appointment in a few days. At that time, the cosmetic surgeon will remove your bandages and any drainage tubes.

For the first few weeks, you should not lift your arms over your shoulders. You should avoid participating in any athletic or physical activities that could stretch your incisions for four to eight weeks. Your cosmetic surgeon may instruct you to take pain medicine and antibiotics.

After your procedure, you should notice your upper arms look more toned and attractive. The results will usually last a long time. However, with aging, more sagging may occur. If you maintain a healthy, stable body weight, you should retain the results in the long-term.

Is There An Alternative To An Arm Lift?

For many women, an arm lift is not necessary. While some cosmetic surgeons routinely recommend it to women with sagging arm skin, ArtLipo has an alternative.

Here at ArtLipo, our specialist, Dr. Su, has created and pioneered the Celebrity Arms liposuction technique. This revolutionary method can effectively tighten the arm skin to rival many procedures. Only women with the loosest and saggiest skin will require an arm lift. In most cases, our 360-degree Celebrity Arms technique will cause significant tightening. The result is a more sexy, toned, and attractive upper arm, and a restoration of your self-esteem.

Contact our expert team today and find out which procedure is right for you. We can advise you whether you need it or whether our Celebrity Arms procedure would be better.