Have you ever used the term “cankles” to refer to your lower legs? The recently coined term is an unflattering one. It refers to legs in which the ankle and calf seem to blend into one shapeless mass. It’s simply impossible to determine where the ankle starts, and the calf ends. No wonder it’s such an unflattering term. However, it’s a surprisingly common problem. Women of all ages, shapes, and sizes suffer from cankles, so it’s no wonder many turn to cankle reduction surgery.

Many doctors, magazines, and websites advise women to exercise and eat healthily to lose excess leg fat. Unfortunately, this approach doesn’t always work. For some people, weight loss can lead to a shapelier leg. However, for others, there are genetic reasons for cankles. For still others, lipedema is the cause of the problem.

If you’re a lipedema sufferer, any attempt you make to eliminate the ankle and calf fat will be in vain.

Lipedema – A Distressing Condition

Although lipedema is quite commonly seen in women, it’s a much misunderstood medical problem. Some people think it is interchangeable with lymphoedema, which is, in fact, a completely different condition. Others don’t even realize lipedema exists as a condition in its own right. They think that sufferers are merely fat. This is because a large number of individuals with lipedema simply appear to be obese.

Some lipedema sufferers are overweight. However, it can affect people of normal body weight as well. The condition involves uneven fat cell distribution throughout the subcutaneous regions in the abdomen and legs. In some cases, it may even begin to appear in the arms and upper body.

For sufferers, it is easy to get frustrated and distressed. Being accused of being fat can be very upsetting, especially when a person works hard to shed the pounds. Lipedema is a complex condition that can be painful and mentally upsetting.

How Does Lipedema Affect the Body?

Lipedema causes heavy lower legs, with swollen ankles and calves that never go away. It is a debilitating problem, since walking with swollen cankles is difficult and painful. Lipedema can also cause secondary lymphoedema. This is because the extra weight on the lower body can crush the lymphatic system. This, in turn, causes blockages that prevent proper lymphatic flow.

Of course, it goes without saying that lipedema doesn’t just have a physical effect. It also has severe psychological and emotional consequences. People with lipedema often suffer from poor self-esteem and poor self-confidence. They are sometimes so embarrassed about the way that they look that they become depressed and withdrawn. Going out in public is something they avoid often. Sufferers also avoid wearing skirts, dresses, and shorts because of the shape of their legs. Going swimming or sunbathing is also something they rarely do for fear of what people might say.

The Benefits of Tumescent Liposuction

In the past, there was little that doctors could do to help lipedema sufferers. However, awake tumescent liposuction has changed all that. This groundbreaking procedure offers an effective solution to removing the excess fat cells and uneven deposits. It has gained a reputation as a highly effective treatment for lipedema sufferers. This is because it permanently removes the fat cells from under the skin. The result is a much slimmer and more contoured lower leg.

Not every cosmetic surgeon can carry out this surgery. In fact, it requires a highly trained specialist to achieve the desired results. Many surgeons refuse to attempt it because of a lack of experience and skill. However, at Artlipo, we have an experienced and skilled surgeon who can perform this procedure.

How Does Cankle Cankle Reduction Surgery Work?

The procedure used by Artlipo’s Dr. Su includes a local anesthetic. This ensures that the patient remains awake throughout the procedure. Although a patient will experience no pain, she will be able to cooperate with the process. Dr. Su will ask the patient to move and flex her muscles, so he can achieve the most complete result. This is how Dr. Su manages to produce such a sculpted look for the cankle area, with smooth, natural-looking skin.

Sufferers of lipedema who have gone through the procedure report excellent results. Their legs are less painful, they feel lighter, and they look much more attractive. This also helps patients to feel happier in their own skin and more self-confident. They can start to go out and wear the clothes that they want to again.

Contacting Artlipo

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