Face Lift Liposuction

Look 10 Years Younger and More Beautiful in an Hour

These days, there are so many alternative for patients to look younger through different cosmetic procedures on the face. Botox and fillers help to rejuvenate and last 3 to 6 months. Skin rejuvenation through lasers can significantly reduce wrinkles. However, the area of the neck, chin, and jowls are not improved with the above procedures and can be a significant cause of someone looking older.

Although, many people immediately think of a face lift as the procedure to look more youthful, liposuction alone without any cutting can produce an effect on many people comparable to a face lift and look almost as tight. At Artistic Lipo we specialize in only liposuction, and the results that Dr. Su creates are not the typical results seen with liposuction. Dr. Su has blended his background in fine art with his experience as a cosmetic surgeon to create a much different type of liposuction that is more akin to fine sculpting. The before and after photos below are an example of what Dr. Su calls Face Lift Liposuction. Click here to see more in our (before and after gallery).

Face Lift Liposuction vs Traditional Face Lift

Although both procedures will give a patient a much more youthful appearance, there are pros and cons to both.

Face Lift Liposuction – Gives patients a more youthful appearance because it eliminates the jowls that cause an old age appearance, and restores a defined jaw line which is a feature of youth. Results in a tighter neck without the waddle. The patient is awake and avoids general anesthesia.The skin tightens because of Dr. Su’s methods not because of use of other technologies that don’t work. The recovery is quick and not very painful. The skin in some patients will not be fully tight and a face lift can do the most tightening.

Traditional Face Lift – Gives patients a more youthful look by cutting away skin from the edges of the face and pulls the skin back. Often times the surgeon does not address the jowl, leaving this aging feature. The face can look drawn out and gaunt unless fat is grafted back in key areas. A patient is put under general anesthesia in most cases. The face is very swollen for a couple of weeks and patients are very sore needing narcotics in general. The cost is more than double of what Face Lift Liposuction costs.

Expert Liposuction Surgeon Dr. Su Turns Liposuction into an Artistic Sculpting Procedure

Most surgeons performing liposuction of the neck and chin will help patients look more attractive, but Dr. Su’s patients will in many cases look younger. This is because Dr. Su has developed techniques of fine sculpting and addressing tiny bulges which cannot be seen or controlled well to sculpt by average means. The jowl is the feature that most surgeons do not sculpt because of the difficulty in doing it. If it is not done well, the results can look even worse than leaving it alone. Treating a small bulge such as this requires the control of a fine artist. Only through Dr. Su’s (Interactive Lipo Method) of having patients holding their head and neck very tight can he isolate, grab, and manipulate the jowl properly. If a patient were asleep or groggy, they would not have the firmness in their neck and chin for a surgeon to manipulate this area adequately. Also because the patient is awake, we can sit a patient upright to look at the bulge with gravity in play and see if more sculpting needs to be done. This is really not possible in a asleep patient. With a fine feature such as the jowl, it requires precision to eliminate it smoothly, completely, and have it blended properly into the surrounding areas. This should appropriately be left to an expert.

Who is a good Candidate?

Patients with a moderate hang  or bulge of fat on the neck, and also a noticeable jowl are the ideal candidates for Face Lift Liposuction. The skin should not have a lot of wrinkles, but a small amount is okay. Only by having Dr. Su look at you personally or in good photographs will we be able to tell you for sure if you are a good candidate.  You must also be in relatively good health without any significant cardiac problems or previous stroke. We do a comprehensive medical evaluation prior to surgery to make sure you are safe for the surgery. The surgery is very safe and tolerated well by most patients but we like to make sure that patients don’t have extra risks.

How is Face Lift Lipo done?

Usually there are 2 small incisions made just under the tip of the chin that are the size of a grain of rice. Through these incisions, a anesthetic solution is injected which puffs up the area and numbs it. About 15 minutes later Dr. Su starts his sculpting process using a thin suction sculpting wand. You feel pressure and possibly a few stings, but you are mostly very comfortable. You will be required to hold your body and neck tense during the sculpting. It takes about 30 minutes to finish the sculpting at which time you will sit up and Dr. Su will check for any small areas that need further touches. If there are any spots you will lay back down a time or two to get these spots fully smoothed down. The best part of the surgery is when you are given a mirror and get to see the immediate new shape of your neck and chin which you will love.  The skin usually snaps back fully immediately, but may take a day or two to tighten up fully in some patients.

How Much does Face Lift Liposuction cost

Few surgeons who do liposuction can claim to create results that are close to the type of beautifying and tightening that a tradionalface lift can produce. It has taken Dr. Su years of practice and innovation to be able to produce these types of results consistently in his patients. The cost of this procedure is higher than the average neck liposuction. It can vary between $3000 to $4500 which is still substantially lower than the cost of the average face lift. You only have to look at our before and after gallery to see for yourself what we are talking about. If you compare Dr. Su’s results to other galleries it is doubtful you will see any better, just be sure to compare with patients that have the same large neck and jowls with similar drooping and looseness. Most surgeons would never take on the type of patients Dr. Su does, and therefore you will have a hard time finding any that are similar. (see our before and after Face Lift Lipo results)

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