When you decide to have arm fat liposuction, it can be a very personal thing. If exercising and dieting has failed to improve your body, liposuction holds the answer. The arms are one area of the body where excess fat can easily accumulate. Unfortunately, it’s also exceptionally difficult to remove. No amount of working out or restricting your calorie intake will spot reduce your arm fat. This means you could end up with so-called “bat wings” that won’t go away. With age, the problem only gets worse. Therefore, it’s no surprise so many women are opting for arm lipo. 

Liposuction is a top plastic surgery procedure in the United States today. More than 250,000 Americans opted to have a liposuction procedure carried out in 2018. Many of those decided to have their arm fat reduced. 

If you’re thinking about having arm fat liposuction, a primary concern is how much the procedure will cost. While you might think that cheap equals better, this certainly isn’t always the case. Proper research is key to making the right choice. If you end up opting for a low-cost procedure merely because of price alone, you could experience serious problems. In the best-case scenario, you may end up with a poor result. In the worst case, your health could be put at risk.

Therefore, if you’re thinking about having lipo, you need to weigh your options thoroughly. You need to consider all the cost factors before making a final decision.

Pricing Your Lipo

The first cost to keep in mind when pricing your lipo treatment is the surgeon’s fee. This will depend on the procedure used, the experience of your surgeon, and where the clinic is. It will also depend on how big the area you’re having treated is. Often, this cost is the only one that those seeking lipo keep in mind when choosing a surgeon. Yet, there are several additional charges to consider, too. These include:

  • The anesthetic
  • The cost of the surgical facility or hospital
  • Any medical testing required
  • Garments for wear post-surgery
  • Medication prescriptions

How Do All These Factors Affect the Cost of Your Arm Fat Liposuction?

Why do the various factors change the cost you’ll pay for your lipo? Let’s take a closer look:

  • Location – Areas that have a high living cost will charge higher prices than areas that have a lower living cost. Usually, highly skilled and experienced surgeons will concentrate in larger cities. However, less concentrated locations also have some outstanding surgeons. Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery is in Tampa, Florida. While we’re not in a major city, such as New York or Los Angeles, we are leaders in arm lipo procedures. This is why patients come to us from around the globe to have arm liposuction. 


  • Surgeon’s expertise – The most skilled and respected surgeons charge more for their services. Of course, patients benefit from the surgeon’s greater level of experience and talent. And, this often makes the cost worth it. Dr. Su is one of the most respected and experienced cosmetic surgeons specializing in liposuction in the U.S. today. He is a pioneer of the Celebrity Arms technique and the Interactive Lipo method. He is also a skilled artist. This means the results he produces are second to none. 


  • Fees – These apply to both pre- and post-operative screening, as well as other necessities. It is necessary to have medical and lab tests done before having a liposuction procedure to determine whether you’re healthy. Anesthesia costs, medical supplies, such as compression garments and pads, and prescriptions are also included in the fees.


  • The facility cost – Hospitals charge a fee if a surgeon utilizes their facilities for procedures. When surgeons have their own facilities, the fees are often lower. At Artlipo, we have our own facility. 


  • Technology – Many technologies and techniques are available for carrying out arm liposuction. The most up-to-date techniques will often be more expensive but will produce a better result. Dr. Su uses only the most advanced Celebrity Arms liposuction technique to guarantee the best possible results.


  • Treatment area – Your surgeon will tailor your arm lipo to meet your exact needs. If more fat requires removal, this will mean your costs are higher.


Can I Save On My Arm Liposuction?

If you want to have high-quality arm liposuction, you need to choose a reliable and skilled surgeon. The price will reflect this. While there are surgeons and facilities that offer low-cost lipo, you are taking a risk if you choose one. The results may not be what you hope for and you could end up requiring remedial work. You may, therefore, end up spending more in the long run on your procedure.

One way to make high-quality arm fat liposuction more affordable is to arrange financing. Here at Artlipo, we offer financing to our patients. With affordable monthly payments, we will break your fee up into manageable amounts. Contact Artlipo today to find out more about how we can help you achieve the beautiful arms you desire.