Arm Lift Liposuction aka Celebrity Arms Liposuction
Is a Revolutionary New Procedure by Dr. Su

Arm Lift Liposuction aka Celebrity Arms is a revolutionary new procedure in arm liposuction. Dr. Su has developed this technique of sculpting the arms in a way that no other doctor has before. All surgeons are taught when they first start doing liposuction to sculpt only the lower hang or “bat wing” area of the arm. They are warned not to sculpt up on the sides or top of the arm and shoulder because of the extreme difficulty of these areas. It is because of the highly fibrous nature of these areas that it is hard to sculpt smoothly and evenly. Unless it is done well, there can be lumpy and bumpy results that are easily seen.

Dr. Su has over his career perfected liposuction sculpting through his own methods that allows him to not only sculpt the lower hang of the arm, but to include all surfaces of the arm and shoulder in a 360 degree fashion. This full sculpting of the arm produces a much slimmer arm than doing just the lower hang which is about one third of the arm fat. His method allows him to sculpt smoothly and beautifully and to remove the fat extremely completely giving rise to some amazing added benefits.


High definition toning of the arms is the first thing that patients notice and are delighted by when they have Arm Lift Lipo. In fact, this is one of the beauty features that celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Kelly Ripa, and Michelle Obama are noted for. Dr. Su’s ground breaking new book Celebrity Arms in Day is the first book of its kind to show women how they too can achieve a look that is almost impossible to create just by diet and weight loss alone.

When you look at Dr. Su’s results, you will see that his patients have nicely defined and toned muscle with beautiful contours of the shoulders, biceps, and triceps that are not overdone. This type of high definition of the arm muscles is not possible by any traditional liposuction of the arms or through arm lift/brachioplasty surgery.

Arm lift results are also possible with liposuction alone, without the cutting. Because of the complete nature of Dr. Su’s sculpting and fat removal, there is a significant skin retraction and tightening that occurs. The skin tightening can be dramatic and is not seen in liposuction results of most surgeons who are less complete. Even lasers and other new technologies can’t produce the tightening that you see in Dr. Su’s work. Most patients with a moderate hang or looseness of the arm fat will see a complete skin tightening. Therefore, many patients who have been told that a traditional arm lift is the only way to get rid of the hang now have an option. Those with severe hangs or looseness, however, may see some wrinkles or looseness and may be better candidates for the traditional arm lift.

Why Work Out Routines for Arms Rarely Works

Patients often share the same story of how they have been working out their arms for years with no results in getting rid of their hang. They also tell us that they know they have strong muscles but wonder why they can’t develop any definition. Most of these patients feel hopeless that they will ever be able to have beautiful arms. The problem with working out is that it does not get rid of any of the arm fat, or does so very slightly. Women compared to men carry a significant amount of fat on the surface of their arms. On men, this fat layer is very thin therefore the muscles are easily seen. On women, this fat layer is often ½ to ¾ in thick which is enough to hide any muscle contours that a women may have. Until this fat is removed, a woman will never be able to achieve sexy contoured arms. When Dr. Su performs a skilled removal of the fat in your arms, there may be only 1-2 mm of fat remaining, and this will follow the contours of your muscles accurately. This is not like the general debulking that the majority of liposuction surgeons performs. You will see your sexy toned arm immediately and the results will be very lasting.

How is Arm Lift Liposuction Surgery Done?

Awake Tumescent Liposuction is the general method that Dr. Su uses. Instead of putting a patient to sleep with general anesthesia, a patient is given local anesthetic only in the fat layer of the arm through tiny incisions. This type of liposuction has been done for over 30 years and currently accounts for about half of the cases being done today.

Benefits of awakevs general anesthesia are many. However, the most important is that it is much safer because it avoids dangers seen only in general anesthesia. Blood pressure fluctuations, cardiac risk, risk of blood clots, and nerve injury are all concerns seen with general anesthesia, but not with local anesthesia. Other benefits of awake liposuction is that smaller instruments are used which results in less bruising and trauma, and quicker healing is generally seen.

At Artisitic Lipo in Tampa, we do not rely on technology to create our artistic results. Dr. Su does not believe that technology can produce beautiful results, only a human can do that. Where other surgeons often promote procedures incorporating technology like Smart Lipo, VASER, Aqualipo, etc this is all marketing hype. These technologies add next to nothing when it comes to results you will see.

