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The entire experience was wonderful! This is my second procedure with Dr Su, and I can honestly say that this has been the best money I have ever spent! I am from out of state, and the staff are all very accommodating for that! The entire staff is friendly and all are concerned with making sure your procedure and recovery are as easy and pain free as can be! I looooove my results!! Everyone is great! I highly recommend Dr Su!!!

“The entire experience was wonderful!”

Awesome ???? staff!! Made me feel very comfortable. Thank you.

“Made me feel very comfortable.”

My consultation was very informative and it allowed me to make an informed decision on what type of services I would like to have. Thanks Ashley!

“My consultation was very informative”

I must say that I was very nervous as most people are walking into any surgery, but Dr Su’s staff made sure that all my needs were met from moment I walked into the door to the moment I left. Dr Su was exceptional and his bedside manner speaks volumes. He made himself available postop at anytime with his personal cell phone and not an answering service which is also denotes his dedication to his patient population.

“Dr Su was exceptional”

2nd cosultation. This time Dr Su met with my husband. I honestly thought since i had already had a consult they would try to hurry this one along. That wasn’t the case at all. We were there talking with Dr Su and his assistant for an hour. It was great. My husband feels just as good about the procedure as i do.

“It was great.”

Dr. Su did an amazing job and my sides and arms. He is honest and knowledgeable. His staff were very caring and accommodating. I have recommended several people to him, including my mother. I am still getting compliments about how tone and thin my arms look now. I could not be happier with my experience or my results.

“Dr. Su did an amazing job”

nice staff ,Dr Su was really good he explain everything with detail really happy with the consultation.

“Dr Su was really good”

Dr. Su was absolutely amazing! He transformed my appearance and was so supportive and extremely friendly!

“Dr. Su was absolutely amazing!”

The experience with Dr. Su and his team was phenomenal. They made me feel excitement comfortable and at ease. The results of the procedure brought me to happy tears! I would absolutely recommend Dr.Su to anyone and will continue to go back to go him for any future needs.

“I would absolutely recommend Dr.Su”

Dr. Su is an absolute artist and has truly changed my life and confidence level by reshaping and making my legs a much more attractive shape. I have been living in Florida for the past fifteen years and this past summer was the first time that I have ever shown my legs in a pair of shorts. This is something that take for granted. For me, I would suffer all summer long in either long dresses that covered my entire legs, or even worse, jeans. I am so grateful for Dr Su and also for Angie who is an amazing partner and makes the whole process more comforting. I was so pleased with my legs that I came back for my arms and am looking forward to showing them off as well!

“Dr. Su is an absolute artist”
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    RealSelf Reviews

    if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't think twice
    Back in March I had my inner thighs and inner knees lipo'd by Dr. Su, Artistic Lipo, located in Tampa. Yesterday, 24 May, I just had my outer thighs lipo'd. For the inner knees and thighs, it was quite a long procedure but after he was completed and I looked in the mirror, I was utterly amazed that my thighs were so slender, something I have not seen in many years. However, the recovery was not quite what I expected. It was probably the most painful experience I have ever had. Dr. Su informed me that the inner thighs are the most sensitive areas for this procedure and he definitely was not lying. For at least 3 weeks, every time I walked it felt as if my muscles and skin was tearing and on fire. It was completely black and blue and the amount of incisions, was interesting. I thought I was a voodoo doll and I still joke with him about it. It's been 2 months since that surgery and my legs still look great; it's still a little numb and bruised in a couple areas but if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't think twice. As for my outer thighs, yesterday I had those done and again, when I stood up after the surgery was complete, I cried for a minute because I have delt with saddle bags all my life and now, they are gone. It's only post op day 1 and so far, it's quite sore, which is expected and the only issue I'm having is sitting down, once I'm sitting, it's good. Sitting down on the toilet seat is probably the most sensitive, lol. But this is the price we pay for wanting to change our bodies. Overall, the procedure for both were not too painful. The anesthetic part is the most sensitive but Dr Su and his team make the environment pleasurable and relaxing and we like to keep things funny, at least I do. So in a few days I will try to find pictures and post. This fall I will be scheduling to have my calves, ankles redone since the last doctor I saw did not complete the surgery I asked for, in addition to try to lipo the fat pockets in my knees. I can't wait!!!
    by MSCHCA2012
    I was able to see my future shape immediately after the lipo

