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Lipedema Liposuction Treatment

Lipedema Liposuction Treatment

Ankle Liposuction Tampa FLHere at Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery, we are proud to have treated hundreds of women suffering from lipedema. We have helped women at every stage of the disease and have produced results that were truly life-changing.

Only one lipedema treatment is available, and that is liposuction of the lower body. We are one of the world’s finest liposuction clinics. Therefore, our specialist doctors are extremely skilled and experienced in treating this distressing disorder.

Our approach to lipedema liposuction is very different from our rival clinics. Our ultra-smooth and ultra-complete liposuction techniques help us to stand out from the crowd. Our surgical team are true artists. They are able to tighten the skin much more effectively than most other liposuction surgeons. Their artistic skills enable them to take a sculpting approach to liposuction. They don’t just focus on the removal of fat.

When choosing any clinic to carry out a liposuction procedure, it is paramount to ensure the surgeon is skilled and experienced. Most cosmetic surgeons have very limited experience with ankle and lower leg liposuction. Therefore, when you choose Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery, you can feel confident you are choosing the best. Our outstanding lipedema liposuction results speak for themselves.


What Is Lipedema?

Lipedema was only identified as a medical condition in the 1940s. It is still a misunderstood and misdiagnosed problem. It affects around 11 percent of women. It is frequently still dismissed as obesity rather than a serious fat accumulation disorder.

Lipedema affects women the most. The condition causes fat to accumulate disproportionately in the arms and legs. Usually, affected women have minimal torso fat, but thick legs and, occasionally, thick upper arms. The order is progressive. Usually, it begins during puberty and becomes especially obvious in later life. A key sign is fat accumulation around the calves and ankles. A bulging fat cuff around the ankle is also a recognizable symptom. As the disease progresses, the fat begins to accumulate around the upper thighs and knees.

Lipedema fat isn’t the same as regular fat. It stubbornly remains despite exercise and dieting. Even when women lose a significant amount of weight in other parts of their bodies, the affected areas remain. Lipedema sufferers also experience discomfort, tenderness or pain in their arms and legs.

While some people think cankles and lipedema are the same thing, this is not true. Cankles only affect the calves and ankles. Meanwhile, lipedema affects the whole leg and, sometimes, the arms. Some women who suffer from cankles, however, may also be later diagnosed with lipedema.

What Causes Lipedema?

Unfortunately, the causes behind lipedema are still not fully understood. Scientists say it appears to be a genetic condition. There may also be hormonal factors at play since almost all sufferers are female. The condition often worsens during times of hormonal upheavals, such as pregnancy and puberty. Diet may also have an impact on the progression of the symptoms. However, changes to the diet rarely produce a cure. No studies have linked lipedema with medications, alcohol consumption or smoking.

What Are the Treatment Options for Lipedema?

There are some nonsurgical options to treat lipedema. These center around the use of compression garments together with specific diets and a manual lymphatic massage. The compression garments will improve the edema for some patients. However, for patients with more fat accumulation than edema, the garments will have little effect.

Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) encourages movement of the lymph fluid from the legs. Patients can learn this massage technique themselves or see a professional masseur or masseuse. However, there is only so much that nonsurgical treatments can achieve. Lipedema surgery is really the only solution.

Lipedema Liposuction – The Only Effective Lipedema Treatment

Lipedema liposuction is now recognized by experts as the only real cure for lipedema. This type of lipedema surgery effectively removes the subcutaneous fat from the affected area. The results, however, depend on how skilled the surgeon is. Performing liposuction of the cankle and lower leg is complex. The best technique involves awake tumescent liposuction.

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Who Can Perform Lipedema Surgery?

Lots of surgeons claim to be able to carry out liposuction. Some are dermatologists and others are plastic surgeons. There are still others who are general surgeons with some liposuction training. However, surgeons who have specialized experience in performing liposuction achieve the best results. And, surgeons with advanced skills in treating the leg area achieve the very best results.

Many surgeons usually treat the upper thigh area. However, it is usually the ankle and lower leg area that lipedema patients need to have treated. This is an area of the body few surgeons know how to treat. A local anesthetic and a small cannula achieve the best results. Plastic surgeons who more used to operating on patients under a general anesthetic are uncomfortable with this. They are more comfortable using a larger instrument with an unconscious patient. It is, therefore, essential to find a fully qualified and highly experienced surgeon who is an expert in awake tumescent liposuction. There are very few doctors in the United States who meet these criteria.

Experts in Lipedema Liposuction

When you are looking for experts in lipedema liposuction, look no further than Artistic Lipo & Plastic Surgery. We have specialized in carrying out high-quality liposuction since 2006. We have a team of nonplastic surgeons and board-certified plastic surgeons, including an expert in liposuction, Dr. Su.