When Dr. Su does your Arm Lift Liposuction, it will be done with a simple liposuction cannula which is the same as all doctors use. What is different is the skills and techniques that he brings to the table. When Michaelangelo sculpted his masterpieces such as the statue of David, he did not use technically advanced tools. He used only his eyes and his skilled hands along with very simple sculpting tools. The same approach is used with liposuction which is a sculpting of fat. The liposuction cannula, a long thin tube with holes is no different than an internal file that breaks fat away like an internal chisel. Dr. Su is a master of sculpting the fat in the way Michaelangelo sculpted marble.

Dr. Su’s Interactive Liposuction is key to Arm Lift Liposuction

In addition to creating the revolutionary techniques of Arm Lift Liposuction, Dr. Su also is the creator of the Interactive Lipo Method. This is the general method by which he does all his liposuction cases regardless of body area. The Interactive Lipo Method requires a patient to be awake and participating during the surgery to give the surgeon the most control and feel while sculpting fat. Fat is the most difficult type of material to sculpt on due to its soft, fibrous, and mobile nature. Can you imagine something that wants to bunch up and change shape as you are trying to move through it in a smooth fashion. When a patient tenses their muscle the fat is much easier to control and feel. The muscle surface and contour below is also felt very well, compared to general anesthesia where it is soft and barely discernable from the fat.

Arm Lift Liposuction is completely dependent on the Interactive Lipo Method and is the reason why Dr. Su can perform something that no other doctors have been able to do in the past. Sure there are doctors that have tried doing liposuction in a 360 degree fashion around the arm. But most of these resulted in cases where the surface was not very smooth which is why “experts” have warned against this for many years. Another major difference in the Celebrity arm and what other doctors may have attempted is that Celebrity Arms sculpting results in a very toned appearance of the muscles because of the high definition accuracy which it is done with.

Arm Lift Lipo is perhaps the area of the body where Dr. Su’s Interactive Lipo becomes the most important. When a patient is having her arms sculpted by Dr. Su she is lying on her side awake with her hands clenched together or holding the edge of the table. The arm may be bent or held straight depending on the angle needed. While the sculpting is being done the patient holds her arm in many different angles and positions and then locks it there, acting like a vise to give Dr. Su a firm surface to work on. She is also asked to tense her arm muscles at times to allow Dr. Su to sculpt closely and accurately to the surface of the muscles in a way that other surgeons cannot do when their patient is asleep. This is all done with the areas very numb so that the patient is very comforatable.

Before and After Celebrity Arms Liposuction Photos

At Artistic Lipo we believe that beautiful results are what our surgery is all about and we are proud to show our work. In choosing a cosmetic or plastic surgeon this should be at the top of your list. Many surgeons may have credentials, or impressive mention in a magazine or TV segment. However, if that surgeon does not have before and after photos that clearly shows a beautiful difference, then likely they don’t create impressive work. An artist wants to show their work, a surgeon without an artistic mind set does not.

We invite you to browse through an extensive amount of before and after photos that are taken where you can see enough of the body in relation to see what the difference is. Our photos are clear, and untouched except to blur tattoos and fresh blood on photos take immediately after surgery. Our gallery only includes work performed by Dr. Su.

Our Arm Lift Liposuction gallery has the most exceptional arm liposuction cases anywhere on the internet, and shows high definition sculpting that you probably won’t see anywhere else in the World.

Who is a good candidate for Arm Lift Liposuction?

Women with smaller fit arms, but lacking definition – we have achieved very good results in creating definition in women who are already toned, but want more distinction in their muscles

Women with medium sized arms, with moderate fat and lacking muscle contours – Our ideal patient is someone who has strong muscles but has up to ½ inch of fat in the lower portion and on the sides that makes the arm look featureless or a little bulging. This type of patient often ends up with a significant slimming and a fantastic improvement in the shape and contours of the muscles. This is the type that ends up looking like she spent months in the gym.

Women with large arms with thick fat and moderate hang – Lots of our patients that have a moderate hang have been told by general plastic surgeons that the only way to address this hang is to do a arm lift/brachioplasty. Although this would get rid of the hang, these patients would still have a large amount of fat on the sides of the arm preventing any muscle contours from showing. This type of patient is often ideal to have Arm Lift Lipo to achieve that skin tightening and also some degree of muscle contouring.

Women with arms that have mostly hang but no significant thickness of fat – Although some women in this category can have Arm Lift Liposuction, many will need an traditional Arm Lift.

What is the recovery like?

Recovery for Arm Lift Liposuction is relatively fast compared to other body areas. In the arm, the swelling can be minimal and the results very apparent even two weeks out. There will be soreness at its worse for a few days, then lighter soreness for several weeks. A patient can, however, do most of their light activities even from day one. We recommend a few weeks of recovery for someone who has to do heavy exertion, but there are no stitches to break. So a patient can do what she can tolerate.

