If you have large calves, you might be considering having some kind of plastic surgery. There are two types of procedures you can use to reduce the size of your calves. One is calf reduction; the other is calf liposuction. Let’s take a closer look at each and the benefits that it offers. 

What is A Calf Reduction?

A calf reduction procedure reduces the gastrocnemius muscle in the leg. This makes the calf look more attractive and less prominent. Sometimes known as selective neurectomy, this procedure is rarely performed in the United States.

The procedure works primarily because muscles can atrophy or waste away when they’re not used. A calf reduction targets the nerves in the calf. The surgeon severs them, and this allows the muscles to degenerate over time. Eventually, the calves will look more defined and slimmer. 

Calf reductions are minimally invasive. All they require is a small incision behind the knee. This allows access to the nerves that a surgeon severs, then, ligates. Afterward, the surgeon clips the nerves that remain. This ensures the optimal shape for the calf. Since the muscle receives no stimulation, it will eventually atrophy. This means the muscle will be more uniformly reduced without any irregularities in its contour.

What Is Calf Liposuction?

Unlike calf reduction, calf liposuction involves removing fat rather than reducing the muscle. It requires a surgeon to make small incisions in the area while the patient is under a local anesthetic. Then, he or she inserts a small cannula and sucks out the fat. This makes the calf and ankle area slimmer and more attractive.  

When performed by a highly skilled and experienced surgeon, liposuction of the calf is very effective. It is possible to sculpt the lower leg for a complete result. At Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery, we use a specialized technique called active liposuction. This means the patient can move during the procedure and tense her muscles. As a result, the surgeon can remove more fat. And, the patient can achieve a toned and firm result. An unskilled surgeon, however, can produce lumpy and unattractive results. 

Why Should I Have A Calf Reduction?

Some patients choose to have a calf reduction because it is not especially invasive. The cuts required are very small and there is minimal scarring. The procedure is also permanent. While this can be a good thing, the fact it is irreversible can also be a problem. Sometimes, hypertrophy occurs as a form of compensatory response. This means the muscles in the surrounding area actually increase. This can result in dissatisfaction with the results. 

Why Should I Have Liposuction of the Calf?

If you opt for liposuction, you can benefit from a slimmer and more attractive lower leg. This procedure, too, is minimally invasive with minimal scarring. Since the surgeon carries out the procedure under a local anesthetic, the recovery period is short. And, since the fat is permanently removed, there is little danger of it returning. As long as you maintain a healthy diet with plenty of exercise, your calves will stay slim. Since this is also a reliable and safe procedure when carried out by a skilled surgeon, there are no concerns. 

Are There Any Other Alternatives?

If you do not like the idea of either calf lipo or calf reduction, there are other options available.

Here are some of the alternatives you could consider. However, they are not especially effective.

  • Botox – Botox works by paralyzing the nerves in the muscle area. This restricts its movement. Over time, the muscle will shrink, and your calves will look slimmer and smoother. This is a noninvasive solution, but it is only a temporary one.
  • Radiofrequency ablation. This process is also minimally invasive. It locates nerves inside the muscle that you need to reduce. Then, radiofrequency energy burns those nerves. The muscle remains intact. There is minimal scarring after this procedure. However, you will need several sessions to see results.
  • Partial muscle resection. This procedure involves making incisions behind the knee, then, removing some of the calf muscle. The incision size varies depending on the patient. The person performing this procedure will remove the muscle in such a way as to make the calf look well-sculpted. This is a more invasive procedure and is irreversible. This procedure is more common in Asia than in the U.S.

Slimming Your Calves in The U.S.

If you want slimmer, more attractive calves, calf liposuction is often the best option. Safe and effective, it removes the fat permanently from your lower leg. When performed by an experienced and skilled surgeon, the result is very impressive. At Artlipo, our cosmetic surgeons are highly experienced in performing this procedure. In our skilled hands, you will have beautifully toned legs.