Male Abdomen

Men benefit from liposuction for slimming as much as women.

Who says that men don’t get liposuction? There is a common perception from men that liposuction is a woman’s procedure. However, Dr. Su is commonly asked in casual settings by men, “do you work on men also”? Men have fat bulges and thickness in various parts of their bodies although these areas are slightly different than in women. The sculpting procedure, however, is really no different and may be only slightly more difficult because men tend to have fat this a little bit more fibrous than women. Contrary to some peoples thinking, men can be as concerned about their looks as women, but more focused on body than on the face.

Most common areas for male liposuction are Stomach, waist and chest

The stomach or belly is perhaps the most common area that men in Tampa seem to be concerned about. Maybe its because we live in a warm area where going to the beach or pool is more common. Having a belly bulge is unsightly even if the rest of the body is muscular. Flattening the stomach with liposuction is a simple procedure with great results of slimming in a day. We can get rid of the tummy that patients have tried for years to diet or exercise away. We are told all the time by patients that they wish they had resorted to liposuction by Dr. Su earlier.

The waist is another great place to slim the body. Often called love handles, there is really nothing to love about this bulge. This area is the reason that most men do not look fit. Even if the shoulders, chest and stomach are strong and lean, having a bulging waist ruins the entire torse shape. That is because it is very important to have a V shape tapering from the arm pits to the waist. Whether it is seen from the front or back it is something that turns peoples impressions of fitness off immediately. When Dr. Su holds the waist flat for patients in the mirror, they immediately see what he is talking about. The V- shape then is visible and the entire physique looks much more in shape.

The chest is the most embarrassing area for most men because of the stigma this area causes. No man likes to be associated with having man boobs. Rather than going through the frustration that many men go through in trying “everything else” it is best to just have liposuction because this is the best way to definitively erase this area of fat. Diet and exercise just don’t make this area go, no matter how much fat or weight you lose. We can make it disappear smoothly and completely in a couple of hours!

Doing liposuction while awake is simple, safe, comfortable, and has little downtime

Our liposuction is all done awake which is safer than procedures under general anesthesia. Your fat is infiltrated with a numbing medication called lidocaine, similar to novacaine used by dentists. Then a sculpting instrument called a cannula is used to remove and shape the areas. Patients may feel some pinches and stings periodically during the procedure but overall they are very comfortable.

The healing for male liposuction is quick with no real downtime. There is soreness that means you will be moving more slowly and not doing taxing physical exertion for a couple of weeks. However, there is no bedrest and most people resume activities as tolerated.

Men often have concerns about whether they will miss any work or not. You can go back to work the next day, but we recommend if possible to take a day off or two.

Participation is Required

Dr. Su is an innovator of different methods of doing liposuction to produce better results. His general method that he employs in all his cases is something called Interactive Lipo. Interactive lipo takes awake liposuction where patients are usually lying still and relaxed and instead makes the procedure more like a workout. The method is all about making liposuction more controlled and improving Dr. Su’s feel. This is what makes our results much more complete and smoother than most other surgeons. It is a simple concept that makes liposuction more like artistic sculpting and less like a general debulking.

When Dr. Su sculpts your abdomen, he will have you lift your head and neck up from the table in a “crunch” which tightens your abs. The hand controlling the fat on the surface of your stomach can then feel and control the instrument much better. When the fat is sculpted 90% completely by Dr. Su, compared to 50-60% by other doctors, you will notice it. The skin and fat which are now only millimeters thick will not hide the muscle shape of your abdomen. Therefore, if you have nice contours on your abs, you may be able to see that six pack. Not all patients, have a developed muscle wall where this will happen. Even if it doesn’t you will have a firm flatter stomach with tighter looking skin minus the jiggle.

Results are seen immediately when you stand

Using the Interactive Lipo method also give much more accuracy in sculpting smoothly and blending into surrounding areas. This is made possible because the surface contour all looks smooth until a person stands, and then it reveals bulges and unevenness that was not seen when a person was lying. As part of the Interactive Lipo method a person stands periodically to allow Dr. Su to check his results. Any irregularities that appear can then be marked and treated when you lay back down. This is repeated until all areas are smooth. The best part of this is when we are done, you can see you results immediately. You can see how complete, and smooth your new shape is.

Who is a goodcandidate

Men are more likely than women to have fat stored internally surrounding the organs in the abdominal compartment. This results in belly bulges that also characteristically feel very hard. If most of your fat is below the abdominal muscle then you won’t be able to pinch or grab much or thickness. Whatever you can grab in your hand is fat, because you cannot grab your abdominal wall muscle.

Therefore, patients with tummy bulges which are under the muscle are not good candidates for tummy liposuction. However, they may still be a good candidate for waist liposuction.

Chest fat is also easily distinguished from the pectoral muscles because it is what is easily grabbed in your hand. If you can get a handful, then Dr. Su can likely make you much smaller and happier.

Compression Garments for men

Everyone wears a compressive elastic garment over the areas of their liposuction for a period of 2 weeks in general. Some will wear this for longer depending. This garment protects the areas as they heal and limit the fluid swelling that occurs during the healing.

Cost of Male liposuction

Costs of liposuction for men varies in the Tampa Bay area. When it comes to a cosmetic procedure that is about your appearance and is not easily corrected, you want to choose a doctor that will do things correctly the first time. Dr. Su’s results stand out because of the completeness and smoothness. His fat removal is around 80-90% compared to the average surgeon who only removes about 50-60%. If you’re happy to only have half of your fat removed then you’ll find a better price with many other doctors. If you want your fat removed completely and expertly, this will take more time and effort and an unusually skilled liposuction surgeon like Dr. Su. This will cost more but you will be much happier that things will be done right and how you expect it. Depending on the size of a person and how thick the fat is, the abdomen and waist will cost will vary and the chest will also vary. Only a visual exam by Dr. Su will be able to determine what the exact price will be.

Getting a consult

All you have to do to get a consult is call us and schedule a time that is convenient for you. If you are out of the area, Dr. Su can talk with you personally after you have sent us clear photos of the areas you are concerned with. We look forward to meeting and talking with you!