Many people often think that ankle liposuction is something only women with large legs want or need. Yet this certainly isn’t the case. Studies have proven that women of all shapes and sizes can suffer from cankles. For those women, liposuction of the ankles can be extremely beneficial.

The Definition Of Cankles

Cankles may not be a life-threatening problem, but they can cause self-esteem issues. It is a term used to describe when the ankle and lower calf meet without any definition. There is a diminished contour of the leg, and the result is a shapeless appearance. 

Ankles like this may naturally develop in any woman, whatever her age, leg length, or weight. While some believe cankles are solely a problem associated with obese women, this isn’t true. Even slim women can lack definition in their ankle and calf area. Self-esteem and self-confidence issues can affect these women as easily as large women with cankles. 

Why Do Cankles Occur?

Medical problems sometimes cause cankles. Pregnancy, water retention, and obesity can all contribute to this issue. Yet, in other women, it is solely genetics that causes the problem. Women whose close female family members have cankles are more likely to have them, too.

Can You Improve Cankles Naturally?

Unfortunately, there is little that women can do to improve cankles naturally. Disguising them is often the first solution that women try. Wearing wide-legged pants, long dresses and skirts, and nonstrappy shoes can help make the legs look better. Yet, disguising cankles is not a long-term solution. Women often become too self-conscious to wear a swimsuit, shorts or a short skirt or dress. They find that they are embarrassed to try on clothes because they don’t want to draw attention to their legs. They begin to feel ashamed of the way they look. This can lead to anxiety, depression, and mental health issues. 

Exercise is another natural option that many women try to improve the appearance of their legs. Doctors often advise them to do exercises that focus on the legs. They have recommended women try stair raises, barre exercises, and heel lifts. Sometimes these can help. Some women find that these exercises improve the definition of the calf muscle. This can make the ankles look slimmer. Many other women, though, find that these exercises do little to reduce their cankles. 

Doctors sometimes suggest dieting, too. Losing weight can help to improve the appearance of cankles if a woman is very obese. Yet, if you are already slim, it won’t resolve the problem. You cannot improve hereditary cankles through dieting. 

Surgery For Cankles 

When natural cankle improvement methods fail, women often turn to surgical options. Liposuction of the calf and ankle area can give the lower leg definition and restore curves in the right places. As a result, they can reduce and improve cankles. 

Liposuction of this area involves making tiny incisions and then using narrow, precise instruments to suck out fat. In the hands of a skilled surgeon, ankle lipo can sculpt this area beautifully. Yet, many surgeons do not perform cankles surgery. Some surgeons refuse to do this procedure as they lack the necessary skills. Others perform this surgery but take too conservative an approach. As a result, they only minimally improve cankles. 

Here at Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery, Dr. Su is an expert in the field of liposuction. He is leading the way in this type of surgery. Thanks to his experience in the field and his background in the arts, he can sculpt the legs flawlessly. He has also pioneered the innovative active liposuction technique. This involves asking the patient to move and flex her muscles during surgery while under a local anesthetic. This allows him to achieve a smooth and even result around the 360-degree curve of the leg. It also allows him to reduce as much fat as possible. This is why he can produce such an impressive outcome. If you look at the before and after pictures in our gallery, you can see examples.

Choosing Artlipo for Ankle Lipo

If you’re considering liposuction of the lower legs to remove cankles, Artlipo should be your first choice. We have a proven track record of treating even slim patients with cankles and producing excellent outcomes. When you choose us, you also benefit from the expertise and skill of Dr. Su – a pioneer in his field. 

If you’re ready to arrange your first consultation, contact our friendly team today. We can answer any questions you have about this surgery and give you advice and guidance. We can then arrange an appointment with Dr. Su so he can evaluate your suitability for this procedure. We’re confident we’re the best option for your ankle liposuction, so give us a call or send us an e-mail.