Liposuction – An Effective Lipedema Treatment

Do you suffer from lipedema, or suspect that this may be the cause of your lower body swelling? If so, you may be struggling to find a lipedema treatment that works for you. Liposuction as lipedema surgery isn’t always the first choice for patients. However, it may be the only option. Here, you can find out more about this medical condition and its treatment options.

What Is Lipedema?

The disorder known as lipedema is characterized by a symmetrical leg enlargement because of fat deposits under the skin. This common problem is almost exclusively found in women. As many as 11 percent of females suffer from lipedema.

At present, the causes of lipedema remain unknown. Nevertheless, there is some evidence to show it may have hereditary or hormonal causes. Lots of people suffering from lipedema have family members who also suffer from it.

Lipedema is a chronic disorder that causes abnormal fat cell accumulation for a disproportionate appearance. Not only is it a debilitating and painful condition, but it can also cause emotional distress. Cases of lipedema may be mild, moderate or severe. One key sign of the disorder is the “tree-like” appearance of the legs. The fat will fully encompass the ankles, calves, knees, and thighs. One typical sign is the cuffing of fat around the ankle that does not spread to the feet. Cellulite and lumpiness also occur.

Both obese and thin people can suffer from lipedema. Even a strenuous exercise program or severe diet regime will not prevent the condition from occurring.

What Are The Symptoms Of Lipedema?

The symptoms and signs of lipedema will usually first appear during menopause, pregnancy or puberty. The symptoms will vary between sufferers. However, the most common symptom is abnormal fat deposits in each leg from the ankles to the buttocks. Lipedema is usually painful and, in most cases, will worsen with time.

During the early stage, most sufferers maintain a normal body shape above the waist. However, when the disorder advances, the torso, chest, upper extremities, and abdomen may become enlarged as well.

The skin that overlies the affected areas will usually look normal. However, it may have lost elasticity. People who suffer from lipedema bruise easily, maybe because the small blood vessels inside the fat tissues are extra fragile.

How Is Lipedema Diagnosed?

Many people mistake lipedema for obesity. However medical professionals with an expertise in this disorder can diagnose the condition properly. An MRI, ultrasound, lymphoscintigraphy or a lymphangiogram may be necessary to diagnose the problem.

Physicians also look for some standard symptoms. These include symmetrical and bilateral presentation, as well as minimal swelling of the feet. Sufferers experience easy bruising, tenderness, and pain but minimal pitting edema. The lower limbs will also remain swollen even when the sufferers lose or gain weight.

In order for a doctor to carry out an appropriate lipedema treatment, he or she must differentiate it from other disorders. Once the doctor diagnoses lipedema, he or she can arrange lipedema surgery or another treatment.

What Are My Options For Lipedema Treatment?

There isn’t a single lipedema treatment, but there are several strategies that doctors may suggest controlling the symptoms. CDT or Complete Decongestive Therapy is one such method. This intensive program combines several approaches to address the problem. Treatments under this method include manual lymphatic drainage, compression garments, exercise, self-care, and bandaging. CDT has been shown to be beneficial in reducing bruising.

The only permanent and truly effective option is lipedema surgery via liposuction. Liposuction is the removal of fat cells below the skin. A cosmetic surgeon performs the procedure by making small incisions in the affected areas. He or she then inserts a cannula to remove the fat. A cannula is a thin tube. While many cosmetic surgeons offer liposuction of the lower body, only ArtLipo can offer the most complete lipedema treatment.

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