Chin liposuction is a very popular procedure. Many patients come to see us because they are unsatisfied with their facial appearance. They want liposuction that will make them look more appealing immediately. Chin liposuction can achieve this.

When we carry out this procedure to the chin and neck area, you will be amazed at the results. It works even if you only have moderate fat coverage in your chin area. You are sure to be surprised by the difference liposuction can make.

When you gain fat in the chin and neck area, the jaw angle begins to disappear. The result is a sloping rather than angular jaw. The jawline itself will begin to disappear. With a simple chin liposuction procedure, women can instantly become more pretty and men more handsome. The remaining facial features remain the same, but the result is instantaneously better.

Could I Benefit from Chin Liposuction?

There are many reasons why our patients choose to have chin liposuction.

People who have moderate or large fat coverage on their chins can look instantly slimmer. Not only will their faces be more attractive, but they will also appear considerably thinner. The actual amount of fat removed is under 1 pound. However, chin liposuction makes you appear as if you’d lost 20 pounds. This is sure to give you your confidence back. It will also amaze anyone you meet. He or she is sure to ask you about your impressive weight loss!

Another reason why patients come to us seeking chin liposuction is to appear younger. As we age, we can develop jowls. When these features appear, we appear older. Jowls are bulging fat pockets that extend from your lower cheek over your jaw and into your neck. By simply removing your jowls, you’ll look a decade younger. Many surgeons, however, lack the knowledge and skill to remove jowls. This means they either refuse to carry out the procedure or produce poor results. Art Lipo’s Dr. Su is an expert in liposuction. This means you can depend on his outstanding skills to produce an amazing chin liposuction result.

Could Chin Liposuction Be A Better Choice Than A Facelift?

For some patients, chin liposuction could be the best solution to achieving a thinner, prettier, and younger face. While many patients believe that a facelift is their only option, this isn’t always true. Some patients will require a facelift to achieve the effect they desire. However, others can opt for the less invasive chin liposuction procedure. Not only will this save money, but it will also have a much faster recovery time. Patients will still benefit from a thinner, prettier, and younger look, and their skin will be much tighter.

Will Chin Liposuction Be Painful?

Some patients don’t want to consider chin liposuction because they are concerned about the pain it may cause. When we see liposuction carried out on TV, the procedure is often brutal and aggressive. This is certainly not the case when you come to Art Lipo. We only carry out awake tumescent liposuction. The patient remains awake and alert during the procedure. A local anesthetic will numb the area around the chin. There are no rough or brutal movements. Dr. Su will simply sculpt the area with expert skill. You will be extremely comfortable throughout the procedure. The most uncomfortable thing you could possibly experience may be a slight sting or pinch. Narcotic pain medications are rarely required. Plain Tylenol is usually enough.

Why Choose Art Lipo for Your Chin Liposuction Procedure?

Dr. Su is a skilled and trained artist. With a background in fine art, you can depend on Dr. Su to produce amazing results from your chin liposuction. Few cosmetic surgeons have any artistic abilities at all. Therefore, Dr. Su stands out from the crowd. Through his revolutionary blend of art and cosmetic surgery, he can create results that other surgeons only dream about.

Some other surgeons use liposuction techniques as a way of debulking to make areas smaller. Our approach is very different. We sculpt the area to create a beautifully smooth shape. Dr. Su developed his unique methods over many years and has pioneered their use. He now lectures his colleagues to teach them how to apply his impressive methods.

One of the great advantages of choosing Art Lipo is our chin liposuction technique makes your skin appear tighter. This is rare with other cosmetic surgeons. Dr. Su has such exceptional skill that the fat will be completely and smoothly removed. The result is a greater tightening of the skin.

If you want to achieve a younger looking appearance and a more attractive look, contact us to learn more about chin liposuction. We can restore your youthful face and give you back your confidence.