Are you one of the many women out there who is dissatisfied with the appearance of their legs? Having the perfect lower limbs is a common aspiration for women everywhere. With short skirts and dresses being so fashionable, it’s more vital than ever to have beautiful calves and ankles. If yours are less than ideal, you may be wondering what you can do to remedy the problem. A cankle lift treatment could be the solution you’ve been hoping for.

Cankles – An All Too Common Problem

A surprising number of women suffer from cankles. They occur when the calf, ankle, and foot appear to blend with poor definition. While some sufferers are overweight, others are slim. The problem is frequently more about the genetic shape of the leg than about excess fat. An uneven distribution of weight causes cankles. They are more commonly seen in women who are pear-shaped and who carry more weight on their lower halves. Sometimes, they’re caused by swelling because of dietary issues. Sodium-rich diets cause water retention that results in bloating and puffiness. This can affect the legs, as well as other areas of the body. 

Some people have swelling in their ankles if they’re immobile for any length of time. This is often because of inflammation in the tissues caused by medications or medical conditions. Surgery cannot rectify this problem. However, for many people, the problem is simply that this is the way their bodies naturally appear.

When you have cankles, you struggle to find clothes that flatter or even fit. Forget form-fitting boots and strappy sandals. Wearing shorts or miniskirts is also out of the question. Magazines and fashion websites suggest concealing cankles with maxi dresses or trousers. While this is an option, it certainly isn’t a solution. Do you want to have the freedom to wear anything you like without worrying about the appearance of your legs? If yes, then you require a more permanent solution.

Treating Cankles Without Surgery

If you have cankles, you’ve probably already tried everything you can think of to eliminate the problem. Magazines and websites suggest you try targeted leg exercises to improve the shape of the lower leg. They also recommend trying Pilates and yoga. Some people believe squats and leg raises boost the definition in this area. There may be some improvements. However, they will be small. They also won’t correct the natural distribution of fat in your body. The only way to do this is by undergoing a surgical solution, such as a cankle lift treatment.

The Liposuction Solution

The best way to eliminate cankles is to have cankle liposuction. This treatment permanently removes the excess fat in the calf and ankle area. When you remove the fat cells via lipo, they will never come back. This means your lower leg will have the beautifully sculpted shape you desire. You’ll, then, be free to wear anything you like without having to worry about concealing your legs.

Cankle lipo is a targeted treatment that focuses on the excess fat in the lower leg. Under a local anesthetic, a surgeon will make a small incision in this area. Then, he or she will insert a cannula. The surgeon will remove the fat cells, and completely sculpt the leg to produce a perfectly toned shape.

Do All Cosmetic Surgeons Offer This Treatment?

Not every cosmetic surgeon can offer the cankle lift treatment. This is because the lower leg is difficult to work on. Because of the natural curve around the leg, it is quite difficult to remove fat evenly. Some surgeons will only remove a small amount of fat from the area for this reason. As a result, the outcome may not be as good as you hoped. When you come to Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery, however, you will find the result to be a complete one. This is because Dr. Su, our liposuction expert, has pioneered a revolutionary lipo technique.

The interactive liposuction technique requires patients to move and tense their muscles during the procedure. This ensures that the surgeon can remove the maximum amount of fat. It also guarantees a smooth and even finish all around the curve of the leg. Dr. Su can beautifully sculpt a perfect calf and ankle so you can regain your confidence.

Should I Book A Consultation?

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your calves and ankles, you should contact Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery today. No amount of exercise and dieting will be able to sculpt your lower leg. Therefore, a cankle lift treatment is the only way to achieve the result you desire. You can depend on our expert team to help you get the body you deserve. So, call us now and arrange your first consultation. You’ll soon be able to wear short dresses and skirts with pride!