Male High Definition Abdomen

High Definition results in the Abdomen

High definition or highly defined results means that the abdomen will have all the fat removed very completely and that any features of the tummy contours will be seen. Although the six pack look is what all men would like to have, for some the high definition sculpting will mean that there is a distinguished mid line groove from the top of the abdomen down to the belly button and perhaps some grooves of the outer abdominal rectus muscle. What is definitely going to be visible from a high def perspective is that the skin layer will appear much more firm now that the fat is gone. This means that there will not be jiggle when you are moving. It means that there will not be a fat bulge that goes into folds and creases when you bend forward. You will look leaner an more toned.

Six Pack Abomen Liposuction results

Some men will actually have the six pack look. These are men that typically have had the six pack at some time in their life. A six pack is a abdominal rectus muscle that is well divided into bundles with significant elevation in the bundle and deeper grooves in between. This is highly dependent on your genetics. Some men just have flatter yet very strong abs. When Dr. Su thins your fat to only a couple millimeters, you will have a good showing of the six pack that is there. It is fantastic when a man has over the years put on over an inch thickness of fat over the muscles and in one afternoon, the stomach is flat again and the six packstill there!

Why no other method is likely to achieve what liposuction will do

Getting rid of the layer of fat over the muscles is a very hard thing to do. Perhaps when a man was in his twenties this layer was always very thin and he could lose it easily. However, when men reach their late 30’s and 40’s the metabolism changes and this layer on the abdomen and waist now become much more resistant to diet and exercise. You should also know that there is no way to exercise this particular fat away by doing ab and waist exercises. Therefore the fat that is there obscuring the six pack and causing a bulge is only about 2-3 pounds in many men. This is the 2-3 pounds of fat that does not go away even when you lose 10 pounds from the rest of your body. Liposuction directly removes whatever we want to. It is the only true method of targeting fat. But is has to be done expertly to look great.

Before and After Gallery of High Definition Abs

We hope you will look at the results of our high definition sculpting of the male stomach. This is an impressive gallery with many pictures of men with new six packs. Dr. Su is not only expert in sculpting high definition for men, but also for women. He also extends this expertise into other areas of high definition including the female arm and chin and neck which is common for men also. (click here)

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Our consultations are complimentary. Not all men will be able to have high definition sculpting, therefore, you should have a personal evaluation in Dr. Su’s office. We look forward to meeting you!