Can I Turn My Thick Ankles Into Thinner Ankles?

If you have thick ankles, you probably feel that your lower legs aren’t your best feature. Many women who long for thinner ankles refuse to wear skirts or dresses. Instead, they hide in long pants hoping that nobody will notice their “cankles.”

The term cankle describes the condition when the ankle and calf merge together with no clear definition. It can be an upsetting term, and women who suffer from this problem often lack self-esteem.

However, the problem is that your ankle size isn’t necessarily something you can change yourself. Even if you are thin, active, and exercise regularly, your ankles may remain stubbornly chubby. This is because they are genetically built that way. Even if you work out every day, there is little you can do to make an impact.

For some women, there are underlying causes behind their thick ankles. These causes could include standing for extended periods, vascular disease, fluid retention or obesity. You can’t focus on reducing your ankles through diet or exercise. However, in some cases, you may be able to make some changes that will make a difference. Changing your diet, losing some weight, and exercising more may help you to achieve your goal of thinner ankles.

Will Losing Weight Help Me To Get Thinner Ankles?

If you have a flabby stomach and generous thighs, as well as chubby ankles, losing some weight may help. It’s impossible to solely target the ankles when losing weight. However, it’s possible to lose fat in that area while losing weight across the entire body. If you can reach a healthy body weight, there’ll be less pressure placed on the ankles while standing and walking. This means there’ll be less fluid accumulation and less swelling overall. If you want to shed some pounds, reduce your portion size, eat whole foods, and exercise for 30 to 60 minutes per day. Increasing your activity level will burn more calories. This means you’ll lose weight while improving circulation to discourage lower leg swelling.

Is Salt Causing My Thick Ankles?

There is a lot of sodium in restaurant and processed foods. Eating a lot of salty foods causes the body to retain fluid. A lot of that fluid will pool in the ankles. Even people who never add salt to their foods still risk having too much salt. That’s because of the sodium that is already in foods. Most Americans eat around 3,400 milligrams per day. They should be only eating a maximum of 2,300 milligrams per day. You can reduce the amount of sodium you eat by reducing the number of snacks and packaged meals you consume. Prepare more meals at home from fresh, natural ingredients. This will enable you to control the amount of salt you consume. When you reduce your salt intake, you may notice ankle swelling related to excess sodium consumption reduces.

Is A Vascular Problem Causing My Thick Ankles?

For some people, a vascular problem lies at the heart of their thick ankles. The veins are supposed to pump the blood back around to your heart. Sometimes, however, they fail to function properly. The result can be swelling in the ankles. If you think your problem could be vascular, consult your physician. Using compression stockings, raising your legs frequently and, possibly, surgery could correct your problem.

What Do I Do If None Of These Problems Causes My Thick Ankles?

If you have naturally thick ankles, there’s no need to despair. There is a solution to your problem and it can restore your self-esteem. Ankle liposuction is the perfect answer to creating thinner ankles and will allow you to wear short skirts with pride.

Ankle liposuction involves making small incisions on the skin before using a cannula and removing the fat. Liposuction is very safe when carried out on the ankles. And, because it removes fat directly from the area, it is also a permanent solution.

ArtLipo’s Solution To Thick Ankles

Here at ArtLipo, our skilled cosmetic surgeons can reduce fat in your ankles, creating more well-defined and attractive legs. Ankle liposuction removes stubborn pockets of fat and can achieve what exercise and diet cannot.

At ArtLipo, we carry out all ankle liposuction under local anesthesia. This produces a much better result. When we perform liposuction on a patient who is awake, it is much safer. The instruments we use can be smaller and less aggressive. This reduces bleeding, soreness, and trauma for a faster recovery and a better result.

ArtLipo’s Dr. Su uses his artistic skill and expertise to produce highly complete and beautiful results. Thanks to his years of experience and pioneering techniques, he can give you the thinner ankles you’ve been dreaming of. Thick ankles will be a problem of the past when you opt for surgery with ArtLipo.

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