Our founder, Dr. Su, first began as an internal medicine surgeon. He changed to cosmetic surgery and has specialized in liposuction since 2006. As an expert in the field, he is one of the country’s most skilled and experienced liposuction surgeons. His revolutionary techniques produce exceptional results.

Over the last few years, he has developed a specialty in carrying out outstanding knee and cankle liposuction. Currently, Artistic Lipo & Plastic Surgery is one of the world’s top clinics performing this type of surgery. Every month, we carry out lipedema surgery on more than 15 patients. Meanwhile, most surgeons, even liposuction specialists, are unlikely to have ever performed cankle and lower leg lipedema liposuction.

We employ techniques that make sure we remove between 80 percent and 90 percent of the fat. This compares with only around 50 percent removal achieved by most other surgeons. As a team of artists, we can sculpt smoothly to create a highly attractive shape rather than simply removing fat. As a result, we achieve truly beautiful results.

How Do We Perform Lipedema Liposuction?

All the liposuction we carry out is under a local anesthetic. Called awake tumescent liposuction, it is the most effective and most common form of lipedema liposuction. When a patient is awake, he or she can feel an occasional sting or pinch. However, overall, patients report the experience is very tolerable. After the procedure, there is some discomfort and pain. This varies between patients, and narcotic pain medications are available to relieve the discomfort. Awake tumescent liposuction offers a host of benefits, including increased accuracy and safety, as well as a more beautiful result.

Which Areas Can We Treat for Lipedema?

We can perform lipedema liposuction on all areas of the cankles, knees, thighs, and legs. We are experts in performing liposuction on all these areas. The knees and cankles make up a large treatment area. This represents the limit of what we can achieve in a single day of treatment. We can also extend the treatment into the lower area of the thighs. This produces a more complete result and gives the majority of patients the solution they’re looking for. However, we can also treat severe and extensive lipedema. We can carry out liposuction on the upper thighs, too, including the anterior, outer, and inner areas. We always design a treatment plan customized to address your specific needs.

Lipedema can also affect the arms in some patients. Since we are world experts in performing circumferential upper arm liposuction, we are well-placed to help with this. Our results are considerably more complete than regular arm liposuction. We remove the fat completely from the upper arm area and give you the most beautiful and slim arm possible.

Will Lipedema Surgery Be a Permanent Cure?

You can rest assured lipedema liposuction produces long-lasting results. Usually, no significant amount of fat returns after the procedure. However, should the patient regain a large amount of weight, fat will begin to accumulate again. Nevertheless, it is very unlikely a considerable amount of fat would return to the previously treated areas. Of course, the body changes over time. Therefore, there is no way to know what could happen to the fat, muscles or skin in the future.

What Is the Recovery Period Like For Lipedema Surgery?

During the recovery period from lipedema surgery, the patient experiences some moderate or severe pain for a few days. Usually, she will require painkillers during this time. However, after a few days, she will only require Tylenol to obtain relief.

Most patients also experience a moderate amount of swelling from their knees down to the ankles, feet, and toes. Swelling is always more significant for leg liposuction since gravity worsens the swelling. Some patients will experience very severe edema or swelling. This can reduce mobility for a few weeks. It can also cause discomfort from aching and pressure. Most patients can return to normal sedentary activities within seven days. However, those with severe swelling could take several weeks to recover. Most swelling resolves within three months after the procedure. Then, a person will start to see the benefits. Some swelling may take around six to 12 months to resolve completely. Patients must wear compression garments on the legs for around two to four weeks after surgery. Some patients could benefit from having lymphatic drainage massage after the procedure.

How Much Does Lipedema Surgery Cost?

The cost you can expect to pay for lipedema surgery will depend on which areas you are going to treat $9,500-$15,000. The larger the patient and the larger the area being treated, the higher the cost. Here is a breakdown to help you determine the costs:

  • Cankles – This is the circumferential area from the top of the calf down to the ankle. Call us for an estimate.
  • Knee Complex – This is the circumferential area of the knee up to the thigh and down to the top of the calf. Call us for an estimate. Call us for an estimate.
  • Inner Thigh – This may be a small amount of bulging close to the top of the inner thigh area. Conversely, it could be a large area down to the top of the knee. Call us for an estimate.
  • Outer Thigh – This could be a small area or a large one. This will depend on the patient and the shape she wants to achieve. Call us for an estimate.
  • Anterior Thigh – This is the front of the thigh area. The size of the area will determine the price. Call us for an estimate.
  • Arms – Lipedema patients often have fat accumulation in their upper arms. Call us for an estimate.