Four Facts You Need to Know About Lipedema and Liposuction

Getting the right treatment is essential for lipedema, and liposuction is the best option for sufferers. It’s currently the most effective long-term treatment for this condition. While there are conservative treatment options available, these produce only temporary relief. Liposuction, meanwhile, has long-lasting positive effects and significantly improves quality of life. If you’re considering this treatment, you’ll need to know what to expect. Here, we look at four facts you should know about lipedema and lipo as a treatment.

Liposuction Can’t Cure Lipedema

Liposuction is the most effective treatment available at the moment for lipedema. However, it isn’t a cure. Unfortunately, there is no cure available as yet for this condition. Nevertheless, liposuction is a more effective option than conservative treatments like wearing compression garments and having Manual Lymphatic Drainage. That is because it addresses the cause of the condition and not only the symptoms.

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Liposuction Brings Significant Relief to Sufferers

Liposuction slows the progression of lipedema and can produce years of relief from symptoms. It removes the diseased fat, which is the source of pain, so patients experience less pain. With less bulk and heaviness in the limbs, patients’ mobility improves. Liposuction also restores a more proportionate body appearance for the sufferer, improving mental and emotional well-being.

Only Experienced, Skilled Surgeons Can Treat Lipedema Patients

Getting a diagnosis of lipedema in the first place can be difficult for sufferers. Unfortunately, many doctors remain unaware of the symptoms to look out for. Even experienced medical professionals often misdiagnose patients with lipedema as being obese. That leads to wasted time as sufferers struggle to follow a diet and exercise plan that will never work. It also results in the condition worsening and the sufferer’s mental health deteriorating too. A skilled professional with expertise in the field will know what symptoms to look for in a lipedema sufferer. They will, therefore, be able to give a diagnosis much more quickly.

Surgeons must also have experience in treating patients with this condition to ensure their best treatment and care. Dr. Su at ArtLipo is an excellent choice and specializes in liposuction. He treats many lipedema patients successfully, as you can see from the before and after gallery. His patients enjoy a greatly improved quality of life following liposuction surgery for their condition.

Proper Care After Liposuction is Vital

It’s essential for patients to understand that liposuction isn’t the end of the story. Patients must continue to care for themselves after surgery. There are many things to avoid immediately after their procedure. These include smoking, consuming alcohol, vaping, swimming, bathing, and rigorous exercise. They must also make sure to follow their surgeon’s advice carefully. That will include instructions to attend follow-up appointments, wear compression garments, do gentle exercises, stay hydrated, and eat healthy.

Now that you have all the information you need about lipedema and liposuction, you can seek a consultation. Get in touch with the ArtLipo team today to discover more about how Dr. Su can help you.