Could I Benefit From Ankle Liposuction?

Lots of women have thicker layers of fat around their calves and ankles. This is sometimes called “cankles.” The term “cankle” refers to a lack of definition between the calf muscle and the ankle. Many women are very worried about the appearance of their lower legs. They long for the muscular definition that some women boast, and want a sexier-looking leg. In most cases, diet and exercise will not shift these stubborn pockets of fat. Those who have it then often suffer from low self-esteem and poor self-confidence. It’s no wonder, then, that women want to find out more about ankle liposuction.

Cankles – What Is The Problem?

Cankles may not be a medical problem as such, but they can cause a lot of embarrassment. Women who want to wear shorts, swimwear or short skirts often feel they cannot. Women with cankles have no natural slimming or tapering of their lower legs. This means their figures aren’t aesthetically pleasing, even if they have slim buttocks and thighs. Excess fat in the ankle and calf area also causes problems when wearing fashionable footwear.

There are a lot of misunderstandings about cankles. Lots of people think diet and exercise can eradicate them. This is rarely the case. Ankle liposuction is the only truly effective solution to cankles.

How Does Ankle Liposuction Work?


Liposuction surgery involves making small incisions on the skin of the affected area. The cosmetic surgeon then inserts a thin instrument called a cannula. This removes fat from above the muscle that is right below the skin.


Liposuction is a permanent fat removal technique. This means the results are long-lasting. While remaining fat cells may enlarge, usually liposuction produces results that last a lifetime.

Ankle liposuction will only be as good as the cosmetic surgeon carrying it out, however. You, therefore, need to choose a skilled cosmetic surgeon who can sculpt the fat to the best effect. If a poor cosmetic surgeon does the procedure, the result may be incomplete or lumpy.

Ankle liposuction spot-reduces the fat in the ankle and calf area. This means it is the only solution when it comes to removing stubborn fat pockets. It will also work where working out has failed.

ArtLipo’s Ankle Liposuction Technique

There are lots of cosmetic surgeons in Tampa who perform ankle liposuction. However, their results are rarely as accurate or complete as those produced by ArtLipo.

We only carry out Awake Tumescent Liposuction. This is a common liposuction technique that we perform under a local anesthetic. Not only is this the most effective technique, but it is also safer. The risks of surgery are greatly reduced and recovery is much faster.

Dr. Su is ArtLipo’s owner and ankle liposuction specialist. As an expert in the field, he has pioneered and created the Interactive Lipo technique. This innovative method involves interacting with the patient during the procedure. Rather than treating a sleeping patient, the patient actively moves into different positions. This allows the patient to tense the muscle for a more stable sculpting surface. It ensures a more accurate and more complete result for instantly visible results.

Could I Benefit From Ankle Liposuction?

There are many women who are excellent candidates for ankle liposuction. You can arrange a consultation with Dr. Su, who will tell you whether you could benefit from the procedure. If you live outside the Tampa area, you can send us photographs. Dr. Su can then contact you by telephone to discuss treatment with you.

You could be an excellent candidate for ankle liposuction if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • You have a clear bulge above your ankle.
  • Your lower leg has an outward rounded curve between the ankle and the calf.
  • Your lower leg appears straight from ankle to knee without tapering.
  • You have no visible Achilles tendon.
  • You have bouncy tissue or fat around your ankle.
  • Your ankle thickness dents inward and remains that way when pressed.

How Is Ankle Liposuction Different From Calf Reduction Surgery?

In most cases, people have liposuction to slim the lower leg. Usually, reducing the calves themselves isn’t the primary goal. Instead, the patient wants the leg slimmed as it tapers upward to the calf.

In some cases, patients do want the calf to be slimmer and less muscular in appearance. If this is the case, calf reduction surgery may be necessary. This surgery is popular with women with muscular calves looking for a more feminine appearance. It involves cutting some calf muscle away. While it isn’t yet common in the United States, it is popular in Asia.

For most women, however, calf and ankle liposuction is the ideal solution to their problems.

Contact us today to find out more about how our ankle liposuction procedure can help. Our expert team is here to help you feel and look your best.

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