The BBL or Brazilian Butt Lift is a form of plastic surgery to obtain a larger and shapely bottom. This surgery reshapes and enhances the buttocks. The result is a more rounded and uplifted buttock profile. Over the past decade, the BBL procedure has become more popular around the world. Most commonly, the procedure involves reshaping and enlarging the buttocks by grafting fat from your own fatty tissue. There are also silicone buttock implants available. However, these have negative implications associated with them. They, therefore, aren’t offered by reputable plastic surgeons in the United States.

Reputable cosmetic surgeons carry out the BBL procedure by using the autologous fat transfer procedure. This involves taking fat from the hips, thighs, back or abdomen and using it to reshape and enhance the buttocks. First, the surgeon performs liposuction. This removes the fatty tissue. Next, the fat will be prepared for the transfer procedure. Then, the surgeon injects it with a syringe connected to a cannula. Although small incisions will be necessary to inject the fat, it’s easy to hide the incision sites with clothing. Then, the surgeon will graft the fat at several levels into layers. The cannula will move backward and forward and this will ensure a smooth and linear deposit of the fatty tissue. Finally, the surgeon will augment and reshape the buttock area.

A Brazilian Butt Lift is an ideal solution if you have buttocks that are too small for your frame. It will give you a balanced physique. The BBL is also a good solution for anyone with a square or flat bottom and desires more curves. Those who have a sagging, flat or loose bottom because of aging can also benefit from this procedure. The Brazilian Butt Lift is the ultimate way to make swimwear and clothing fit perfectly on your physique.