Dr. Su’s Interactive Lipo can give you Celebrity Arms
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Celebrity Arms Liposuction - Revolutionary Arm Liposuction with Extraordinary Results

You’ll never see arm liposuction results as complete or as beautiful as the results we create here at ArtLipo. The reason is that no one else in the entire world does liposuction of the arms anywhere close to completeness and quality that we do. We are the only ones creating fully slimmed, toned, and contoured arms with amazing muscle contours, and tight skin. Our unique and innovative liposuction surgery of the upper arm is a complete 360 degree treatment of the arm and shoulder done in a high definition fashion which no other surgeon has ever been taught to do. Dr. Su the founder of ArtLipo is the creator of this amazing surgery which bypasses all the rules of “what arm liposuction is” and “what arm liposuction can or can’t do”. At ArtLipo, our doctors are the best arm specialists in the world because of not only what we do, but how many cases we do. Every month we perform the Celebrity Arms Liposuction procedure on over 40 patients that come from all over the U.S. and all over the World. We have performed more than a thousand cases. Most plastic surgeons may only perform a few arm liposuction cases in an entire year. See for yourself in our before and after pictures, and also our immediate after videos what all the hype is about. We are sure you won’t be able to find anything else like our results anywhere, not in the U.S. or anywhere in entire world!

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The Difference between Normal Upper Arm Liposuction and Celebrity Arms Liposuction Surgery

Celebrity Arms Lipo is a revolutionary procedure in arm liposuction surgery because it has broken the boundaries that previously have limited the areas of the upper arm that surgeons have been willing to treat. Although it may seem odd, more than 99 percent of surgeons restrict themselves to only about one third of the upper arm and don’t even touch the shoulder. All surgeons are taught when they learn to do liposuction, to perform it only on the lower hang or “bat wing” area of the arm. They are taught not to do liposuction on the sides or top of the arm and shoulder because of the extreme difficulty of these areas. The highly fibrous nature of these areas makes them hard to sculpt smoothly and evenly. Unless it is done by an extremely skilled surgeon these areas could easily become lumpy and bumpy. Surgeons are also taught to be conservative and remove only about half the thickness of fat because they assume that loose skin may result. Therefore, at the time, almost any surgeon you ask will tell you that only the underhang of the arm is possible for liposuction, and that it should be a limited removal to avoid loose skin.

Celebrity Arms liposuction is totally different because it is treating the entire arm and shoulder and doing it very completely (about 80-90% removal of fat). As mentioned previously, this is a 360 degree treatment circumferentially around the arm and shoulder. At ArtLipo, our surgeons are able to do this and do it briliiantly because of our specialized techniques and very highly advanced skills. This full liposuction of the arm and shoulder produces a much slimmer arm than doing just the lower hang which is only about one third of the total arm fat. Our method allows us to sculpt smoothly and beautifully and to remove the arm fat extremely completely giving rise to other amazing added benefits.

High Definition Toning and Contouring of Arms

High definition toning of the arms is the first thing that patients notice and are delighted by when they have Celebrity Arms surgery.The arms look sexy when there are features of the shoulder, biceps, and triceps apparent. In fact, this is one of the beauty features that celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Kelly Ripa, and Michelle Obama are noted for. This toned look is what so many women have longed for but for which there has not been a surgical solution. Traditional liposuction of the arms cannot achieve this kind of toning and contouring, and neither can brachioplasty. At ArtLipo, we are proud to be the first to offer women a surgical approach to achieving this look of Celebrity Arms that is almost impossible to create just by diet and weight loss alone.

Skin Tightening Benefits of Celebrity Arms Liposuction

All patients having Celebrity Arms Liposuction will have a very significant retraction of their skin or “skin tightening effect”. The degree of this skin tightening in some cases can be equal to or greater than the skin tightening in a traditional arm lift or brachioplasty procedure. The skin tightening seen in Celebrity Arms surgery is dramatic and is not seen in normal arm liposuction which is much less complete. Even lasers and other new technologies that claim to tighten skin, can’t produce the same degree of skin tightening that you see in our work. Most patients with a moderate hang or looseness of the arm fat will see a complete skin tightening. Therefore, many patients who have been told that a traditional arm lift is the only way to get rid of their hang now have an option. Those with severe hangs or looseness will still get a good retraction, but will either have to live with some leftover looseness and wrinkles, or opt for an additional arm lift / skin tuck.