    I am re-posting this because I could not figure out how to post pictures on my initial post. I hope this time it woks. Here you go:

    I did not originally go to Dr. Su. I had lipo twice before I went to him. Dr. Su did the corrective work after I had paid $9,000 to "the best" doctor in town to "learn" lipo on me (I am going to name him Dr. X for the purpose of this post). I had lipo on my inner thighs with fat transfer to front thighs in 2006 - that turned out OK. In November 2013, I spent an enormous amount of money ($9,000) for liposuction on my mid section, 2nd attempt to correct the front thighs, arm lipo and a belly scar revision. Dr. Thomas Su did lipo on my abdomen and love handles yesterday 02/21/14 to correct the mess the other two doctors had left behind. I am hoping to be able to post all of my pictures. I cannot describe the disappointment I experienced with my 2nd procedure done by Dr. X. It left me devastated and hopeless thinking that I would never look the way I imagined and hoped to look. Prior to the 2nd procedure, I was told by Dr. X’s assistant that I would need to massage the areas; after the procedure I was told that in order to get the best results I should get daily professional massages and ultrasonic cavitation. I had already spent 9K so now I felt it would be stupid of me to not get the "best" results because I was cheap on the massages. I spent $1,400 on 4 weeks of massages and $200 on a Groupon for 12 ultrasonic cavitations in Westchase spa.


    I went to Dr. Su for a consult because I felt Dr. X was ignoring my concerns and I needed a second opinion. At Dr. Su's office, Ellen greeted me warmly as I entered the beautifully designed office. We talked for about 10 min, I told her about my prior experience and then she let me change and came back in with Dr. Su. Dr. Su spent 45 min with me, addressed every area of concern and showed me exactly what I can expect if I decided to let him work on me. He was very thorough and confident that he can do what I wanted. Dr. X had told me I had to live with the way I looked and that's just how my anatomy was. After the lipo with Dr. X my obliques had fat bulges making my abdomen very unattractive. It also appeared that above the belly button, only the scar was revised, but no lipo was done. Overall I had 70% of my belly fat remaining in uneven contour. My arms looked exactly the same and my tights with slight improvement. I pointed out those areas to Dr. Su and he agreed that my results should've been better. I left Dr. Su's office angry that I hadn't gone to him first.

    A month later, after consults with 2 other doctors, I scheduled a second consult with Dr. Su; I wanted to make sure we are clear on my expectations before I put a down payment and reserve an appointment for the procedure. I will try to post all the pictures if real self allows me.

    After doing the mid section, I am now determined to have Dr. Su redo the arms and the front thighs. THE DAY OF MY PROCEDURE 2/21/14: I arrived at Dr. Su office nervous and ready to be disappointed again. After all, I was told by Dr. X that I was built this way and I already had the best result I could expect. But I had to give it one last chance... Well, I am glad I did!!!! My appointment was at 12:30 pm and at 5:30pm I left the office a changed person. I’ve been smiling since. Dr. Su did amazing work. He toughly is an ARTIST!

    During the consult, I was told that I am going to be awake and I would stand up multiple times and that I would see my final results before I leave his office - THAT'S UNHEARD OF! I didn't quite get the picture of how I would see the final results immediately after the procedure. It simply didn't click at first.

    Well, everything happened as described - I was able to see my future shape immediately after the lipo because the swelling hadn't started yet. Then I was put in my garment and sent home. I went eating with my boyfriend right after the procedure. After having my stomach and my love handles done and I am now determined to have Dr. Su redo the arms and front of my tights. I am now confident that if there is any doctor who can fix me, that is Dr. Su and he really is the BEST!


    by Happy Girl Tampa
    Dr. Thomas Su was FANTASTIC!!!!!

