Are You Struggling To Deal With Your Fat Ankles?

If you refuse to wear strappy sandals or short skirts simply because of your fat ankles, you’re not alone. Cankles are a surprisingly common problem – a condition in which the lower leg appears straight and curve-free. The term “cankle” is a blend of the words “calf” and “ankle.” If your ankle and calf appear to run together with no definition, you, too, could be a sufferer.

Both large and small women suffer from cankles. While some women are obese, others are naturally very slim. However, their genes mean they are genetically predisposed to straight lower legs. Expert podiatrists state the average size of a woman’s ankle is approximately 10 to 11 inches around. Many women suffering from cankles have ankles that are larger than this.

The term “cankle” isn’t an officially recognized medical condition. Cankles can occur because of several health problems. Ankles and calves with no clear distinction could be a sign of lymphedema, hypertension or diabetes. Even those who don’t have any underlying medical issues can find their cankles affecting their mental well-being. Feeling unattractive can lead to poor self-esteem and body issues that are hard to resolve.

Are Cankles  Because of Leg Fat?

There isn’t an official ideal ankle-to-calf proportion. However, many women still want their ankles to be shapely and attractive. Many people think that fat ankles are the result of having excessive leg fat. However, obesity or being overweight isn’t necessarily the cause of the problem. Constant swelling of the ankles could be because of diet issues or hormonal problems. The ankle bone is thinner on its outside and thicker on its inside and tendons wrap around it. When the fat cells inside the ankles swell, excess tissue forms around the ankle causing cankles. It’s always worth discussing your cankle problem with your doctor to determine whether an underlying health problem is the cause.

Are Genetics The Cause Of My Fat Ankles?

Lots of women have cankles because of genetics. Many parts of the body store fat, and the ankles can be one of those problem areas. There is no way to spot-reduce ankle fat. No amount of dieting or exercising can remove the fat in the ankle area when genetics are the cause. If your mother or other female relatives have cankles, this is why you have them as well.

Can Diet And Exercise Improve My Fat Ankles?

If you eat a diet with low protein and too much sodium and salt, this could cause cankles. Consuming too much sodium leads to fluid retention that can accumulate in the ankles. You should consume no more than 2,300 milligrams of sodium per day.

You may find that incorporating more vegetables and fruit into your diet may improve the appearance of cankles. A balanced, low-sodium diet will reduce fluid retention if this is the cause of your problem.

Remaining sedentary for long periods of time can also cause fluid to accumulate in the ankles. Trying to stay more active will help the fluids to move around the body. This will reduce swelling in the ankle area.

If you have hormonal fluctuations, you may experience ankle swelling. Pregnant women often have poor circulation and this can cause ankle swelling. Menstrual cycle changes can also cause the ankles to become engorged. Reducing the amount of sodium you consume and exercising more can help in these cases.

Are Cankles Dangerous?

For most women, cankles are embarrassing and unappealing. But, they aren’t usually dangerous. However, in some cases, they can be a sign of kidney or heart problems. If you have pitting edema, this could be a sign of a medical problem. You can assess whether you have pitting edema by pressing your ankle for five seconds. If a pit remains, you should consult your physician to get his or her professional opinion.

How Can You Treat Cankles?

Some people recommend exercise to build up the calf muscles. This will improve the calf muscle definition to make it more defined when compared with the ankle. While this is a solution for some women, for many, it is ineffective or insufficient to resolve the problem.

Women looking for a permanent and effective solution for their fat ankles should consider liposuction. This fat removal method is highly effective and will have long-lasting results. When you choose ArtLipo to carry out your cankle liposuction, the results will be impressive. Your ankle and calf will look more defined and attractive, thus restoring your self-confidence.

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