Do you have a punishing workout regime? Have you been dieting for months to no avail? If you find that you live a healthy lifestyle, but you still have fat ankles, you are not alone. Many women find that the stubborn fat on their ankles is the bane of their lives. Even if the rest of their bodies is toned and slim, their ankles still stay chunky.

The average female has an ankle with a circumference of approximately 11 inches. However, more women than ever are worried about their cankles. The drive toward skinny jeans and knee-length boots only exacerbates the problem. Women who want to wear fashionable clothes find they cannot fit into the latest styles. This makes them feel embarrassed and self-conscious with low self-esteem.

Getting Rid of Fat Ankles Through Exercise

Cankles have become a major problem for women in the United States. Some gyms have even developed workout regimens specially designed to tackle the issue. Gyms recommend exercises, such as jumping squats, calf raises, and jumping rope, to get rid of the bulge. However, these are rarely effective. Many women are genetically predisposed toward large ankles. There is very little that such women can do to change the shape of their ankles naturally. Dieting and exercise will only do so much. This is because spot reducing fat deposits is simply impossible. While dieting and exercise may reduce overall body fat, they won’t specifically target the ankles. Exercise may tone the muscles, but for some women with large ankles and calves, it could worsen the problem. Toned calf muscles only add bulk, and this makes cankles look worse.

Unusual Treatments for Fat Ankles

Some people are so desperate to resolve their fat ankles problem that they try bizarre remedies. One treatment that is sometimes used is to apply hemorrhoid cream onto the cankle area. Then, they wrap the area in a bandage overnight. The cream, in theory, reduces excess water weight that can build up in the ankle area. Of course, this is unlikely to help many women. Hemorrhoid cream isn’t advised for use on other parts of the body. It certainly cannot produce a permanent solution.

There is even specialized footwear on the market designed to resolve fat ankles. These shoes tone the calf muscles while walking. For some women, these only make the ankle area look bulkier.

What Causes Fat Ankles?

Unfortunately, the most common reason for fat ankles is genetic predisposition. There are a few other causes. Tendinitis, water retention, pregnancy-related edema, and Achilles’ tendon injuries are some of them. Sometimes, obesity is the cause. When a woman is obese and, then, loses weight, there’s a chance her ankles will return to normal. For women who are genetically predisposed to cankles, however, diet is unlikely to help.

Liposuction for Fat Ankles

It’s no wonder then that so many women have been turning toward cosmetic surgery as a solution. Liposuction for the cankle area is the only proven effective way to resolve the problem of fat ankles. By sculpting the lower leg, liposuction removes stubborn fat deposits to give the leg a better shape. As a result, women can wear the footwear they’ve always dreamed of. They can also wear skirts and dresses without worrying about the appearance of their legs.

How Does Liposuction Work?

In the hands of a skilled surgeon, cankle liposuction is an extremely effective treatment for fat ankles. However, not all surgeons have this level of skill. You need to choose a surgeon who has considerable experience and the artistic ability to get the desired result.

When you choose Art Lipo for your liposuction treatment, you can be confident that you’re in safe hands. Our surgeons are highly skilled, extremely experienced, and are leading the way in their field. They are pioneering cutting-edge liposuction techniques to ensure the best results for our patients. Dr. Su can produce impressive results from his treatments. You can see the evidence in the before and after images on our website. Since we carry out all our liposuction treatments under a local anesthetic, your recovery period will be brief. You can also be confident that the result will be more complete than what other surgeons provide.

Dr. Su has an artistic background. This means he approaches liposuction in the same way as he would approach a piece of art. His innovative approach allows for a much smoother 360-degree contour of the leg. There will be no unsightly bumps or lumps. Instead, the ankle and calf area will be smooth, slim, and sculpted. You’ll be able to wear all the clothes and shoes that you’ve longed to wear.

Contact Art Lipo today to find out about liposuction for your fat ankles. It’s our mission to restore your self-confidence.