Tummy Tuck Liposuction

Get Tummy Tuck results with just Liposuction! No Cutting!

Many women who have a larger bulge or hang on the lower part of their stomach are told by cosmetic surgeons that they need a tummy tuck. For those of you who don’t know what that is, a tummy tuck is basically a cutting away of excess skin and fat and sewing the two edges together.  Having a horizontal scar across the lower abdomen is the reason many women shy away from this option for cosmetic improvement of the tummy.

What if the hang or bulge could be removed with a minimal amount of skin looseness or none at all without a tummy tuck. What if liposuction could accomplish and no cutting away of skin was necessary. Then, probably many women would look into having liposuction done.

Liposuction in the hands of an expert like Dr. Su can actually accomplish a significant degree of skin tightening. This is a little known fact that most cosmetic surgeons are unaware of. This is because the technique it takes to accomplish this are very new and only recently has it been revealed at the AACS and ASCOP two prominent cosmetic surgery societies by Dr. Thomas Su in his lectures.

If you look at Dr. Su’s before and after pictures of patients with large hangs of fat and the very large amount of skin retraction he is able to achieve you too will be amazed. These are results that you will not likely find with very many doctors.

Tummy Tuck Traditional Surgery vs Tummy Tuck Liposuction by Dr. Su

A traditional tummy tuckis a procedure where an elliptical shaped swath of skin and fat below it are cut away and the edges brought together, in the lower half of the abdomen. Along with this procedure there is sometimes a procedure known as plication performed on the exposed muscle wall which can tighten the underlying muscle. Tummy tucks are extremely valuable when there is a lot of loose skin that is damaged with striae or lumpy scar damage from being stretched. This is a common case in patients who have delivered children or had massive weight gain, then loss.

Where tummy tucks are most useful is cutting away damaged skin. Even if the skin could contract with liposuction, the damaged skin which is already bumpy, would look even lumpy and bumpier after it pulls together. The other case where a tummy tuck is a good option is when a patient really desires very tight skin on the lower abdomen without any creasing or wrinkles which is the case with most younger patients in their 20’s and 30’s who still want to look great in a bikini.

The draw backs of a tummy tuck is that cutting away of skin is involved and leaves a scar on everybody, often extending from side to side in the pelvic region. Sometime this scar is only lightly visible, but sometimes it is dark or scarred and can be very apparent.

Other unwanted aspects of tummy tuck are that it is mostly done under general anesthesia which many women want to avoid because of the higher medical risks. Another reason for avoiding tummy tuck is that there is a significant downtime with over a week of bedrest and severe pain for up to 2 weeks.

Tummy tuck liposuction is a new type of liposuction where the bulge or hang at the lower abdomen is treated by liposuction alone in such a way that the skin retracts extremely to give a tummy tuck like result. No one other than Dr. Su is offering this because it is a relatively new technique to be described by Dr. Su who created it. Other doctors have had patients with good skin retraction, but it is not likely that they have figured out how to achieve this consistently as Dr. Su does. The results of tummy tuck liposuction will leave you with the flattest and most complete result of liposuction that you will find. The skin will retract 70 to 100% depending on how much looseness was present to begin with. There are some tiny scars, but nothing compared to a large tummy tuck horizonatal scar.

The benefits are that a patient is awake during the procedure and assisting Dr. Su through tensing of their abdomen and periodically repositioning of their body. Other benefits are that there is no cutting and large scars. Another benefit is that patients can  stand to check their sculpting result because they are awake. This results in much smoother sculpting and better blending of results.

Dr. Thomas Su is a Sculptor and Artist with a Fine Arts Degree

The results of tummy tuck lipo are dependent on very complete and very smooth liposuction sculpting. This is something that your average surgeon is not capable of. Most surgeons remove only 50-60% on average leaving a layer of surface fat below the skin to hide any irregularities in their sculpting. Dr. Su removes about 80-90% of the fat which essentially leaves nothing to hide any irregularities. However, Dr. Su does not leave irregularities because his techniques are much more advanced. It is only with 90% plus fat removal that the skin retracts the way it does. This is the secret to which other surgeons may take away, but still can not necessarily reproduce.

Dr. Su’s skills are a result of his art background of sculpting and drawing the human figure since his teenage years. He pursued his passion and accomplished a BA in Fine Arts from Rice University prior to medical school. This is a rare combination of art major and cosmetic surgeon that perhaps there are no others in the US.

Interactive Liposuction and Tummy Tuck Liposuction

Dr. Su’s method of achieving unmatched skin tightening and retraction is only possible because he has  developed a method of doing liposuction that gives him ultimate control and accuracy in sculpting. This method is the Interactive Lipo method. Dr. Su’s liposuction is all done with patients awake and participating. The patient is numbed with local anesthetic and fully alert. This allows patients to hold their bodies firm in the best sculpting angles. Their tensed muscles allows Dr. Su to feel the fat layer more accurately and know precisely where his instrument is related to the muscle. The hard muscle surface allows better fat control, smoother sculpting, and more complete sculpting while not compromising safety. Finally, the patients are able to stand to check how the lower abdomen bulge is progressing. This is imperative since the bulge or hang completely disappears from view when a patient lies down. Only with the standing is it possible to see this bulge and how it is disappearing and where it needs more work. Even when other surgeon perform awake liposuction, the vast majority do not even stand a patient to look. No other surgeon that Dr. Su is aware of has their patients tense their muscles. The Interactive Lipo method however, will be more and more recognized as it appears in more books and surgery journals.

Before and After Photos

We are very proud of our results at Artistic Lipo and always show a large number of cases with patients of very different shapes and skin tightness. It is important that you see good examples of patients that look close to your body type. In our gallery you can see which patients are considered a tummy tuck liposuction case. (click here) Please look at other surgeons work then come back to our gallery and compare how our large patients look. We think you’ll agree that there is a much bigger difference in size change, smoothness, and also the degree of lower hang remaining.

Who is a good Candidate

If you are a person who has been told you need a tummy tuck then you may be a candidate for tummy tuck liposuction as an alternative. If you have a bulging tummy with no hang you are definitely a good candidate. If you have a hang of 3 inches or less and would be happy with a 70% retraction of skin with a few wrinkles or a crease at the lower abdomen then you also could be a good candidate. Look at our before and after gallery to get an idea of how you compare. Then schedule a consult to get a face to face opinion by Dr. Su.

What is the Recovery

Recovery of tummy tuck liposuction is not much more intense than a regular liposuction of the abdomen. Most patients should take 2-3 days off when they will be their most sore. However, they can then return to most sedentary activities after that. There is swelling in all patients that will take several months to resolve.

What are complications of liposuction for Tummy Tuck Liposuction

The complications are fairly minimal. There is always a potential for a rare infection, and even rarer complication of bleeding. Blood clots in the legs have never been seen in Dr. Su’s patients because we do not use general anesthesia. Dr. Su also screens his patients for any medical problems that could be exacerbated or put his patients at risk.

How Much does a Tummy Tuck Liposuction Cost

This procedure usually costs more than the usual liposuction of the abdomen. This is because the patients that we are performing this on are our larger tummy liposuction patients. It also involves a lot more time to get the fat removed 90-95% percent compared to 50%. The range of cost for tummy tuck liposuction is between $6000 and $7500.

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