    After reviewing several doctors and going on 6 consults, I researched all info on the procedure I wanted, and the doctor to perform it. Artistic Lipo of Tampa / Dr. Thomas Su was FANTASTIC!!!!! His staff was kind and caring about my concerns and MOST of his staff has had work done BY DR. SU... That said VOLUMES to me...because they looked great and STILL worked for him. I choose to have 2 areas done and some of his staff had the same areas done and were able to help me feel more secure in my decision:

    1) I have had a double chin for YEARS , but just recently it had gotten to the point that I refused to take any photos or look in the mirror.

    2) My Private area- I had a tummy tuck years ago and had a mound of UN-even fat below the scar line...it made clothes look weird and it was time to have that repaired.

    I was very nervous and apprehensive about being AWAKE for lipo ( tumescent). I was worried about the amount of pain i would feel during.....and to my surprise... I HAD NO PAIN! I had a few moments where I felt a very minor twinge but it was quickly gone. Dr. Su took his time and was gentle but thorough. I have been taking Arnica Montana ( herbal) and my antibiotics and have almost no swelling 3 days out and I have no bruising at all! I am wearing the compression garment around the clock and my follow up was today... the TINY incision sites have closed already.

    by sc34287
    I went from a size 10-12 to a size 6-8. Enough said.
    I went to the Dr. to have a inner thigh lipo done, he looked at me and explained what he could do for me. No one every took the time to show me the body I had hiding under the fat. The difference for me was that my new body was sculpted not just Lipo out the fat.
    Dr. S really takes the time to change your shape to it's best possible form. I was in shock when I stood up after the procedure and saw a body I never knew was there. I was a fat child and struggled my entire life, who would have guessed that at 54 years old I look better than I did my whole life.
    Yes there is pain and discomfort in the recovery, but not unbearable, especially when everyday you get up and look in the mirror and see the new you. I went from a size 10-12 to a size 6-8. Enough said.
    by Polargirl0404
    I can already tell I am going to be pleased
    I am now 5 days post op and I can already tell I am going to be pleased with the results. I started using arnica on the areas of my neck but not on my incision sites and I happen to be allergic... Which has now cause for me to swell more than normal and I am red, blotchy, and itchy. I do not blame the procedure, I am hypersensitive to a lot of products and should have known better. I have just been taking a benadryl and applying topical benadryl for the itch. There was hardly any pain, the night of the procedure I took a Vicodin for sleep just in case but when I woke up I hardly had to take a Tylenol. They said my swelling may get worse but I can still tell my outcome with be amazing! We'll worth it and I was excited to get it done in my late 20's as opposed to when I'm older so I don't have to worry about the elasticity of my skin. I have always had a heavy chin no matter what my wait and a scar under it only added to the appearance of it. I have attached pics of before and directly after, I will update at weekly intervals so you can track my progress. Good luck!
    by Bullfrogbaby
    My husband and I are so happy with the results
    I had 4 Liposuction procedures on different dates including waist wrap and inner and outer thighs. I am wearing a bikini for the first time in years. I did not know this kind of transformation was possible until I met with Dr. Su. My husband and I are so happy with the results. Dr. Su only does Liposuction it is his specialty and he is a true artist. He is the only Doctor that I would trust to do this kind of surgery. He and his staff are very attentive, friendly and professional.
    by Mrs. AAA
    I am so so happy I had this done
    I am so so happy I had this done. Dr. Su is amazing. After going to him about a year ago for some lipo on my "love handles" and outer thighs I knew I wanted him to do my arms. He actually goes all around the muscle instead of just under the arm like a lot of other doctors do. I wanted my arms to look sculpted and he had me making muscles and holding my arm tight during the procedure so he could sculpt a lean look. I can now wear tank tops and strapless dresses without hiding my arms! I was back to working out the following week. Just as before there were times of mild discomfort and times where I couldn't feel anything at all. His staff is just amazing and made sure I was completely comfortable. I love my arms.
    by Lnorris
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