More people than ever before are considering having BBL surgery. If you want a rounder and curvier butt, it may seem like the obvious choice for you. However, buttock implants are another possibility you may be considering. So, how do you decide which is best for you? Here, we take a closer look at both types of butt enhancing surgery. When armed with the right information, you can, then, choose the best option for you.

What Are Buttock Implants?

When you have buttock implants, a surgeon places a silicone implant inside or above the gluteal muscle. He or she inserts the implant through an incision made in the buttock crease. Once the implant is in place, your butt will look rounder and fuller. The benefit of buttock implants is that there is more control over the augmentation process. You can choose the shape and size of the implant you desire. You aren’t depending on taking fat from other areas of the body.

It’s important to remember, however, that implants aren’t a permanent procedure. In the future, they will probably need replacing. There are also some risks surrounding implants. This is why more people opt for BBL surgery. 

Some of the risks of butt implants include:

  • Infection
  • Poorly positioned implants
  • Pain
  • Capsular contracture

Infection is the biggest issue. The incision site is close to the rectal area. This means it is hard to keep the incision clean and free of bacteria. A third of people having a butt implant need the implant removed because of infections or seromas. A seroma is a pocket of fluid that is large and painful, and that surrounds the implant.

Capsular contracture is another issue that you should be aware of when it comes to any type of implant. Usually associated with breast implants, it’s also a problem for those having buttock implants. Implants are man-made. Therefore, the body cannot assimilate them thoroughly. The body, then, forms a capsule or shell around the foreign body. This holds the buttock implant firmly in place. In an ideal world, this tissue layer will remain supple and soft. However, over time, it sometimes tightens up and causes excess firmness. This makes it painful to sit down.

It’s also possible for implants to be in a bad position. They may become loose or too wide. As a result, the implant may move to a different location. Implants may even turn upside down. 

Implants also cause a lot of pain after surgery. This is because the surgeon must stretch and pull the gluteus muscle to place the implant properly. The area, then, becomes sore. Movements involving the gluteus muscles become painful. 

What About a Brazilian Butt Lift?

If you are considering having BBL surgery, you’ll want to know more about it. People sometimes mistake it for a butt implant. But it isn’t the same thing at all. A Brazilian Butt Lift uses fat from your own body to enhance this area instead of implants. The BBL is, therefore, better than having implants since it is using fat that looks and feels more natural.

The BBL uses liposuction in order to remove fat from areas where it is surplus to requirements. If you want to contour the thighs, waist or hips, this is an excellent procedure for you. The surgeon prepares and injects the fat he or she has harvested into the buttocks. The result is natural looking and there’ll be no inhibited movements that are sometimes linked with implants.

Women who have all types of body shapes could be a suitable candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift. Although some people think slim women can’t have this procedure carried out, this isn’t true. It’s surprisingly easy to find sufficient fat in other body areas. Most women have enough fat in their flanks and lower back, even if they’re very slim.

Is BBL Surgery for Me?

If you’re wondering whether to have a Brazilian Butt Lift, the information above may help you choose. There are a lot of benefits to choosing this procedure over butt implants. Since it uses your own fat, it is a more natural procedure. There is no possibility of the implants moving or developing capsular contracture. Also, the recovery period is much less painful. 

If you would like to know more about the BBL and how it could help you, contact Artlipo today. We are leading the way in BBL surgery in Florida. Our skilled surgeon, Dr. Gruber, is highly experienced in carrying out the procedure. She can offer you her expert advice as to whether you’re a suitable candidate for a BBL. 

If you’re ready to improve your assets and get the rounded butt you’ve always dreamed of, call Artlipo now. We’re looking forward to helping you increase your self-confidence and get the body you want and deserve.