Are you are looking for an answer to the question, “How much does arm liposuction cost?” Then, it’s very likely you are suffering from the very common problem of persistent arm fat. Many people spend long hours in the gym trying to improve their appearance. All too often, however, they find they see little improvement in their arms. While other areas of the body respond well to dieting and exercise, the arms often remain stubbornly fat. This can be very distressing, especially to someone who works hard to improve his or her physique. Once fat develops on the arms, it can be extremely different to eradicate without surgery.

Improving the Appearance of The Arms

Here at Art Lipo, we love carrying out arm liposuction. This is because it can make such a huge difference to your life. People who have struggled to slim down their arms through natural methods can suddenly see the results they’ve dreamed about.

Are you already slim but want extra definition for your arm muscles? Or, do you have moderate amounts of hang to remove? Whichever is the case, our Celebrity Arms liposuction treatment is ideal for you.

Why Not an Arm Lift?

You probably have heard of the arm lift procedure. During this operation, the doctor removes the loose skin from beneath the arm using surgical instruments. The incision will usually extend from the elbow to the armpit. Stitches are usually necessary. The surgeon must carry out the procedure under a general anesthetic. This has added complications, as well as a longer recovery period.

While some people can benefit from an arm lift, it isn’t always the answer for everyone. For many people, our Celebrity Arms surgery represents the best option. Most cosmetic surgeons lack the experience to carry out liposuction on the arms. This means they believe brachioplasty can be the only real solution to remove loose skin and hanging fat. This is sometimes the case if the skin is very loose. However, the Celebrity Arms procedure often produces very satisfying results for anyone with moderate loose skin and hanging fat. This saves patients the problem of a potentially visible scar. It also prevents them from going through a more invasive surgery.

Why Choose Arm Liposuction?

Before answering the question, “What does arm liposuction cost,” you need to know what the benefits can be. Our Celebrity Arms technique offers full slimming of the arm. Not only will you see a slimmer arm, but your skin will also be tight. Whether aging or weight gain has caused your arm problems, we can improve their appearance significantly.

Unlike the more invasive brachioplasty procedure, our Celebrity Arms technique only requires a local anesthetic. The patient remains awake throughout the procedure. Not only is this a safer solution, but it also produces better results. During the procedure, the surgeon will ask the patient to flex his or her arm muscles to better sculpt the area. This ensures maximum fat removal and the most attractive sculpting of the upper arm area. Patients can achieve a true red-carpet look and give them the arms they’ve always dreamed about.

Arm Liposuction Cost – An Overview

There is no single answer to the question, “How much does arm liposuction cost.” This is because every patient has his or her own individual pricing. And, that depends on several factors. The patient’s arm size, as well as the amount of fat that requires removal, determines the price. There are some added complexities a surgeon must also consider. These include any prior liposuction a patient has had, as well as the looseness of the skin.

A rough guideline to arm liposuction cost with Art Lipo’s talented team is as follows:

Patients with small arms can expect to pay around $8,000. If their arms are much larger, we will charge them around $12,000. There may be additional charges if more extensive areas need liposuction, too. These include bra bulges, armpit fat, and the upper back area. Additional areas will also vary in price depending on their size. This could result in around $2,000 to $3,000 being added to the total. This means if we cover all these areas, the cost could be around $10,000 to $12,000.

You may be questioning why our arm liposuction cost is so high. This is especially the case when you compare our price with those of our competitors. The cost of traditional arm liposuction is usually around $5,000 to $6,000. Clearly, this is substantially lower than our cost. So, why do we charge more?

The answer is quite simple. Our Celebrity Arms technique covers around three times more area. It also removes three times more fat. Not only that, but it also requires additional knowledge and skill. Only a handful of surgeons anywhere in the world can perform this treatment. Knowing this, you can see our arm liposuction cost is extremely fair and represents an amazing value.