Why Work Out Routines for Achieving Arm Definition Rarely Works

Patients often share the same story of how they have been working out their arms for years with no results in getting rid of their hang. They also tell us that they know they have strong muscles but wonder why they can’t develop any definition. Many patients also notice that their arms get bigger with working out, but not defined. Many women who go through this, feel hopeless that they will ever be able to have thinner more beautiful arms. The problem with working out is that it does not get rid of any of the arm fat, or does so very slightly. These women have strong muscles but the muscles are covered by a layer of fat, like a puffy winter coat. Women compared to men carry a lot more fat on the surface of their arms. On men, this fat layer is very thin therefore the muscles are more easily seen. On women, this fat layer is often ½ to ¾ inch thick which is enough to hide any muscle contours that a woman may have. Until this fat is removed, a woman will never be able to achieve the sexy look of contoured arms. When our surgeons at ArtLipo perform liposuction on your arms, there will only be a very thin layer of fat remaining, and this will follow the contours of your muscles accurately. This is not like the general debulking that normal liposuction surgeons perform. With Celebrity Arms you will see your sexy toned arm immediately and the results will be very lasting.

Celebrity Arms Surgery is done Awake for Safety

Awake tumescent liposuction is the safest form of doing liposuction and the only method by which our surgeons perform Celebrity Arms. Instead of putting a patient to sleep with general anesthesia, a patient is given local anesthetic only in the fat layer of the arm through tiny incisions. This type of liposuction has been done for over 30 years and currently accounts for about half of the cases being done today. Being awake for surgery is much safer because it avoids dangers seen only in general anesthesia. Blood pressure fluctuations, cardiac risk, risk of blood clots, and nerve injury are all concerns seen with general anesthesia, but not with local anesthesia. Other benefits of awake liposuction is that the smaller instruments that are used with it result in less bruising and trauma, and quicker healing is generally seen.

Artistic Sculpting not Devices or Technology

For Celebrity Arms Liposuction, we use only traditional liposuction cannulas and suction machines to achieve our results. We do not rely on any fluff device or technology to create our artistic results. We do not believe that lasers or ultrasonic technology add to producing beautiful results, only a human can do that. Where other surgeons often promote a specific new device or technology like Smart Lipo, Laser Lipo, VASER, or Aqualipo, etc, we believe this is all marketing hype. These technologies add next to nothing when it comes to results that are possible. It really all comes down to the individual surgeons skills and techniques.

When our surgeon performs your arm liposuction, it will be done with a simple liposuction cannula basically the same as all doctors use. What is different is the skills and techniques that we bring to the table. When Michaelangelo sculpted his masterpieces such as the statue of David, he did not use technically advanced tools. He used only his eyes and his skilled hands along with very simple sculpting tools. Our surgeons use the same approach in liposuction except that they are sculpting fat. The liposuction cannula is our instrument which breaks away fat like a chisel before it is pulled away by the suction tube. Our surgeons are artists in sculpting fat in the way Michaelangelo sculpted marble.

Dr. Su’s Interactive Liposuction is key to Celebrity Arms Liposuction

In addition to creating Celebrity Arms Liposuction, Dr. Su is also the creator of the Interactive Lipo Method. This is the general method by which he does all his liposuction cases regardless of body area. The Interactive Lipo Method requires a patient to be awake and participating during the surgery to give the surgeon the most control and feel while sculpting fat. Fat is the most difficult type of material to sculpt on due to its soft, fibrous, and mobile nature. Can you imagine something that wants to bunch up and change shape as you are trying to move through it in a smooth fashion. When a patient tenses their muscle the fat can be held more firmly and is much easier to control and feel. The muscle surface and contour below is also felt very well, compared to a patient under general anesthesia where it is soft and barely discernable from the fat.

Celebrity Arms Liposuction is completely dependent on the Interactive Lipo Method and is the reason why Dr. Su can perform something that no other doctors have been able to do in the past. Sure there are doctors that have tried doing liposuction in a 360 degree fashion around the arm. But most of these resulted in cases where the surface was not very smooth which is why “experts” have warned against this for many years. Another major difference in the Celebrity arm and what other doctors may have attempted is that Celebrity Arms sculpting results in a very toned appearance of the muscles because of the completeness and high definition accuracy which it is done with.

Liposuction on the arms is perhaps the area of the body where the Interactive Lipo method is most important. When a patient is having her arms sculpted at ArtLipo she is lying on her side awake with her hands clenched together or holding the edge of the table. The arm may be bent or held straight depending on the angle needed. While the sculpting is being done the patient holds her arm in many different angles and positions and then locks it there, acting like a vise to give our surgeon a firm surface to work on. The patient is also asked to tense her arm muscles at times to allow our surgeon to sculpt closely and accurately to the surface of the muscles in a way that other surgeons cannot do when their patient is asleep. This is all done with the areas very numb so that the patient is very comfortable.

