Your Guide To Cankle Liposuction

If your lower legs aren’t your best feature, you may be suffering from cankles. The word describes a condition where the ankle and the calf merge with little definition. If you have calf and ankle muscles that have a similar size, you may have cankles. In short, cankles are characterized by an inability to differentiate between the calf muscle and the ankle. If you suffer from this all-too-common problem, you may be wondering whether cankle surgery or cankle liposuction is the answer.

What Is The Cause Of Cankles?

Cankles may not technically be a medical problem. However, they can cause mental and emotional distress. Having an attractive transition from ankle to calf creates a more aesthetically pleasing look. Women who don’t have this may lack self-esteem and self-confidence.

There are several possible causes of cankles. These include fluid retention, weight gain, kidney disease, blood clots, and excessive sodium intake. Also, many people have cankles because of their genetics.

The ankles are prone to the deposition of fat. Some people have genes that are particularly predisposed to this problem. Cankles are rarely linked to being overweight or obese. Instead, they are resistant to changes in diet and increased exercise. There are other areas of the body that are equally resistant to dieting and exercise. However, the cankles are a particular problem that troubles many women.

How Can You Treat Cankles?

If you suffer from cankles, there are a few solutions that may have varying levels of success. There are some nonsurgical options, as well as the option to have cankle surgery.

For those who are looking for a nonsurgical option, certain forms of exercise may help. Calf raises and jumping rope may improve the definition of the calf muscle. This increased definition may help to differentiate the border between the calf and the ankle. There are also some nonsurgical treatments, such as Liposonix or SculpSure devices. The design of these devices reduces any excess fat around the calf.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for an effective and long-term solution, cankle liposuction is the best option. Liposuction can remove any excess fat around the ankle and calf to give a slimmer and more toned appearance.

How Does Cankle Liposuction Work?

Cankle surgery involving liposuction requires a cosmetic surgeon to make small incisions on the affected area of skin. He or she then uses a cannula to take the fat away from the layer that is above the muscle. This layer is just below the skin. Liposuction removes the fat in a direct way. And, when the cosmetic surgeon removes it, the effect is permanent. While remaining fat cells may enlarge, the effect is usually long-lasting.

Your overall satisfaction with the result, however, will depend on the skill and artistic talent of your cosmetic surgeon. Without a highly experienced cosmetic surgeon, the result will be incomplete and lumpy. Calf and ankle liposuction can spot-reduce fat – something that is impossible via any other method. It removes stubborn fat pockets that you cannot remove by working out or exercise.

Why Choose ArtLipo?

Here at ArtLipo, we only use Awake Tumescent Liposuction for our cankle surgery. This common form of liposuction is a better choice than procedures carried out under general anesthetic. A local anesthetic numbs the patient, thus making the result better and the recovery faster. Using local anesthesia ensures the risks of surgery are drastically reduced. Since this means the cosmetic surgeon can use smaller instruments and less aggressive techniques, the result will also be better.

Dr. Su is a specialist in liposuction. As a pioneer in the field, his advanced techniques ensure the results he produces are outstanding. As a talented artist, as well as an experienced surgeon, Dr. Su helps you look and feel your best. He has developed a method known as Interactive Lipo, which is ideal for use on the cankle area. Few other cosmetic surgeons have managed to master the technique of sculpting the ankle and calf. However, Dr. Su is a specialist in the procedure. This form of surgery involves the patient being awake and interactive and helping the surgeon to create ideal sculpting conditions.

Sculpting fat that is fibrous and soft is especially difficult. The sculpting tool cannot move smoothly through soft fat and this results in a bumpy surface. When patients are awake, they can tighten and tense the calf muscles. This produces a stable surface on which to sculpt, thus allowing smoother movements. The ankle and calf are difficult to sculpt because of the curvature of the leg. Trying to achieve this on a patient under general anesthesia is almost impossible. When under local anesthesia, however, a patient can move into different positions as required.

When undergoing Interactive Lipo surgery, the patient can also stand up. This shows how the area looks when gravity is pulling the skin downward. When a patient is lying down, the bulge of fat may change shape. However, when the patient is able to stand up, Dr. Su can see the result and make any necessary changes.

Choose ArtLipo for your cankle liposuction, and we can guarantee you’ll have smooth, complete, and accurate results.

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