Chins, Neck, Jowls

Liposuction Results other People will Notice!!!

Have you ever thought about liposuction and wondered if it would be worth it. Are the results really something you will be able to see? The answer is YES! In the hands of Dr. Thomas Su who specializes in only liposuction and is an expert with many of his own published methods and advanced techniques, liposuction of the neck and chin will leave you with major results. You’ll wonder why you didn’t do this sooner!

More Attractive – Liposuction of the neck and chin will leave you looking much more attractive if you have even a moderate amount of fat in this area. What happens when the neck and chin gain fat is that the angle of the neck and chin starts to disappear, it looks sloped instead of angular. What also happens is that the jaw line starts to disappear. It is hard for an untrained person to imagine this, so look at the picture below and see how much more attractive someone looks with the fat removed.  Women are instantly prettier, and men are more handsome. The rest of the facial features don’t even change. People just look more attractive! Dr. Su can show you exactly what you will look like when you come in for a consult and stand in front of the mirror with him.


ThinnerLooking– People who have a moderate to large amount of fat get a double bonus. For them, they not only look more attractive, they also look like they lost a lot of weight. In reality the weight of the fat is much less than a pound, but you can look like you lost 20 pounds. This is often what people notice. People may be asking you how you lost so much weight.

Younger Looking – When certain features are present like a jowl, a person can look much older. The jowl is the bulging pocket of fat that extends from the lower cheek and over the edge of the jaw into the neck area. When a jowl is removed, a person instantly looks 10 years younger or more. However, not many surgeons know how to sculpt this pocket of fat and most are reluctant to do so. This is one of the things that sets as liposuction expert like Dr. Su apart from the many cosmetic surgeons who do every other type of surgery.

Alternative to Face Lift – Because of the ability to make some of his patients look thinner, younger, and prettier, and with tighter skin Dr. Su calls some of his cases Face Lift Lipo. (Click here to learn more about Face Lift Lipo).

Quick, Easy, Effective, and Fast Recovery

Some patients may think that getting neck and chin liposuction is a difficult and involved process that will interfere drastically with your daily routine and work. Liposuction can now be done very quickly and is an easy process. You will only need a few hours out of your day and will not need any convalescence for your recovery. Most people are back at work in a day or two. You could conceivably work right after as long as you don’t mind being seen with a bandaged garment around your head. The results are seen immediately and you are looking very good within a week or two.

Not the scary liposuction you’ve heard of

Patients often ask if the process hurts. They may have seen things on television that looked very aggressive and brutal. When done by Dr. Su, all liposuction is awake. The area is numbed only with a local anesthetic. A patient needs to hold their head and neck still during the surgery, and the movements are more reminiscent of a violinist gracefully playing his instrument. Patients are very comfortable during the surgery and only occasionally feel a small pinch or sting. Many patients do not even need narcotic pain meds but can take just Tylenol.

Sculpting by a Surgeon who treats Liposuction as Seriously as a Fine Art

As a trained artist who has always focused on drawing and sculpting the human figure, Dr. Su may be the only cosmetic surgeon you will ever hear of that has a degree in Fine Arts. Not many plastic surgeons have even taken an art course much less studied it intensely. This background of artistic expertise and liposuction surgery blended very well to give Dr. Su a much more perfectionistic approach to liposuction compared to most surgeons. Whereas, other surgeons often treat liposuction as a debulking “procedure” to make an area smaller, Dr. Su views this as a fine sculpting art form and creates the most beautiful shape with the most smoothness. His unique methods which he has developed and has lectured to fellow colleagues about are what give Dr. Su’s sculpting a quality that is a step above the rest.

What will happen to my skin?

One of the advancements that Dr. Su has developed in his techniques and methods that you won’t see with the vast majority of doctors is the ability to make the skin look tighter. Most surgeons will tell you that the skin gets loose when you remove fat. That is partially true depending of the skill and methods used by the surgeon. Dr. Su removes fat so completely and smoothly that the skin actually tightens better than other surgeons who remove it less completely. It may sound paradoxical and other surgeons do not even believe this until they see Dr. Su’s results. Click here to read more about (Skin Tightening Liposuction) by Dr. Su. There are cases where even with a large degree of skin tightening the results would not look good with liposuction alone and these are patients that are referred to a surgeon who can do a face lift.

What is the recovery like after the procedure?

There is little bleeding and almost no fluid drainage compared to some other surgeons. A elastic garment is worn that covers the lower neck and chin and goes over the top of the head. This garment is worn for 2 to 3 days as much as possible, and throughout the night for a whole week. The soreness is mild to moderate and well tolerated by almost everyone. This soreness does not really restrict much in the way of activities. However, most patients may want to remove their garment for an hour or two if they go the store or out to dinner. Dr. Su see’s his patient the next day, at 2 weeks, and 3 months.

Is this safe?

Liposuction done with local anesthetic alone is very safe and much safer than the traditional liposuction that is done under general anesthesia. The complications are very rare. Because a patient is awake and able to hold firmly in different positions, risk of injury to any underlying muscle is minimal. The instruments used when patients are awake are also much smaller and more gentle.

Who is a good candidate?

Patients who appear to have a bulge around the neck or just have a bulge when they tilt their chins down may be good candidates. You must be able to grab fat also in this area and not just skin. If there is a moderate to large amount of fat, then we can make a very dramatic improvement in your appearance. Other patients may have a small amount of fat, but we can still make a moderate improvement. Being in good health is important also. The very elderly and those with moderate health problems should not have this done. If you are not sure if this applies, you can call our office.

How do I get a consult?

We perform consults Mon-Fri where you will get to see Dr. Su personally. All you have to do is call our office or send us information through our contact box. Our staff is very knowledgeable about our procedures and most of them can answer your questions if you just want to speak to someone before scheduling a consult too.

Do patients fly in for surgery?

Many of our patients fly in from other states and even other countries for liposuction by Dr. Su because of his expertise. We are thrilled to help you with accomodations for your stay including lodging, transportation, and helping to find out information about the many famous tourist attraction we have in the area. We can find you water front lodging very near the airport with lots of great restaurants within minutes. We can also find a visiting nurse to help you if you are traveling alone. For neck liposuction you will not need any help and can fly out the next day after Dr. Su does a follow up with you. Your future follow ups can be done over the phone or via skype.