Before and After Arm Liposuction Photos

At ArtLipo we believe that beautiful results are what our surgery is all about and we are proud to show our work. In choosing a cosmetic or plastic surgeon this should be at the top of your list. Many surgeons may have credentials, or impressive mention in a magazine or TV segment. However, if that surgeon does not have impressive before and after photos that show a beautiful difference, then likely that surgeon doesn’t create impressive work. An artist wants to show their work, a surgeon without an artistic mind set does not.

We invite you to browse through an extensive amount of before and after photos that are taken where you can see enough of the body in relation to see what the difference is. Our photos are clear, and untouched except to blur tattoos and fresh blood on photos take immediately after surgery. Our gallery only includes work performed by our surgeons at ArtLipo.

Our Arm Lift Liposuction gallery has the most exceptional arm liposuction cases anywhere on the internet, and shows high definition sculpting with skin tightening that you won’t see anywhere else in the World.

Who are good candidates for Celebrity Arms Surgery?

Women with smaller fit arms, but lacking definition – we have achieved very good results in creating definition in women who are already toned, but want more distinction in their muscles

Women with medium sized arms, with moderate fat and lacking muscle contours – Our ideal patient is someone who has strong muscles but has up to ½ inch of fat in the lower portion and on the sides that makes the arm look more puffed out or bulging. This type of patient often ends up with a significant slimming and a fantastic improvement in the shape and contours of the muscles. This is the patient that ends up looking like she spent months in the gym.

Women with large arms with thick fat and moderate hang – Lots of our patients that have a moderate hang have been told by general plastic surgeons that the only way to address this hang is to do a arm lift or brachioplasty. Although this would get rid of some hang, these patients would still have a large amount of fat on the sides of the arm preventing any muscle contours from showing. It would also leave the arm looking disproportionate with lots of side arm and shoulder bulge. This type of patient is often ideal to have Celebrity Arm surgery to achieve slimming, skin tightening, and also some degree of muscle contouring.

Women with arms that have mostly hang but no significant thickness of fat – Although some women in this category can have Celebrity Arms Liposuction, many will need an additional Arm Lift after full healing is complete from the liposuction to remove excess skin. When the fat from the arm has been fully removed and all that is left is skin, the arm lift becomes a much better procedure. The final result will be a slim and tight arm. Also, the arm lift, skin tuck will leave much less of a scar than if a traditional arm lift was done by itself.

What is the recovery like?

Recovery for Celebrity Arms Liposuction is relatively fast compared to other body areas. In the arm, the swelling can be minimal and the results very apparent even two weeks out. There will be soreness at its worse for a few days, then lighter soreness for several weeks. A patient can, however, do most of their light activities even from day one so this does not keep most people from their normal routines or jobs for more than a few days. We recommend a 1 month of recovery before exercising the arms or doing repeated heavy exertion with the arms. During the recovery a elastic garment is worn for 2 weeks.

Celebrity Arms Liposuction vs Traditional Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

Celebrity Arms surgery is a good alternative to a brachioplasty for many patients. Because most plastic surgeons have much less experience with liposuction than with cutting and tucking, many of them feel that a traditional arm lift is the only way to get rid of a hang of fat and loose skin. This may be true for someone with extremely loose skin, however, for those with a moderately hang of fat and loose skin a very nice skin tightening and retraction does occur that can give more satisfying results than just an arm lift. With the Celebrity Arms, you would get full slimming and a very good skin tightening, possibly with a small amount of wrinkles. With our experience, we can advise each patient on their risk of having wrinkles for them to make an informed decision on how to proceed.

Benefits of Celebrity Arms Liposuction compared to a Traditional Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

  • full slimming of the arm, not just the hang
  • no cutting, no long scar running the length of the arm
  • done under local not general anesthesia
  • defined and toned look with muscle contours
  • much quicker recovery and results

Non-Surgical Alternatives for Slimming the Arm?

Technologies for body slimming include Xerona, Vaser Shape, I-Lipo, Cool Sculpting, and many new devices coming down the pike. These technologies have thus far proven to remove a very small portion of fat in the range of approximately 20 percent or less of the fat layer. This is compared to 80-90% that we generally remove at ArtLipo. There is little change that can be seen when only 20% of the fat is removed, but a 80-90% removal is very noticeable and beautiful when done properly.

Some of these new technologies which are non invasive are now being marketed for arm slimming also. At ArtLipo we have watched these technologies come and go for over 10 years and none seem to last more than a year or two before disappearing. The best approach to see whether something like this would be what you are looking for is to ask the physician offering this service to see actual photos of patients with results that they have produced themselves. Be sure to ask if that is their own patient or a photos given to them by the company that sold them the device. It is very common for physicians to show only the “company” brochure photos which are very questionable in our opinion.

