If you have that dreaded problem of all women – cankles – you’re probably wondering what you can do. Nobody enjoys having a shapeless lower leg, but is there an effective solution? If you research online, you’ll probably see countless blog posts and articles citing workout routines and diets to reduce cankles. But, can you get rid of cankles through exercise and diet? Here, we take a closer look. 

What Are Cankles?

The term “cankles” is the combination of two words: “calf” and “ankles.” This describes a lower leg with chubby ankles and poor definition between the ankle and calf area. While it isn’t a recognized medical term, it’s nonetheless an upsetting one. Women who are sufferers are often embarrassed and distressed by their appearance. They, therefore, look for effective solutions to eliminate the problem, so they can enjoy wearing skirts and shorts again.

The Cause of Cankles

One of the biggest problems associated with cankles is defining the cause. Several factors can contribute to cankles. Some you can treat and eliminate. Unfortunately, you cannot resolve the others without resorting to surgery. 

Obesity, hypertension, lymphedema, heart disease, and diabetes may all be medical causes of cankles. If you’re suffering from one of these diseases, it may be possible to treat your cankles effectively. However, if your cankles are because of genetic factors, which is usually the case, there is little you can do. 

Losing Weight Through Exercise

If you see your doctor about your cankles, he or she will probably advise you to exercise to lose weight. While for some sufferers this may help, for others, it will prove to be fruitless. Cankles can affect women with all body weights. If someone is already obese and has cankles, exercising may reduce them. However, for someone who is already slender elsewhere, the chances of exercise helping are slim.

If you wish to try exercising to reduce the appearance of cankles, there are a few specific workouts to try. These help to enhance the definition of the calf muscle that makes the ankle appear slimmer. It’s suggested to begin by choosing exercises that don’t put pressure on the leg joints and ankles. Cycling and swimming are both good choices and promote good blood circulation, as well as fat loss. Remember that fat loss will usually occur from the abdomen and face first. This means it could take some time to see any difference in the lower leg area.

Exercises, such as stair climbing, ankle raises, and leg lifts with weights, may help to promote better muscle definition. This will help to make the ankle look more sculpted. However, it won’t produce dramatic results.

Dieting for Cankles

If you suffer from obesity, as well as cankles, reducing your calorie consumption may help. Reduce the number of calories you eat every day by 500. If you do, you can lose 4 pounds of fat per month. Staying well-hydrated can also help to improve the appearance of cankles. This is because water retention can cause puffiness in the ankle area. Nevertheless, it’s impossible to spot reduce fat in any area of the body. This means that even if you lose weight, there’s no guarantee your lower legs will look any better.

Liposuction for Cankles

The only truly effective treatment for cankles is liposuction. This is because lipo removes the fat cells permanently. As a result, it’s possible to sculpt the lower leg and create a well-defined ankle and calf. 

However, not every cosmetic surgeon can effectively carry out cankle liposuction. This is because it is quite challenging to evenly remove fat around the curve of the leg. Many surgeons refuse to work on the lower leg. Alternatively, they only remove a conservative amount of fat. This means that you may not see the result you’ve been hoping for.

Here at Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery, our expert, Dr. Su, can produce impressive results. Thanks to his pioneering active liposuction technique, he can produce a very complete result. By asking the patient to move her muscles during her procedure, he can remove the maximum amount of fat. Thanks to Dr. Su’s skill, the lower leg is left smooth and beautifully sculpted. If you’ve found that you’ve tried diet and exercise, but both have failed, liposuction is the best solution. 

Now you know the true answer to the question, “Can you get rid of ankles through diet and exercise.” It’s a fact that, in most cases, you will need to resort to cosmetic surgery to eradicate the problem. Contact the Artlipo team today to find out more about how we can help you. Our expert surgeon can help you to achieve the legs you’ve always dreamed of. Your self-confidence will receive a much-needed boost and you’ll enjoy wearing skirts and shorts again!