Brazilian Butt Lift Liposuction

Have Your Butt Lifted and Looking Sexy in a Day

Are you ready to have your butt looking bigger, rounder, and sexier than you ever thought possible. Then butt lift liposuction by Dr. Su can help you achieve the look you’ve been wanting. It has become extremely popular for patients to request a Brazilian Butt Lift over the past few years and the trend just keeps getting stronger. No doubt Kim Kardashian has been the celebrity who has popularized this the most. Many women who come for consultation of their waist, back, and thighs don’t realize that they will end up with a much more attractive butt. When Dr. Su shows them what they will look like during the consult, it always brings on a big smile and a wow!

Dr. Su has been helping patients improve their back side beauty for years through his unique liposuction artistry. Doing liposuction to create a rounded bottom is not something that just any liposuction surgeon can accomplish. It takes strong artistic vision and the skill to bring it to reality. Too many surgeons who claim to be expert at liposuction only do it every now and then among the many cosmetic procedures that they do. Dr. Su specializes in liposuction only and has performed more liposuction cases than probably any other surgeon in the Tampa Bay area. His background as a true artist with a Fine Arts degree elevates his skill in liposuction surgery from a debulking procedure to a fine art in itself. It truly is “sculpting” in Dr. Su’s hands.

Brazilian Butt Lifting vs Butt Lift Liposuction by Dr. Su

Many patients associate Brazilian butt lifts with procedures where fat is transferred from one area of the body to the buttocks. The term has been used in other ways to describe creating a rounder and more generous looking bottom. Transferring fat to the bottom does work and can give someone with a small bottom more volume. It can also give a woman looking for a extremely large bottom the extra volume they would need.

However, what Dr. Su performs he calls Butt Lift Liposuction or a Lipo Butt Lift. In Dr. Su’s procedure there is no adding or transferring fat to the buttocks. This alleviates a lot of the risk of infections that are more common in fat transfer or necrosis (dying) of the fat which can lead to significant inflammation. Many cases of fat transfer can also be useless if the fat dies off significantly because your money wont be returned.

When Dr. Su sculpts the areas above or below the buttocks, he creates an effect that is quite suprising to those not used to seeing it. By artfully sculpting the waist and hips, the buttocks actually looks quite a bit larger and rounder. By sculpting the areas below including the outer thigh and inner thigh, this effect is also enhanced. You have to see the effects and examples to see how this works. What is happening is that when a person has more fat in the waist or thighs above and below the buttock, the round shape of the bottom disappears and the buttock can either look large and square, or the bottom can look small if it is overshadowed by a large waist. When the proportions are returned to normal, a beautiful bottom which looks larger and rounder can be revealed.

Expert Liposuction Surgeon Dr. Thomas Su is a Sculptor and Artist with a Fine Arts Degree

When it comes to liposuction you really want an artistic surgeon. Most surgeons are not very artistic when doing liposuction, to them it is more of a procedure to make an area smaller. To do fine sculpting with smooth surfaces, complete removal, and beautiful blending an artistic mindset is necessary. Dr. Su blends his artistic background with liposuction to create an wholly different and improved way of doing it.

Liposuction is one of the hardest procedures to do well which is why you hear of many cases of people with lumpy bumpy results. Doing liposuction well takes great feel and control of the fat. Having a patient under general anesthesia prevents a surgeon from getting the fullest control and prevents the abilty to feel the muscle below the fat. Therefore, these surgeons usually remove only a small amount.

Dr. Su following the trend of liposuction surgeons doing the surgery awake has many added benefits that allow him to do more beautiful work. He has been the innovator of different techniques that no other surgeons perform. His biggest differentiating factor is his Interactive Lipo Method.

Interactive Liposuction and Butt Lift Liposuction

Interactive liposuction is a method which requires a patient to cooperate with the doctor to help the doctor produce smoother and more complete results. Fat is a wobbly and very fibrous material that is difficult to move through smoothly with the sculpting instrument. Doing liposuction smoothly is therefore very difficult. When patients lie down the fat also changes shape. Having patients cooperate by tensing their bodies allows firmer and accurate gripping of the fat and better feel which a surgeon must rely on to sense what is happening.  Can you imagine a hair stylist trying to cut your hair accurately if it was waving about and they could not hold it firmly in their hand, or if they had to cut it while you laid your head down. This may help explain why it is so useful for Dr Su’s patients to hold themselves tensed when he is sculpting on their waist and thighs. As part of his method, he also stands a patient up to see if the bugles are flattened out and well blended, something not visible when a patient is lying down. This is the secret that Dr. Su uses in his sculpting. It’s an artistic approach that any doctor could use, but they just don’t.

Who is a good Candidate

Almost all patients with significant fat in either their waist or outer thigh will see a nice butt lift after their surgery. The ones that will see the biggest change are the ones that have the most fat in these areas, especially if both areas above and below the buttocks are being treated. A patient must also be in relatively good health with only minor medical problems.

How is Butt Lifting Done (anesthesia)

Butt Lift liposuction is performed using only local anesthetic. This is often called tumescent liposuction or awake tumescent liposuction. It is absolutely necessary for Dr. Su’s patients to be awake and participating since this is the big advantage that gives us the best accuracy and makes fine sculpting possible.

What is the Recovery for a Lipo Butt Lift

Depending on how large the areas are above and below the buttocks a patient may need a couple of days rest or none. There is no bedrest required, only directions to take it easy. Patients can perform activities as tolerated. There will be swelling that reaches a maximum about a week out, and takes about 3 month to fully resolve. In most cases the cosmetic improvement is still mostly evident despite the swelling.

What are complications?

There are few complications. Tumescent liposuction has a much lower medical risk than liposuction under general anesthesia. Bleeding is minimal and infections are very rare. Compared to other areas of liposuction the waist and outer thighs rarely have loose skin. The complications Dr Su sees the most are irregular sculpting on the outer thighs caused by other surgeons that he has to fix. This area is one of the easiest to get lumpy and bumpy especially if a surgeon cannot visualize the area with the patient standing and this occurs a lot with patients that have had it done under general anesthesia in the past.

How Much does a Lipo Butt Lift Cost

Areas above the buttocks alone including the hips, waist, and midback can vary in price greatly. The areas of the inner thigh and outer thigh separately can also vary depending on the individual’s size and amount of fat.

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