Cost of Celebrity Arms Liposuction

We give each patient a cost based on the size of their arm and how much fat must be removed, and any extra complexities that may be involved such as skin looseness, or prior liposuction. The cost of Celebrity Arms Liposuction will vary from $7500 for very small arms to $10000 for very large arms. There are additional charges for doing more extensive areas such the upper back and bra bulges which also include the armpit fat. These additional areas also vary in cost depending on the size and average between $2000 to $3000 extra. Doing all areas combined often results in a cost of $10000 to $12000.

Compared to traditional arm liposuction which averages $3000-$4000 this may sound like a lot. However, if you consider that Celebrity Arms surgery covers almost 3 times as much area and removes 3 times as much fat, and requires the skill and knowledge that only 2 or 3 surgeons in the entire world possess, then it really is a fair price for something that is available exclusively at ArtLipo.

Complications of Celebrity Arms Liposuction

At ArtLipo we generally don’t have complications with the Celebrity Arms surgery. In fact, there are really few complication with awake tumescent liposuction in general. It is a very safe procedure where bleeding and infection are rarely a problem. Blood clots seen with general anesthesia is almost unheard of. Toxicity from lidocaine which is very rare would be almost impossible when doing the arms because so little lidocaine would be used.

The real complications of doing liposuction of the arms or other body areas when done by other surgeons, is having lumpy or irregular results. This happens all the time when patients go to other places or surgeons and have traditional arm liposuction. It happens because other surgeons do not have the same degree of feel or control when patients are asleep and their muscles are relaxed. Our Interactive Lipo method described earlier, is the key to smooth and beautiful results as well as our advanced skills. At ArtLipo we fix cases of poorly done liposuction all the time and this includes many cases of poor arm liposuction.

Benefits of Weight Loss and Exercise after Liposuction of the Arms

Even after we perform our arm liposuction and a patient can see the nice contours and definition in their arms, exercise and diet are still beneficial. Some patients still will not have the best definition until they strengthen and build muscle on their arms. Others will still benefit from slimming their entire body through dieting.

Patients sometimes ask if losing weight after liposuction is recommended and will it cause them to look funny. The answer is that patients will likely always look better with weight loss after liposuction, not the opposite.

Patients that gain weight after liposuction may look worse. Gaining weight after liposuction can cause fat to be gained disproportionately in other areas and make other parts of the body look worse.

Fly in for Celebrity Arms Liposuction Works Great

Flying in to Tampa for surgery and leaving the next day works great for Celebrity Arm surgery. Out of more than 40 patients a month that we do arm liposuction for, 30 or more come from out of the state and other countries. Patients are always asking if we have clinics in other cities that are closer to them, and the answer is no. However, if someone wants the results that only we can offer, they must fly in to Tampa, Florida. The healing rarely has any complications and follow ups are easy to do by phone, email, and texting. We are experts in all areas of liposuction also and would love to do other areas for our patients. However, many times based on what other body areas are desired, a second surgery date is necessary to complete additional areas.

Tampa Bay is wonderful place to come for surgery since our office is conveniently located minutes away from Tampa International Airport. For cosmetic surgery tourism there isn’t a better location because we have Disney, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, and all the wonderful beaches all within an hours drive.

Long Distance Consultation

Doing a Consultation for an out of the area patient is easy! We only need a few good photographs of your arms from the front and back. The photos should be taken with the arms out to the side in a muscle pose from the front and back. It is also nice to have a frontal picture with the arms down at the sides. If you are not certain about the poses, take a look at the before and after gallery and use the poses you see there.  You can either call us or complete our contact form, or you can send a direct request for consultation with photos to Nicole@artlipo.com (please include information of your name, age, height, weight, and whether previous liposuction has been done in the arms before. Then one of our doctors will examine the photos and draw on your photos to show an approximate of the new arm shape you can expect. We look forward to hearing from you!


Fly In to Tampa for the Best Liposuction and Plastic Surgery

Patients looking for the best plastic surgery and liposuction fly into Tampa Bay from all over the United States and from countries all over the world to see us. We are not the discount destination, but the best choice for quality results and the only destination for many of our procedures. We make the consultation process easy by email, phone, and photos that you send to us. Our surgeons review your photos and can accurately render what your new shape will be and can discuss this with you. For most liposuction cases, patients can fly home the following day after a follow-up. Other types of open surgery may require longer stays. Because we have so many out of state patients, we have systems set up to help you arrange your stay and transportation needs as well as overnight nursing services.