Improve Your Legs with A Cankle Lift at Artlipo

Cankles are a major problem for many women all over the world. While the word “cankle” certainly isn’t typical medical terminology, most people are well aware of what it means. By combining the words “calf” and “ankle,” this term describes a lower leg that merges into one shapeless trunk. Cankles are a problem for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. While some people think it’s solely a problem for larger ladies, this isn’t the case. Many women are otherwise slim but who have disproportionately shapeless legs. This can cause a host of confidence issues among sufferers. Those who have poorly defined calves often refuse to wear dresses or skirts and worry about wearing swimsuits. Yet, these days, there are solutions to the problem. Could a cankle lift be the answer for you?

The Cause of Cankles

Cankles have many causes. While for some women the problem is because of their genetics, for others, it is an obesity issue. In other cases, a medical problem may lie behind a swollen lower leg. Water retention and lipedema are just two medical conditions that may be the cause of your problem. However, if your doctor confirms there is no health-related cause, it’s probably just the way your body distributes the fat.

What Is a Cankle Lift?

You may have heard of a recent treatment known as a cankle lift. Unlike facelifts and arm lifts, these lifts are relatively untested. The procedure is almost entirely pain-free and involves microscopic threads being inserted into the skin’s inner layer. This layer, known as the hypodermis, contains fatty deposits. PDO (polydioxanone) is the material used to make the threads that a surgeon inserts into this layer. PDO is a crystalline, colorless, and biodegradable synthetic polymer. Having been used in surgery sutures for more than two decades, PDO threads are naturally broken down in the body. This means that the effect of the surgery isn’t permanent. You can expect the result to last for about two to three years.

Some women are excited about the possibilities of this procedure. However, it’s important to note that it isn’t a common option yet. There are, however, other surgical options that have proven to be successful in eliminating cankles. Liposuction is perhaps the very best solution to the problem when a skilled professional carries out the procedure.

Liposuction Treatment for Cankles

While many people suggest that diet and exercise can treat cankles, sufferers know this isn’t the case. Usually, cankles are a genetic trait. There is also very little anyone can do about the shape of her lower leg. Only a cosmetic surgeon can help resolve the problem.

Until recently, finding a resolution for cankles was a challenge. Liposuction was available, but it didn’t always produce the desired result. The lower leg is especially tricky to treat with liposuction. The reason is because the surgeon needs to remove the fat around a 360-degree curve. Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery has changed all that.

Dr. Su is a pioneer in the field of liposuction. He has perfected his active liposuction technique that has had outstanding results. Dr. Su carries out his ankle liposuction treatments under a local anesthetic. This means the patient is fully awake and alert during the procedure. The patient can, therefore, comply with instructions and move in different ways to facilitate fat removal. Since a patient can tense her muscles and turn during her lipo, the surgeon can achieve a more complete result. The surgeon removes a maximum amount of fat while being able to do a full 360-degree sculpting. Patients can, therefore, enjoy beautifully shaped ankles and calves that restore their confidence and improve their appearances.

Choosing Artlipo For Cankle Lipo

If you want to eliminate your cankles for good, Dr. Su and the Artlipo team are at your disposal. As highly skilled professionals in the cosmetic surgery industry, we’re dedicated to helping women like you. We stand apart from other cosmetic surgeons because of our artistic ability. Every member of our team is not only a fully qualified cosmetic surgeon but also a talented artist. Each is proud to use his or her skills, knowledge, and experience to benefit patients.

When you choose Artlipo for your cankle treatment, you can rest assured you’re in the best possible hands. We can offer you complete liposuction treatment for your lower leg so you can achieve the look you desire. With our awake tumescent lipo and interactive technique, we guarantee you maximum fat removal. As a result, we’ll sculpt your ankle and calf to create the perfect shape. You’ll soon enjoy wearing skirts, swimsuits, and shorts thanks to the talents of our team.

Having a cankle lift may sound like an attractive prospect, but it’s still a relatively new and untested procedure. Contact the Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery team instead to find out more about our liposuction. With patient testimonials and before and after images to prove our skill, we’re convinced you’ll be delighted with the results.