Arm Lift Liposuction vs Traditional Arm Lift/Brachioplasty

Arm Lift Liposuction is a good alternative to a brachioplasty for many patients. Because most plastic surgeons have much less experience with liposuction than with cutting and tucking, many of them feel that a traditional arm lift is the only way to get rid of loose skin. This may be true for someone with extremely loose skin, however, for those with mild or moderately loose skin a very nice skin tightening and retraction does occur when liposuction is done in the way that Dr. Su does it. Other surgeons who perform a lot of liposuction may still have no clue how to achieve this skin tightening. Therefore, before you make any decisions make sure you see the actual type of results that a liposuction surgeon is producing.

Benefits of Arm Lift Lipo compared to traditional arm lift/brachioplasty

– full slimming of the arm, not just the hang
- no cutting, no long scar running the length of the arm
- done under local not general anesthesia
- defined and toned look with muscle contours
- much quicker recovery and results

Non Surgical Alternatives for the Arm?

Technologies for body slimming include Xerona laser, I-Lipo, Cool Sculpting, and many new devices coming down the pike. These technologies have thus far proven to remove a small portion of fat in the range of approximately 20 percent of the fat layer. This is compared to 80-90% that Dr. Su removes. There is little that can be seen when only 20% is removed.

Some of these new technologies which are non invasive are now being marketed for arm slimming also. At Artistic Lipo we have watched these technologies come and go for over 5 years and none seem to last more than a year or two before disappearing. The best approach to see whether something like this would be what you are looking for is to see ask the physician offering this service to see actual photo results of patients that they have produced themselves. Be sure to ask if that is their own patient or a photo give to them by the company that sold them the device. It is very common for physicians to show only “company” photos.

Complications of Arm Lift Liposuction

There are really few complication with awake tumescent liposuction. It is a very safe procedure where bleeding and infection are rarely a problem. Blood clots seen with general anesthesia is almost unheard of. Toxicity from lidocaine which is very rare would be almost impossible when doing the arms because so little lidocaine would be used.

The real complications of doing arm liposuction to patients is having lumpy or irregular results. This happens all the time, even when surgeons are doing just the under hang of the arm. It happens mainly because a surgeon cannot control and feel what he or she is doing. At Artistic Lipo we fix cases of poorly done liposuction all the time and this includes many cases of poor arm liposuction. Because of Dr. Su’s Interactive Lipo method where control, positioning, and feel is greatly optimized in sculpting, we are able to perform consistently fantastic results for our patients.

Benefits of Weight Loss and Exercise after Liposuction

Even after we perform Arm Lift Liposuction and a patient can see the nice contours and definition in their arms, exercise and diet are still beneficial. Some patients still will not have the best definition until they strengthen and build muscle on their arms. Others will still benefit from slimming their entire body through dieting.

Patients sometimes ask if losing weight after liposuction is recommended and will it cause them to look funny. The answer is that patients will likely always look better with weight loss after liposuction, not the opposite.

Patients that gain weight after liposuction may look worse. Gaining weight with put fat back in other areas and make a patient look disproportionate.

Liposuction Surgeries we Perform other than Arms

  • Abdomen-Belly-Stomach-Tummy Liposuction
  • Waist-Flank-Back-Bra Bulge Liposuction
  • Chin-Neck-Jowl Liposuction
  • Face Lift Liposuction
  • Tummy Tuck Lipo
  • Butt Lift Liposuction
  • Thighs-Leg-Knees Liposuction
  • Calves-Ankles-Cankles Liposuction

Fly in for Celebrity Arms Liposuction

A large percentage of our Arm Lift Liposuction/ Celebrity Arms Sculpting is done for patient outside of the Tampa Bay area. We commonly have patients flying from other states and countries because this type of sculpting is not offered anywhere else.

Tampa Bay is wonderful place to come for surgery since our office is conveniently located minutes away from Tampa International Airport. For cosmetic surgery tourism there isn’t a better location because we have Disney, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, and all the wonderful beaches all within an hours drive.

Scheduling a Consultation

Doing a Consultation for a out of the area patient is easy! We only need a few good photographs of your arms from the front and back. The photos should be take with the arms out to the side in a muscle pose.  You can send them to us via email or text. Then Dr. Su can do a phone or skype consultation with you. You can see examples of our work online and we can send you other examples if needed. We look forward to hearing from you!