Should I Have Calves Liposuction or Calf Reduction Surgery?

Are you one of the many women suffering from large calves? If so, you may be wondering whether cosmetic surgery could be the answer. Calves liposuction is one possible solution. Another solution is calf reduction surgery. Is there a difference between the two procedures? And, if so, which one is the best for you? Here, we look at the different options available for slimming your lower leg. This will help you to determine the right course of action for you.

Is Calves Liposuction for Me?

The calves are frequently a problem area for many women. Even when the rest of the body is slim and attractive, sometimes the calves remain resistant to exercise and diet. This can lead to poor body confidence and a lot of mental distress. There is nothing more distressing than working hard to maintain a beautiful physique and failing to make any improvement.

If this sounds familiar, you have probably wondered about how to resolve the distressing problem. When working out in the gym shows no results, the only alternative is cosmetic surgery. With that in mind, women often come up with two options – calf reduction surgery or calves liposuction.

What Is Calves Liposuction?

Calves liposuction is the treatment we perform most often to slim the ankles and calves. Usually, reducing the calf itself is not the purpose of this treatment. Instead, calves liposuction aims to slim the ankle and calf area so that it tapers more attractively. Liposuction of the calves is a very effective treatment to improve the appearance of the lower leg. By permanently removing the fat and creating a more sculpted shape, the lower leg looks infinitely better. Women have their confidence restored. They can also wear clothes that they may have avoided for years, such as short skirts and swimsuits.

What Is Calf Reduction Surgery?

Calf reduction surgery is a completely different form of cosmetic surgery. Calves liposuction removes the fat and creates a more tapered shape. Meanwhile, calf reduction surgery slims the calf itself. When a patient requires his or her calf to appear less muscular, this is a better choice than calf liposuction. If a woman has a genetically muscular calf, she may want a more feminine shape. A relatively new form of surgery can achieve this. This is a calf reduction. It cuts away part of the calf muscle to reduce its size. This achieves the goal of making the calf look smaller and less muscular. While this treatment isn’t yet commonly carried out in the United States, it is popular in Asia. If a less muscular look is your goal, you should search for calf reduction rather than calves liposuction.

Is There Any Nonsurgical Way to Slim My Calves?

Many women ask this question. There are numerous devices out there today that claim to be a nonsurgical alternative to cosmetic surgery. They deliver energy to the body fat. The result it produces is like liposuction. Unfortunately, the results they create are far inferior to that produced by high-quality calves liposuction.

The idea of such devices is to avoid injuring the skin by working through it. It does achieve this goal. However, it can only produce small results. It can only reduce around 20 percent of the fat in the calves. This does not compare favorably with the results from our calves liposuction techniques. Dr. Su can remove up to 90 percent of fat in the calf area through interactive liposuction. This is clearly a great improvement over 20 percent.

Therefore, for women who want the best possible results, calves liposuction is really the only way to go.

How Much Will Calves Liposuction Cost?

There is a lot of variation in the prices charged for calves liposuction. However, cost should not be your prime consideration. The skill of the surgeon and the nature of the results should be your main criteria for making your choice. You only get what you pay for. While some other cosmetic surgeons may charge lower fees, their results are almost always considerably worse.

Many patients end up trusting surgeons who lack the dedication and skill to produce the desired results. Here at Art Lipo, we often end up correcting the results of such procedures. Lumpiness is a common problem. However, Dr. Su avoids this problem by using the interactive lipo technique.

When you choose Art Lipo to carry out your procedure, you will know precisely what results to expect. We can show you countless examples of our previous work. You will, therefore, be completely confident that you will achieve the look you’ve been dreaming about. The cost of calves liposuction with Art Lipo will usually be in the region of $4,000 to $7,000. However, for this price, you benefit from the superior knowledge and skill of our talented surgeon.

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